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  1. I've met some more super-friendly and very interesting forum member in the SukiYaki a beautifully designed Japanese restaurant. As usual, timings are tricky and rl as always can get in our way. What I'm going to do now is edicate my online time in SukiYaki for the next week. Hopefully, I'll bump in to some of you. One member suggested a Greet and Eat Meetups SL group. What do you think? If any other members of the forum want to dedicate some time, ie do a shift, at any restaurant, then please let us know and we'll meet up with you. Early days but some excellent feedback. Love and peace Hecate xx
  2. Greet and Eat meetups got off to an excellent start yesterday! I met two wonderful forum members and shared a saki and sushi! SukiYaki is a beautifully designed Japanese restaurant. I''ll continue with going there at the agreed times as well as popping in to the restaurant whenever I log on. Meantime if anyone would like to recommend another nice restaurant and agree to be there for certain times then others could pop in to say hi. Hopefully, we can build up a list of restaurants where there is always a good chance to meet forum members across all the time zones. Love and peace Hecate x
  3. Thank you, Chery. Looking forward to meeting and dining with you. Hecate x
  4. I have a suggestion for forum members who are seeking new friends. I had a job in RL where new and old co-workers were invited to a monthly evening meal in local restaurants. Living in a city there was plenty of choice for these Greet and Eat Meetups as they were called. The newest co-workers then had to choose the next restaurant for the following month. I'd like to get the ball rolling as a possible idea for Greet and Eat Meetups here in SL where there are plenty plenty of great restaurant choices. I know time zones are a problem and that maybe only one or two of us might show up. Still, it's a start! For us European time zoners, I will be in the restaurant between 11:00 and 12:00 European time Monday to Friday and then 19:00 to 20:00 European time Monday to Friday. I will endeavor to keep that up for this week and next week ie until Friday 22nd March 2024. After that someone else can find the next restaurant and suggest their own times. Other time zone eg the USA members can suggest their own times and restaurants. For my first Greet and Eat Meetup I have chosen the lovely Japanese restaurant SukiYaki http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ARRAGON/137/215/24 Love and peace Hecate x
  5. You could probably say the same about me but swap Led Zeppelin for the Who. Although I did and still do love both bands (groups). The great thing about SL is that you can be , in the words of Bob Dylan, Forever Young.
  6. Thanks for this interesting post. Would you say that trans women, such as myself, would be welcome in the lesbian venues you've mentioned?
  7. Hi Saffie, thanks for replying to my post. I look forward to meeting up with you in SL. A lot of my SL friends are also in the USA but I'm finding more and more European and also lovely people from Hong Kong who are some hours ahead of UK and European time. Hecate x
  8. Hi I'm a trans woman. Feel free to add me as a friend in SL. I too have been a member in SL for many years. Hecate x
  9. Hi Peresphone, what a lovey Greek name with so much history and legends. Thanks for your reply to my post.I'll certainly watch out for you in SL and add you as a friend to keep in touch. Hecate xx
  10. Hi Lily, Thanks for your reply and welcome to Second LIfe. I'll certainly watch out for you in SL and add you as a friend to keep in touch, Hecate xx
  11. Hi Bella, What a lovely name! I love your story about the meaning of Bella and the connection to Orion. I love Greek and Roman mythology too. PS I've messaged you. Welcome to the wonderful world of SL. Peace and love Hecate x
  12. Hi Thank you to all the lovely friendly people who have messaged me directly about friendship in SL. I look forward to hearing from more of you and meeting you in SL. Love and peace Hecate
  13. I've been a member of SL since 2009. Actually, I originally joined in another avatar incarnation in the 1st year of SL existence in 2003. SL avatars are mostly from the US which means that the great clubs and fab events naturally take place during the US time zones. I know this as from time to time I log in in what is the middle of my night time in the UK. I'm always thrilled to see so much activity and friendly avatars. I have met some wonderful avatars from the UK and European countries as well. It would be wonderful if any UK and Western Europe SL members in this forum could please say hi and perhaps introduce themselves if they want to. To get started my name is Hecate which is an important ancient Greek goddess of the Moon and all things to do with Magic. She's an important deity of the Moon and all things female and mysterious. I'm often asked how to Hecate. I pronounce it phonetically which is Hei...cat..ay. Three syllables. What about you my dear UK and European SL members...please say hi and don't be shy. I love you all. Love and peace Hecate
  14. UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium etc etc is best for me. Thanks
  15. Hi I'm looking to make some European time zone friends in SL. I've been a member of SL for many years. I'm open-minded and respectful of all genders. I love dancing and dining in the many wonderful restaurants in SL. Love and peace Hecate Copperfield
  16. Hi I'm looking to make some UK time zone friends in SL. I've been a member of SL for many years. I'm open-minded and respectful of all genders. I love dancing and dining in the many wonderful restaurants in SL. Love and peace Hecate Copperfield
  17. Thanks @animats I'm particularly looking for any good Chinese style restaurants. @PheebyKatz...yes' I'd like some Indian style places too.
  18. I'm compiling a list of interesting restaurants in SL. Can anyone recommend any good, well-designed, interesting Asian restaurants eg Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean etc ?
  19. Good advice from Pheeby. I would add that things go much better on the friendship side (and more intimate relationships) if you can be consistent in the times you are in-world. Set up a time table for the times when you are going to be online and try to stick to those times as much as possible. Also look at the time-zones and try to overlap popular time zones eg USA with your time table.
  20. Hi @Saranghada I've been homeless in SL and in RL and, to be honest, I din't like either situation. Of course, the RL experience was worse but fortunately short-term. I made a determination some time ago to save up for the annual Premium (best value as it has no VAT in the UK) that let me have a lovely stilt home on water supplied free as part of my Premium membership. All the advice above from other members is also good advice. Best of luck in SL and please just ask for assistance. It's a steep learning curve but well worth it. Hecate
  21. Do the free (for Premium members) stilt homes on water have good sea views, sunsets, etc?
  22. Feeling a lot happier about my avatar. Getting used to the HUD that changes the dress colors. I tend to change my avatar to a lower rez version when I visit a busy location such as a night club with more than 10 avatars.
  23. That's exactly how I use mine. I now use the second one I bought almost ten years ago and it is a wired version. Still works perfectly. Like you, I can't imagine how folk get by in SL without one. You might be able to pick up a secondhand one cheap on Ebay or invest in a new one.
  24. That's all you really need. I use a 3d Space Navigator to view in 360 degrees.
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