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  1. I agree 100% that Second Life could have grown its user base substantially if they'd invested in an offline mesh creation tool specifically geared for SL. It would have spurred more SL-related mesh educational opportunities than what have been available both in-world and out.
  2. I hope you guys don't mind if I ask a question about something indirectly related. Chic, do you use Archipack within Blender for your walls or just plain cubes and/or planes? What do you think of that add-on?
  3. You were right. The plane in the physic model had to be exactly the same size. I also added a few vertical planes for the walls. They also had to be the same size. Thanks for everyone's advice.
  4. I've created a simple building in Blender 2.83. I'm just trying to understand how physics work when uploading the mesh to SL. So far, my efforts have been mostly a failure. In Blender, I have the building as one object and the physics as a separate object. The physics object is just above the floor of the main mesh. I've exported the building and physics separately. Before exporting, I've applied all transformations and set origin to geometry for each object. In SL's mesh upload UI, I select the Collada file for the building and, on the Physics tab, selected my physics file. I have tried using both the Analyze tool and not using it. When I upload the model to SL and rez it in Firefox, I edit the Features tab by selecting Prim instead of Convex Hull. But, as you can see in the screenshots, the physics is way off; my avatar is way above the floor. In Blender, the physics object is not as high up as it shows in SL. Below are screenshots of the model (the main mesh and the physics mesh) and how it looks in SL after uploading: I know this is very simple. But, what could I be doing wrong that's making the physics so much higher than the floor?
  5. I just logged into Second Life and decided to see what houses were available. Wham, bam.....I got a Bellisseria-themed house (Traditional) on Greenbow!!!
  6. I'm trying to understand, but was the entire Sweetmarsh region released this morning? If so, that's a lot of houses for them to have been snatched up within just a few minutes.
  7. So, I guess the release happened this morning and there are no others for the rest of the day.
  8. Oh no. I would never do that. I'll just sit and be envious in secret.
  9. So, I'm following the Bellisseria Citizens chat this morning. Is it bad of me to be envious of their joy?
  10. That's happening to me, too, this morning. No alarm. I probably need to restart Chrome or my computer.
  11. The best way to lose weight is not to be chatting in those groups. Or, hovering over the refresh screen for hours and hours and hours .......oops. In my own defense, I will be mowing my real yards in about 25 minutes.
  12. What happens in the Bellisseria Citizens group that helps in the quest for a new home? Asking for a friend.
  13. I only have roughly 35 minutes before I have to mow the grass (in my real yard). Here's hoping something good happens between now and then.
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