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  1. I read this kind of post and a little voice in my head screams: "I have so much to learn!"
  2. Is Aditi grid working now?

    It's not an answer, but I'm having the same problem - since last night.
  3. I've been considering purchasing a few Blender add-ons from Blender Market, but there are so many to choose from. So, I wondered. What are some useful Blender add-ons that would help with the creation of SL assets? I should mention that my primary focus is static objects/mesh. I was particularly interested in a couple of add-ons. One is called Bake Helper from MeshLogic. The other is BakeTool. But, I'm also interested in feedback on other useful add-ons. I hope this is the appropriate forum for this post. If not, please let me know.
  4. Let me clarify about Builder's Brewery. I think the organization is fantastic and I've taken several classes through them. I've taken a couple on using Mesh Studio and loved it. Builder's Brewery is a wonderful resource and I think classes on using Blender for the creation of 3D assets specifically for SL would be fantastic. After countless hours of video training and a lot of trial and error, I finally have a basic understanding of how to use Blender. I've created lots of projects using my knowledge. The only real way to learn is to do. Now, I'm trying to focus my training on what works for creating 3D assets for Second Life. The closest types of courses on Udemy that utilize Blender target creation for Unity.
  5. I am a member of the Builder's Brewery group and visit the sim often. I've monitored their training calendar, but have yet to see a session involving Blender. Maybe I'm missing something?
  6. I've been looking at Blender courses on Udemy. I've already taken a couple and found them useful in learning how to use Blender. Of course, there are no courses specific to creating 3D assets for Second Life, but I wondered if courses geared toward Unity would provide skills that translate to Second Life. Any thoughts?
  7. I spent the last 25 years working in Desktop support, so I'm not sure how I'd apply that to modeling what I know. But, I do know what interests me in 3D modeling - houses and their accessories. So, I guess that's a start.
  8. I guess I could have given the post a better title. Honestly, I didn't know there were scams in SL involving runway modeling schools. It wasn't exactly what I hoped to learn, but it's something I didn't know before.
  9. I knew about your tutorials and they are fantastic. They involve Blender geared toward SL. Imagine that! I guess what really set me off today was a couple of comments from a so-called "professional" 3D modeler who implied that the "amateurs" should stay away until they've been properly trained. But, of course, they left out the part about how someone actually becomes "properly" trained.
  10. I do feel like I'm often going down the wrong path when it comes to watching tutorials. Almost none of them are 'how to build an X for SL' which makes it frustrating but also a challenge. In a Sansar forum, I read a post from a person who basically said that, unless you are a pro with years of formal training in art, 3D graphics, etc., you really have no business creating content. The justification for her statement was "look at what happened to SL." By that she meant, once mesh uploads were allowed on SL by anyone, the amateurs ruined SL with their highly inefficient mesh. In reality, the so-called pros are some of the worst culprits. I am doing that and have identified issues. That's where the tutorials come in. But, many of them seem like they'd apply to my issue, but mostly the tutorials turn into a trip down the wrong path. That gets discouraging. Still, I have found a few Second Life artists who have posted some great tutorials.
  11. I've posted before - in other forums on SL - about what a person's supposed to do to gain the knowledge necessary to do 3D modeling in SL. I am far from being a pro. In fact, I'm so far from 'pro' that the light from 'pro' would take 100 years to reach me. I've dabbled in the process of creating mesh for Second Life; none of it's commercial. Until recently, my efforts have been more of a hobby. But, as I've recently retired from a 25-year career in another field, I'd like the 3D modeling for SL to become more than just a hobby, but not quite what one might call a full-fledged career. I hope that makes sense. I utilize Blender for modeling and have acquired most of my knowledge of the program by watching YouTube videos. I very quickly realized that most of those videos teach concepts that are inapplicable to game engines like SL. In other words, I am keenly aware of the high- versus low-poly issue; most videos teach high-poly modeling. As we all know, high-poly is not appropriate for most game engines. I've received some great advice to previous posts and greatly appreciate it. I've also come across a few SL community forum posts from people who seem to imply that the non-pro modelers, who rely on YouTube should just pack it up or acquire the "proper training" or "get trained." And, I'm sure they don't mean it intentionally, but both statements seem elitist. That's especially true since very few people go on to expand on their opinions. As I said above, I'm ready to expand my "second career" in 3D modeling for SL - also for Sansar, but that's a whole other thing. I want this to be more than a hobby; although, I don't know that the distinction matters. Other than watch YouTube videos geared toward modeling for game engines, how else is an interested person such as myself supposed to acquire "proper training" or "get trained?" Are there schools or online programs that teach programs to adults who want something that's more than a hobby and just short of a full-fledged career? I apologize in advance if this is confusing, but so is the field I'm discussing.
  12. My experience

    My visit to "The Last Pizza" experience. Beautiful sunset.
  13. Sansar

    Unfortunately, that's been my experience as well. The closest interesting thing to do in Sansar is in the Hover Derby experience, at least in my opinion.
  14. Designing for Second Life - Where to Start?

    I have absolutely enjoyed Chic's tutorials. I only wish there were more, but that probably sounds ungrateful.
  15. Designing for Second Life - Where to Start?

    Rendered objects using the 'subsurf' modifier look fantastic in Blender, but it doesn't result in an efficient SL object. Yet, this particular modifier is featured heavily in many tutorials; it's what alerted me to a problem with such tutorials. Unfortunately, on YouTube, there aren't a lot of tutorials for Blender that are geared toward production for SL.