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  1. Don't forget parcel privacy settings. An awesome feature that people have been begging for for years. Don't forget dynamic light and shadows. An awesome feature that people have been begging for for years. And yes, 64 meter prims. And yes Mesh. I bit the bullet and went on Viewer 2. Now I'm on viewer 3. It works. You can get used it. You can't expect them to fix everything at once. They are headed in the right direction.
  2. I have been in Second Life since 2006 and I canceled my premium account back around the time that Linden Homes first came out. M Linden was still around and a ton of Lindens got laid off. I canceled because at the time I was paying anually and I didn't feel confidant enough in the future of LL as a company to invest another $72. I was not sure that LL would even be around for another year. Well I am glad that I was wrong. I have seen so many improvements in the last couple of months. So many fixes and new features that people have been begging for on this very forum for YEARS. I'm happy to sa
  3. I have a very simple formula for determining if an SL avatar is male or female in RL. It is foolproof. If X > 2 and I > 40,000 then Y = 0 if X > 2 and I < 40,000 then Y = 1. X = Number of years in SL. I = number of items in subject avatar's inventory. Y = Number of Y chromosomes in RL person behind subject avatar. Also... just look at their shoes.
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