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  1. No, mesh bodies and mesh heads do not need to be updated to allow the Bakes on Mesh on them. As Bakes on Mesh is in fact "only" special textures, just an applier applying these textures on your mesh body or mesh head (on the skin layer) will show the Bakes on Mesh on them. Once these Bakes on Mesh applied, they display in real time the system skin, clothes, tattoos... you are wearing.
  2. The results are unfortunately the same with the llScaleByFactor ... I am wondering if this is not a new display problem of SL because I just also noticed some weird display problems on one of my existing HUD (with tiny buttons) I never saw before : the buttons and the background texture do no appear exactly at the right place when I minimize and then maximize the HUD (buttons are moved and resized by script) : And the display is also refreshed when I change the focus to another window or when I right click my avatar : (I tested on my laptop also and have the same results with this HUD.)
  3. I tried from a laptop and the results are exactly the same as the previous ones... I will try the llScaleByFactor and let you know...
  4. I made a test looking at my main account with an alt account (on the same computer, on two screens) : - The alt does not see the same as my main account. - The alt has also a display problem but not exactly the same as the main account. - Both can refresh their own display by right clicking the object.
  5. Thank you for your answer Rolig. I made a loooooot of tests to try to workaround the problem : Change the color, the transparency, the texture, the hover text, the position, the rotation... I also tested with the official SL viewer. Unfortunately nothing work! The refresh is only made when I right click the object or if my avatar moves or if I give the focus to another program! If I get the size of the object by script after the resize, it gives me the right size (and not the displayed one). I suspect perhaps a rounding error of display... I have 3 sizes : vector MIN_SIZE = <0.01, 0.01, 0.01>; vector RESET_SIZE = <0.04, 0.04, 0.04>; vector MAX_SIZE = <0.075,0.075,0.075>; If I go from MIN_SIZE to RESET_SIZE the object (a white eye ball) appears smaller than the real size: If I go from MAX_SIZE to RESET_SIZE the object (a white ball) appears bigger than the real size: Real size displayed after right clicked : Does someone know more about this ?
  6. Hi all, I repetitively change the size of an attached prim by script using the llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(LINK_THIS, [PRIM_SIZE, mysize]); function and I have a problem of refreshing : the prim is not always displayed at the right current size and I need to right click on the prim to have it refreshed and displayed correctly. Do you know this issue yet or is it a new one (I am using Firestorm 5.0.11 (53634).) ? Is there a workaround I can use to oblige the viewer to refresh ? Thank you in advance
  7. Hi Whirly, this is not directly related to Bento. Even before if the ears of the Mesh heads were attached to the head with no possibilty to hide them you had problems to put other ears... With all the different ears available on the market, I think most of the head creators are already aware of that (or they will be rapidly facing all the customers requests). For example, we, at GA.EG, offer from the start ears separated from our Mesh Heads and Bento Mesh Heads, in rigged and not rigged versions so our customers can do all what they want...
  8. Hello, I am surprised to not see any update of Avastar 2.0.23. What about the Fitted meshes problem I raised previously ? Does someone have any news about Avastar and when it will become final ? TX !
  9. Ok, perfect I am happy to see that this problem was identified already and fixed in the next release. I know that Avastar is still in development, that is why I raise the problem I can see...
  10. I made some addiotional tests and here are what I noticed : some fitted bones (like NECK or CHEST) seem to be different between Avastar 1.5.9 and Avastar 2.0.23. Use Case : - I import a custom male shape in both Avastar 1.5.9 and Avastar 2.0.23.- When I edit the bones like NECK or CHEST I notice that there Tail coordinates are not the same between the two skelettons   I really do not know if it is normal or not. I just raise here this difference in case it can helps to find if there is a problem...
  11. I do not know if this problem has been raised before but it seems there is an issue with the export of Fitted meshes with Avastar 2.0.23. Use case : - Export a Fitted mesh (like a fitted mesh body) with an "old non Bento" Avastar and import it in SL : It is ok. - Migrate this Fitted mesh in Avastar 2.0.23 (either by updating the rig or by unbinding/bind the mesh on the new aramature), export it and import it in SL : The mesh seems modified ! You can see the difference on the picture below : In RED the correct and old export, in WHITE the wrong and new export.  Does someone else raised this issue ? Do I do something wrong ?
  12. To Matrice and the Avastar team : I have just installed Avastar-2 Alpha 5 and I noticed an issue : the eyes do not follow correctly the Eyes sliders anymore...
  13. As human mesh heads creator, I fully understand the concerns of Mel Vanbeeck who tries to find the best compromise in order to combine both the animations and the sliders. Because it is obvious that customers will want both and don't care about the technical constraints behind ! Of course, animations using translations (and rotations) are much more powerfull and beautiful. I think we are all aware of that... But translations animations means no sliders... So, if we find a way which allows to have nice rotations animations AND sliders for human mesh heads. I am 200% in favor of it ! But I must admit I stay a bit septic... At the end, with all the rig improvements, will we be able to create proper rotations only animations for our mesh heads in prarallel of the use of the sliders ? We need to try to answer this question...
  14. Thank you Vir for these details ! Indeed, as it is done, this will not alter the other meshes worn as the offsets (by meshes or animations) will be reapplied. In any case, if I notice something, I let you know.
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