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  1. I still havn't gone around to purchasing the computer so this extra advise is useful, hopefully time I get a new one sl would have started to fix the way it does its graphics but I doubt it. When I get it (could be a while now) I will tell you all how it goes and the exact specs with snapshots
  2. the gtx ti 560 i could get as 2gb but the 570 would be 1.24 i think. Would it still be better for toget the 570? I suppose once this last question is answered I should go click buy lol. I am using one of the build your own computer websites thats probably why the computer seems so crazy lol :]
  3. Thanks for the replies so far and I will probably play in high or mid for normal gaming, I just want to be able to max everything out for pictures see :]
  4. I am looking to get a new computer, I actually want to order it right now but I first want to know if it will defiently allow secondlifes best graphics (shadows, depth of field anisotrpic filering and antialiasing) i want to be able to max everything out for pictures see. Here is a basic outline of the type of computer i would be getting Intel® Core™i7-2600 Quad Core (3.40GHz, 8MB Cache) + HD Graphics Motherboard: ASUS® P8H67-M: M-ATX, DDR3, USB 2.0, SATA 6.0Gb/s, CrossFireX™ Memory: (RAM)8GB SAMSUNG DDR3 DUAL-DDR3 1333MHz (2 X 4GB) Memory - 1st Hard Disk1TB SERIAL ATA 3-Gb/s HARD DRIVE WITH 16MB CACHE (7,200rpm) Power Supply: CORSAIR 650W ENTHUSIAST SERIES™ TX650 V2-80 PLUS® BRONZE Processor CoolingINTEL SOCKET LGA1155/1156 STANDARD CPU COOLER and Graphics Card2GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 560 Ti - 2 DVI,HDMI,VGA - 3D Vision Ready or the NVIDIA GTX 570  Also the hard disk that is internal storage or a extra like memory stick or something? I Don't know much about computers. Will a system like this or similar be able to max out secondlife?
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