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  1. He was alone.... I was alone.... Now he is here making me company.... ❤️
  2. Thank you, Slendie! It is an honour and a pleasure! ❤️ Happy Bellisseria Anniversary!
  3. I didnt see the yellow Peep on him till you pointed it up! I bet it was your work, BJ!! Well done!! hahaha (and Beer Bunneh attacks again lol)
  4. Thank you for the picture with the little crazy bunneh that joined you! Happy Creepy Easter! ❤️
  5. Awww sceneris! Thanks to you it was a funny cozy hugging snugging night with Slendie! And thanks for not showing all we talk during this! hahaha To be continued.... ❤️
  6. Another great picture! I think I should start a diary of our encounters! Hopefully Ill write a book! lol Thank you! ❤️
  7. Yessssss! I saw that feature too!! And the garden plenty of hydrangeas!! \o/ I see LL like a good Santa now! hahaha
  8. I must came here to say that I am so f* happy with my victoriam house! YAY!! It took me some time to discover that I can change the house itself, what a wonderful feature! I could choose a smaller house, better to decorate with the prims available! And te location rocks! Yep! I'm so f* happy!! Had to share that! 😀😀😀
  9. I do believe that it was already answered, explained and people who opened the topic understood how LL works... and the subject kinda moved on. But good reinforcement of information, I can see you really care.
  10. I understand your point of view and agreed that no "compensation" for those that jumped to upgrade cause the new houses needed. But about the benefits, I went to the dashboad upgrading page. Below the upgrading buttoms I saw - Second Lide Premium Benefits - Your Own Private Home - and a link - More Information on Linden Homes. By clicking it opened a page ... .... and I read it all before doing my upgrade. At Linden Homes topics was (and still are) a link "Overview of Linden Homes", and when you click the link... .... the first thing you read is " Linden Homes are ready-to-mo
  11. Yep! I think refund is better than free months. I myself did that and got my refund. I paid annual like I did for several years. Back then the cost of dollar for me was very low so I didnt care to pay just to have a better costumer service via chat or premium sandbox; linden houses were just "beginners homes". And I must say, it was pretty clear what I was paying for. The new benefits that came after like the increase of group spots and easier access to events were tempting but not decisive for me. I like to believe that LL research team saw the lack of appealing to keep premium members/get ne
  12. Im not sure what you meaning... you know, english is not my strong suit... so forgive me if I will say something you are already saying.... I think like is not a matter of years of membership. If I read "new lindens homes now available", and do the upgrade, the right thing is the very moment I do it, to be able to get it, the same way that my 42 groups turns imediately into 60. Same to existent premium members. They should be able to go to change the house and voilá! It was sold as a benefit without saying or explaining that I have to do this and that or wait for this or that... It is pre
  13. Indeed all the way! And if you read all I wrote before Im pretty sure you will understand my answer!
  14. Anyone whom?! Are you a Linden? Let's talk! Opened and sold out! More to come, when? You are def a Linden! Let's talk!
  15. Like I said, LL deals with all time zones, therefore all dolar prices, so I dont think they will care about that... For us brazillians is really harder to pay for a dollar membership than americans, easier than paraguayans, but a closest lisbon friend of mine, meaning "euros" lol, share the same vision of what we pay for and what is really delivered (and how).
  16. Hello all! I am new to the forums, not used to follow it but now I am since the first wave of bellisseria houses. I came here looking for some information and hoping for some answers about the LL new homes. So I kept reading and reading, trying to avoid writting.... cause my english is def not good enough to explain myself but no double, the new LL houses is a very big currently issue, dividing opinions, visions and above of all, feelings. I read soooo many times about "patience". About "we are all equals" to LL. That we all have the same treatment, so no special treatment for no one. I r
  17. Hello! Exactly the same here. I'm driving my friends crazy trying to figure out! 😰
  18. Lotusca! Primeiramente parabéns pela conquista desse espaço! Assim como seu blog, sei q este será tb um canal de sucesso devido a imbativel combinação de inteligencia, bom gosto e esmero q vc leva a tudo q faz! Com relação ao tema, acredito q a moda no sl hoje é muito parecida com a moda na rl, há moda, modinhas e modismos. Vai de 25 de Março à Oscar Freire. Tem pra todos os gostos e bolsos. Acho ótimo termos hoje tantas opções. Gostaria de ressaltar o incrível aumento na qualidade dos freebies. Os itens de hunts, presentes de grupos, lucky letters, hoje são aguardados, recomendados e lamen
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