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  1. Now I know in the past I didn't want to buy any mesh but I kinda change my mind, since I wanted to make an incubus character But finding the perfect mesh male head is kinda hard, for me I want to find something like this https://farm6.static.flickr.com/5599/15439804837_ca7fc93e9b_b.jpg (the picture is not mine, mind you. It belongs to Ajiers in flickr) It would be better if there is a paler skin for that shape of mesh head, and I'm kinda nitpicky since I'm looking for the look of a 'young-looking goth/vampire' to make my incubus more unique and sexy. o_o
  2. I do feel slightly insecure about my classic avi but think about it nayyy I can still get a job, I decided to go for one as a hostess at Sweethearts Jazz club. They never consider me as a 'second' class, we're all 'first-class' and we're a family. Nice people there. Usually, most adult industry need more people.... so they aren't pretty picky....classics or mesh, anything, you name it! As long as you're sexy, they'd go for you. Maybe some hired dancers want to wear a mesh body, but they're not forced to wear one, they just wear one because they save money from their jobs to get the mesh bod
  3. You're cute. I'm glad someone is open-minded enough to say this out
  4. Honestly, I tend to go to famous destinations to communicate and have fun with people. I decided to make out the best for the holiday but I always have one problem; pushing people. Now lets all settle down and listen. Imagine if you're in this situation 1. You want to communicate with people and have fun being yourself, so you go to a destination full of people. 2. As you teleport into the destination, you lower your preferences but you have to maximise your avatar complexity to know how people look like. (Now, don't get me wrong idea when I did this, I don't compare my appearance to others
  5. I remember in my early noob days, I went to Freebie Galaxy a lot. And now, there aren't as many people there as I thought now. Of course, SL is getting bigger with mesh and fashion and we can't stop that, could we? XD Anyone here still go to Freebie Galaxy out of nostalgia? If so, maybe we could meet up there and just run around for fun (?)
  6. I feel like I want to let this out ;w; Lately I feel left out because I don't have a mesh body, but many others do. There are good reasons why I probably will never buy a mesh body... ;w; I don't mean to detest mesh bodies. I tried a demo of Maitreya and I actually like it but ...it's expensive ;w; Besides that, I'm going to SL not just for the fashion, but for the experience
  7. The best and easiest way to earn lindens is by traffic cone jumping. If you want to earn about 1-100L$, it might be possible but it might take around a day to earn them. But best method is to join the Traffic Cone jumping contest on http://bletaverse.com/top-traffic-cone-jumpers?mode=today and click 'Enter' the competition now. It is possible for you to win 500L$ fairly. Other than Traffic cone jumping, you can earn bletaverse coins and transfer them into L$, if you have a bletaverse account.
  8. Can I get linden dollars from a job in a roleplay? Like as if I will get 100L$ when I play as the antagonist in the story to help the admin. I wanted to join the exact perfect roleplay which my character would fit in, easy jobs given and absolutely free when joining. I don't like complicated ones though and I always have to make sure that I really understand what the job is all about. My favourite type of roleplays are: monster-chasing/killing, horror and fantasy/science fiction. If you found any good roleplays like these with jobs, please answer or message me in RaiuShinigamiTekken@gmail.com.
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