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  1. Greetings guys. I hope that some experts here could help me. I noticed this issue lately which I don't know what could possibly be causing it. So, I have this line on my avatar's neck, I noticed after using some full body tattoos. As you can see in these pictures. It doesn't matter which tattoo or which shape I use, it's visible with anything. I don't know how to fix it. Also as you can see, anything under that line is worse quality. The tattos become blurry. It happens with any shape or tatto. Any idea of what could possibly be causing this? Thank you'all. I hope you can help me.
  2. I consider that SL relationships can be cheating if you're having an emotional affair or your feelings are genuine. Loving someone involves feelings, and if you have real feelings for a SL user, that it is automatically cheating. There's no difference between meeting someone on the net or exchange text messages with someone else when you already have a partner in RL. How can you love two people at the same time as partners? Would you imagine if your RL partner prefered to share 3 hours a night flirting with an online character instead of being cuddling with you on your bed? How would yo
  3. Hello guys. So I am having this strange graphics glitch that only happens on Firestorm when I change the environment settings (dawn, sunset, midnight) and it affects the water. Here's a picture for example. If I keep default region eviroment there's no glitch. I don't have this glitch with official viewer, I can switch enviroments normally. Does any one know any way to fix it? Could be a problem with Firestorm and ATI graphic cards? I have ATI Radeon HD6670 with less than a week of use, i can't be a hardware problem. Drivers are up to date.
  4. Hey there, really thank you. I appreciate you're willing to help others! That is very usefull, although a short video would be great. Thanks!
  5. Hello there, I would do it for free, I'm amateur and would like to get some experience. You can see my pictures here http://www.flickr.com/photos/charliebrownstudio/ If you like what you see please contact me inworld (Sadkiel Resident) Greetings.
  6. Hey there guys how's it going? Well, is anyone so kind to give me a short tutorial or advice about how to edit some pictures? I would like to know some techniques to improve the skin quality, right now what I do is create a new layer, set it to overlay, set the fill to 50% and paint the layer with gray. Then all I do is use different sets of brushes with different tones of gray to create shadows and a more realistic skin. I also use gaussian blur in certain zones. That gives me a pretty decent finish , still not what I would like to achieve. I wanna know how can I get that skin with brilliant
  7. People who keeps sl separated from rl are either ugly as ****** or male/female playing opposite gender. Not that I have any problems with them, but I prefer to mix RL with SL. I can't see myself asking to someone what they did today in sl or if they see the grid grass greener. Know what I mean?
  8. Why do you think SL shouldn't have a better physics and graphics engine? That would allow the developers to create amazing contents. I'm not telling you about a DVD or studio made games. Besides, turning shadows in SL is way bad implemented. And in essence, it's still the same graphics, the same one, with more shaders on. What's bad with having to download a mini game (in a constant world) and when the mini-game download or whatever it's done (role play, accept please that a great majority of users in SL doesn't come here to live a second life, but to role play, such as me) load another i
  9. Mmm are you sure about what i mean with graphics engine? Turning everything maxed out isn't a new engine. It's just the same one maxed out. For example, a new engine would be Crytek, look for it, you'll see clearly differeces with the one SL has. And don't get me wrong, I really like SL. But this is the same since 2002 sadly. And not only PS Home, there's another virtual world for PC out there which I don't wanna recall but just for the record it uses Crytek engine for graphics. I believe SL is ready for a change right now and catch up with the day. Greetings
  10. Hello there. Well, since I've been around Second Life for so many time, and I've been exploring so many videogames, as a game lover myself. I noticed how farSL graphics and physics engine are falling behind of what are today's standards technologies. Do you imagine how unlimited possibilities we would have with a more advanced gaming structure? For those who loves visiting places, interacting with others or simply role play and have fun playing mini games around the SL. SL right now is great the way it is now, but the possibilities could be expanded as much as the SL scripting language would
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