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  1. 40C temps is impressive. I assume that's with shadows disabled? I get from 50-77c if using shadows with a gtx 780.
  2. What he says does happen on mine GTX 780. I beleive it has something to do with the Low Settings not enabling things that let the Video Card use it's hardware benefits compared to lower end cards. If you enable some of those grahics settings in the Preference Panel you will see it significantly rise. Kind of like having an 8 cylinder running on 2 cylinders. Still a powerful car underutilized.
  3. Have you had someone get stats in comparison to yours with a different video card on the same SIM at the same time? Some SIMs are brutally slow. My GTX 780 gets higher fps if I overclock my cpu. Unparking my cpu cores will additionally increase fps. I'm guessing that high resolution monitor is dipping the fps too. I use a 1080P. On a screen with your resolution I thought that disabling AA entirely and you won't see the jaggies? And if you limit frames to 24-60 you will see even less Gpu utilization, less power use and lower temps. I have seen stated on the internet that a 1080 is bottlenecked by most cpus. Did you notice you have dropped some packets? Maybe that's an issue?
  4. Try using GPU-Z to see what your gpu stats are while using SL. Sometimes Windows does not recognize SL as a game and so continues to throttle the GPU unless you make a game profile and set to maximum power mode in the Nvidia Contol Panel. At worst you will see what your gpu usuage is etc. If you are using a 4k monitor I believe you don't even need AA enabled since aliasing is not noticeale at that resolution? And 4k would reduce fps compared to 1080P with the same settings.
  5. Shadowplay doesn't slow down my PC either mainly because all the preferences are "greyed out" so I can't even test it. I use FRAPS which with my current system I have no issues although the files are LARGE. Eveyone seems to be touting Shadowplay but a google shows there are a lot of people like me that can't get it to authorize. Tried all the "solutions" from google searchs but nothing working so far. Did you have that problem? Does SL have to be running before you can use shadowplay? I tried that too. I'm guessing I might have a service disabled that it needs? regards Ormand
  6. Ormand Lionheart

    Avatar Rendering Complexity

    I found the quick viewer however does not seem to work as I expected. Was thinking I could have everyone as an imposter except for a chosen few who I would enable "render fully" which it does but only if you are close enough to them otherwise they end up "imposters" as well.
  7. Ormand Lionheart

    Avatar Rendering Complexity

    Apparently this is not true anymore with the latest LL viewers? I can't find any of those options regarding render avatar fully or avatar complexity etc.
  8. I hope you are not expecting any benefit in SL with SLI since the performance will be horrendous compared to a single card (unless things have changed). You might be better off with Pascal rather than 2 Titans unless you are playing other games that do benefit? If you do get a single Titan would be interesting to see the performance difference in SL with the AMD.
  9. Thanks it works perfectly. I'm thinking that would work to preload particle textures as well. Now is there a similar script for animations? cheers Ormand
  10. With an i7 and 970 you would get upwards of 100fps at 1080p if you required that kind of performance. However youmay want to limit you rframe rate to 30fps ish in theviewer which keeps gpu temps about 10C lower and reduce gpu usuage quite a bit also.
  11. I think the biggest issue may be that YouTube is very strict if you use copy right music and some people I know actually lost their accounts for that reason. Also for some of us RL got in the way. 4k textures are not needed you just need to have hardware so you can use shadows, projected lights and depth of field, interesting camera angles, and audio and you can do plenty of interesting things.
  12. Thanks for the info. I know when I record video I get much better quality after compression if the source is rendered to the same size so what you say does make a lot of sense.
  13. But...if you were to upload at 1023x1023 which is going to be downscaled to 512x512 would not that 512 texture look better than if you had uploaded a 512x512? I know the more info you start out with you get better quality when compressing to jpg in phototoshop etc. Same thing happens when uploading to youtube...the more data they have the better the compressed file. Would be an interesting experiment?
  14. Excellent Excellent Excellent! This probably should be the first thing that anyone joining Sl should see when they log in. Maybe everytime they log in? :-).
  15. Did you check to see if your vidoe card was running at 100%. A lot of the viewers are not recognized as a game so Windows runs the VC at 50% or so. Generally I have to make a game profile with the Nvidia Control Panel to get it working 100%. Try using GPU-Z and CPU-Z when you run these tests and it may give you some useful info especially where temps are concerned and usuage. Were you running Shadows and/or DoF? What was your viewer resolution? Can make a huge difference depending on your VC specs. The better the VC the less those extra features at high resolution will impact you.
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