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  1. I bought these implants when I first started SL and never used them because of this... Now I bought some new ones and STILL can't get them to work! They're basically going over my shirt rather than my shirt wraping around them. I tried editing the apparence of the shirt but there's no option that can do this. Please help! Thanks!
  2. But the thing is, I can play games like Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Half-life 2 Episode 2, Counter-Strike Source etc.
  3. Hey guys, I start Second Life and get this error each time... It says it will "Probably be okay" but its all laggy and the world looks broken. My specs: Windows 7 Home Premium Intel Celereron T3500 (2.1Ghz dual core) 3gb DDR3 RAM (Now the problem...) INTEL GMA 4500M Is there anyway I can get it to work properly? I heard there are third party viewers but I tried Rainbow and it was a tiny bit better but still broken... Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks ~Chloe Edit - The graphics are already on lowest, so that won't fix the problem.
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