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  1. That's bizarre and doesn't make sense on paper. Was it in the viewer that you changed anti aliasing or in the GPU Control Panel? I'll have to give it a try. Which GPU model and driver version are you using?
  2. thanks for the info. Which Quadro models do you have and which GTX models were you comparing to?
  3. Howdy folks and thanks for the fountain of knowledge. I have another question re: graphic performance. Does anyone recommend a Quadro even the hardware specs seem lower than their GTX counterparts and excessively expensive but perform very well with 3D programs from what I've read. Isn't that what SL is? I've read some forums etc that suggest they are "jaw droppingly fast" but never a good reference to compare to. Does anyone have any experience. If I win the Lotto I might give one a run. thanks Ormand
  4. When you crap out try sliding the particle slider down to zero. A lot of them you don't even know are on the SIM and they tend to be a hard hit. It seems to me that most of the time your GPU is being bottle-necked by the cpu even though it looks like your cpu usage is low. If you take a look at the cores individually one of the threads will be close to maxed out so the other number you see is an average of all threads which tend to be close to zero. SL does seem to be trying to use more of the other threads I think. I have compared my video card to people with 1080 ti's on the same SIM looking
  5. I agree with everything you said. I recall a few years ago when the GTX 670 came out and I and quite a few others were having issues with SL including the pink screen and crashes which were fixed when new drivers came out but in my case I think it was my model was clocked to high. It was an Asus model DC2 and eventually stopped working with artifacts. I ten RMA'd it and received a replacement which obviously was a refurbish. Tried it immediately with SL and didn't even last 5 minutes. Went thru the RMA process again. Went for a Zotac 780 which has had zero issues for a number of years now. I'v
  6. I noticed this exact behavior while bench marking fps while I browsed thru various Windlight settings. However I use a GTX 780 (gpu usage maxed out) whereas my friend who doesn't have this issue had a GTX 1070. Would you at any point recommend the newer AMD gpu's vs Nvidia? Or is that a non-starter? Thanks for the valuable information. Also would your viewer favor the specs of one product over the other due to "shaders" specs etc.?
  7. Thanks I haven't yet used the new Ryzen cpu with my 780 but I suspect the same thing that I may not need an upgrade of a gpu. The Ryzen cpu is twice as fast as the xeon in single thread tests in Cinebench and that should be a huge boost. Mostly I just like to tinker and the AMD products look interesting but driver issues look like a pain in the ass. Once I get the new cpu running I will be able to tell if an upgrade is even worth it.
  8. Hi What are your thoughts of an upgrade to a 5700 vs a 2060 for Second Life which is the only game I use. I already upgraded my cpu to a 3600 with my current GTX 780 so I'm guessing that combo may be sufficient as is. I am using a Xeon 5650 atm and it is excellent but will lose performance when using specific Windlight settings when in shadow mode. I determined that it depends on how many objects are being influenced by the sun and the various angles of the shadows. With shadows turned off performance is no issue at all from one Windlight to the next. I know someone who has a GTX 1070 doe
  9. Have you had someone get stats in comparison to yours with a different video card on the same SIM at the same time? Some SIMs are brutally slow. My GTX 780 gets higher fps if I overclock my cpu. Unparking my cpu cores will additionally increase fps. I'm guessing that high resolution monitor is dipping the fps too. I use a 1080P. On a screen with your resolution I thought that disabling AA entirely and you won't see the jaggies? And if you limit frames to 24-60 you will see even less Gpu utilization, less power use and lower temps. I have seen stated on the internet that a 1080 is bottlenecked
  10. Ormand Lionheart

    Avatar Rendering Complexity

    I found the quick viewer however does not seem to work as I expected. Was thinking I could have everyone as an imposter except for a chosen few who I would enable "render fully" which it does but only if you are close enough to them otherwise they end up "imposters" as well.
  11. Ormand Lionheart

    Avatar Rendering Complexity

    Apparently this is not true anymore with the latest LL viewers? I can't find any of those options regarding render avatar fully or avatar complexity etc.
  12. Thanks it works perfectly. I'm thinking that would work to preload particle textures as well. Now is there a similar script for animations? cheers Ormand
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