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  1. Don't forget parcel privacy settings. An awesome feature that people have been begging for for years. Don't forget dynamic light and shadows. An awesome feature that people have been begging for for years. And yes, 64 meter prims. And yes Mesh. I bit the bullet and went on Viewer 2. Now I'm on viewer 3. It works. You can get used it. You can't expect them to fix everything at once. They are headed in the right direction.
  2. I have been in Second Life since 2006 and I canceled my premium account back around the time that Linden Homes first came out. M Linden was still around and a ton of Lindens got laid off. I canceled because at the time I was paying anually and I didn't feel confidant enough in the future of LL as a company to invest another $72. I was not sure that LL would even be around for another year. Well I am glad that I was wrong. I have seen so many improvements in the last couple of months. So many fixes and new features that people have been begging for on this very forum for YEARS. I'm happy to sa
  3. I used to think Microsoft Security Essentials was good until I ran Malware Bytes and it found some trojans that MSE had missed. Then someone suggested I try Avast and it found some stuff that Malware Bytes had missed.
  4. Was your spam addressed to your RL first name like the other people's was?
  5. Yeah I am not buying the spyware explaination. Not if everyting the OP said is true about the security measures she takes... I have no reason not to beleive her.
  6. WADE1 Jya wrote: I doubt your receipt of spam is at all linked to Linden Lab. Spammers have numerous routes to discover your name (and other personal info) from any email address. They have their methods, its just a matter of connect the dots across the interwebs. Please tell us two or three of those "numerous methods" that you claim to be aware of because I have a feeling you have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. Medhue Simoni wrote: Yep, Pam! This is exactly what I see. Any parcel below 1000 m should not even be able to be near the top, unless there are just not alot of results. I see these parcels all over the results. This is just not true. I want relevant results, not big parcels.
  8. Katalina Kristan wrote: Use your control and the number 8 key and it will make your view normal again. Yeah I don't think that's going to help. Ctrl 7, 8 and 9 control zooming in and out. The OP states the problem is the camera angle is above the avatar looking down. I know one of the TPVs recently added this as a feature. I'm guessing the OP is on that viewer and somehow accidentally enabled the feature.
  9. Naughty Hanly wrote: I just wanna know the date I partnered with Ryann Pinden If you are like the majority people in SL then it probably was about one week after the last person de-partnered him.
  10. The first thing you should do when you lose an item is clear your cache and relog.
  11. Why does it even matter? One prim on a parcel that is almost a whole sim... and you can't even see it. How is it a "horrible problem"? You said you filed abuse reports? How is that abuse?
  12. Maureen Boccaccio wrote: Good morning WOW. That looks way better than the mcDonalds oatmeal I just ate. What is that meat-looking stuff? Chicken fried steak?
  13. I have a very simple formula for determining if an SL avatar is male or female in RL. It is foolproof. If X > 2 and I > 40,000 then Y = 0 if X > 2 and I < 40,000 then Y = 1. X = Number of years in SL. I = number of items in subject avatar's inventory. Y = Number of Y chromosomes in RL person behind subject avatar. Also... just look at their shoes.
  14. Well it's Monday morning... that means i am back at work and back on the forums instead of being inworld. Hi everyone... Hi Lula! Nice to see you here.
  15. Qwalyphi Korpov wrote: It's supposed to be a discussion about selling land, not a listing of land for sale. posts should say stuff like: What would be a good way to market my 1/4 sim with good views and low lag? not: I have 1/4 sim with good views and low lag for sale See the difference? Yes I do see the difference, and you are right, on second look it does apear that the section was set up to be a "talk about selling land" forum, however nobody is using it that way. It is full of land for sale postings, wich is understandable because the OLD old forums (and I think the more recen
  16. It seems to me that certain forums like Land For Sale or Items For Sale should be "read only" with the ability to make comments disabled? Here's some examples where someone is trying to sell a whole sim and there is a guy commenting on the price... claming it's too high and trying to offer less money. If I was the OP I would be kinda upset here and again here
  17. The very first thing you want to try, before contacting the creator is to clear your cache and relog in a quiet sim and let your inventory reload completely. Chances are it will show up.
  18. Rhonda Huntress wrote: Eli Schlegal wrote: Hey Everybody! :smileyvery-happy: Eli! /me runs and jumps into Eli's arms and covers his face with kisses. It is good to see you again. Hey Rhonda!
  19. Watch out. I'm no longer just an Honored Resident. I got my Member now... and I'm not afraid to use it! :smileytongue:
  20. Rioko Bamaisin wrote: Oh god I have missed this thread. /me hugs and slobbers all over thread /me hugs you back. Now.... as they say on Second Citizen II.... "Get an avatar, dammit!" :smileytongue:
  21. Maureen Boccaccio wrote: Aaaand, I'll just put one here for everyone who's arrived thus far. Soo.... um.... what time is breakfast tomorrow morning? :smileyvery-happy:
  22. Kylie Jaxxon wrote: Yeah, where has Scylla been? I read a comment she made on Prok's blog. She said she wasn't very happy with the new forum and might not be posting here. I guess she felt like people were not going to be able to speak freely.
  23. It seems to work ok for me. I just put the fish guy on ignore.
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