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  1. I use Phoenix because it has RLV built in and because of its fantastic radar, and also because it doesn't have V2's death slab (the sidebar), which is a convoluted little world in itself. I also appreciate being able to find the features I'm looking for, which I cannot do in V2. Text chat and group chat are easier in Phoenix -- V2 seems to be made for voice. I try V2 every few months, but after a week I always give up out of frustration and because there is no upside to using V2: none of its new features interest me. [Edited to Add:] I think the survey is well done, well put together.
  2. Changing forum avatar is too hard and lengthy a process. There is not enough information. For example, where it tells me to upload an image, it says to upload it to my "profile" page. It would be nice to have a link to the profile page! I only found it by accident. I thought it meant my web profile, so I poked around there for a while first. It would also be useful to know how big an image I can upload. Trial and error is okay, I guess, since this is clearly going to take several days. And while I'm whining... the fact that I have to wait for someone to APPROVE my image, really makes me not want to do it at all.
  3. "just ignore - my bad, false alarm, restarted firefox and all was fine... for now"
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