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  1. I personally use .tga because it is the most lossless of the options you can upload to SL Though it doesn't matter in the end because they're all converted to jpeg2000 when uploaded.
  2. lolwut You should have a copy in your inventory before you're ever able to put it on the ground anyway...
  3. If you've worked on other games you shouldn't be strugglign with the simplicity of SL compared to sl
  4. Looking for example pictures, looking for those "Biggest creators" (Funny because if they are reselling they aren't even creating) to voach for you
  5. Yeah it rewards creativity in my opinion. Though most people are more interested in making a quick buck than being creative ;\ Wish we had more creative communities than we did strip clubs and sex dens
  6. "Meh" Would be better to have two textures on your shirts than one, 16x16 for the pure black then maybe a 126x512 for the words. Lots less rendering and lag that way.
  7. It was good, And I love acappella! But I am currently stuck listening to it 8 hours a day at my part time job I am so burnt out on holiday spirit already!
  8. If you bought it off the MP you can always get it redelivered?
  9. Ctrl+A will make all the scales "Average" to what they are on your object. Ctrl+P will pack the items into the map as best it can ( usually to get a good idea of what you need to do, but not as good as if you packed it yourself)
  10. A writing job is a writing job, whether it be in-world or out of world. I personally wouldn't accept less than minimum wage per hour/per 500 words etc. Fair pay is when you pay someone the appropriate amount for using their skill they worked to refine.
  11. Crysis = Optimized for a gaming environment Secondlife = Least optimized game in the world, Too large of textures, too many polys everywhere, I can understand how Antialias might freak out, especially with all the info coming in. On-board graphics are typically O.K, but In a lot of cases they just don't cut it for games. I recommend reducing your draw distance if you are trying to boost up your AA (Just so you know, I am running a quad core system, 16 gigs of ram, 580GTX , and some other fun stuff, and I can't even handle high without lag. So its not you, Its second life. Look for more
  12. I feel like you're using a good cause to gain profit.. 5% donated to breast cancer from tips that range from 50~200L (typically) and totally maybe 10,000L on a super duper good night will only give $2.00 to breast cancer. Maybe you should consider having 100% Breast cancer nights, or even just raise it to 20% which is still only $7... maybe best to just donate all the money being spent on the club to breast cancer ETA: Also, The post title reminds me of those mumbai hookers that post almost every night. It hurts my eyes to look at, please refrain from that so my dyslexia doesn't freak ou
  13. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: gohangohan wrote: i am needing a replacement for a sister for a noble family, tequirements to rp this charactor are that you havevto know either the books of game of thrones or have watched the series, if you have and interest please contact gohangohan in sl and we will explain the storybline of the family and exseteria. Apparently spelling and grammar aren't necessary... ETA: Courtesy of Hyperbole and a half, http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com/2010/04/alot-is-better-than-you-at-everything.html
  14. Yes this computer should be more than capable of running SL with shadows and all at 30fps. I recommend not buying alienware though, they're overpriced for what they offer. Take a look around newegg they have some fairly priced computers and even better, if you have the skill build your own. It will take at least $500 off the price.
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