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  1. Having issues here as well; HUDs won't attach and having issues getting back inworld on relog. Urgh.
  2. I'm making a machinima where I'd like a small group of avatars all running together on a vehicle/linked-poseball setup, like a horse-stampede almost, but with people. Something like this, but where I can use my own animation(s). Does such a thing exist? Or can anyone point me to info on how I'd make this myself? Thanks so much.
  3. If you're ever having login issues it's good to check the SL grid status page. They're currently doing unscheduled maintenance and quite a few people are having issues. I'm sure it'll be back up soon.
  4. Yeah I can't access the SL site at all right now, but earlier when I logged it showed the space where my friends list should be as empty, with the message, "You don't have any friends. Go make some!" :smileyvery-happy: Oh, unscheduled maintenance...
  5. Saraya Starr wrote: Lol Ko, Just for you, a pic without the cami The hair is called Collien, it is by Emo-tions. And the vest and pants are by Ison And yeah, another house, I had not bought one in a while , it was a good deal really :smileyvery-happy: You should, of course, wear less more often. Beautiful. Hm, I may need to go house-hunting very soon. I just spent 7k on hair this morning alone though, in two stores, catching up on a fraction of my 4-months-of-being-gone shopping. Shoes are next on my list.
  6. Saraya Starr wrote: Got bored, went shopping at COLLABOR88 ... got a few things A house, some furniture and this black vest and pants, added the cami but can wear without, really fits well Can I vote for "without the cami"? *fully expects to be smacked upside the head* You do look lovely, Sara-- the hair as well. Who makes that vest? And... another house?
  7. Pick flowers from the same tree (people who are so good together it's assumed they did well together in a previous life).
  8. Welcome back to SL. It makes me smile to hear some people are returning to a positive experience; though I imagine it must be freaky to come back after a few years. I'm gone for a couple of months and I feel like everything's different. :}
  9. I think a lot of us evolve with our avis. I do have old friends who picked a skin/hair and have stuck with it for years, but personally I find the beauty of SL is being anything on a whim. Oddly it all still feels like me though-- whether I'm dark skinned or pale, human or... y'know, one of those mesh hamsters. :} I've never been inclined to make an alt to be anything other than myself. I'm keeping the zaniness contained. :heart:
  10. *hugs Sara with manic happiness* No one calls me short-stuff quite as sweetly as you.
  11. กระดังงาลนไฟ - in Thai it means "singed ilang flower" and describes a woman who's divorced and therefore has... experience.
  12. valerie Inshan wrote: KO!!!! MISSED YOU!!! Lol, sorry for shouting, I got carried away! You look more wonderful than ever! Hugs you, beautiful! :smileyhappy: Val Val Val! I especially missed you. :heart: You guys are gonna have to help me get caught up on all the shopping I've missed out on this summer lol. I have a sinking feeling that all the $L I saved by not being inworld these few months will all be spent in about 3 days.
  13. I've been out of SL for three months doing summery things, but I'm starting to have withdrawls, sigh. I'm editing photos to deal with it lol. I miss you guys!
  14. Vista has a nice sword AO, but if you're looking for individual anims you might try a place called (I think) Human Motion. They have a store with all kinds of individual animations, including a combat section.
  15. You guys are all looking beyond beautiful. :heart: I haven't taken any photos for a while since I'm selling my PC and I hadn't had much luck taking good shots on my Mac, but I tried the Mac version of Dolphin Viewer recently and have been so happy with the results. These are just raw shots without editing: Oh yes; Gail and I joined a Panther tribe recently, hence less clothing and more weaponry. :smileyvery-happy:
  16. I miss you guys! :heart: I've been in LA for the last couple weeks and the net in hotels is horrible, but I'll go back through posts tomorrow when I'm home. I just wanted to sneak in and ask-- Val, is it true you're having a breakfast tomorrow? Gail said you were but I wanted to check. *hugs you all!"
  17. Welcome to the forums, Lauren. :} Phil's suggestion to try moving on the ball when the sim is quiet is a good one; quite a few thing in SL require trial and error at times, but even the most experienced people accidentally bump into other avis so don't fret too much. I've been to skating sims with poseballs that take an avatar (or a couple) on a set skating path with no movement control, and in those cases your camera usually doesn't follow in the same manner. Objects and scenery get in the way. That could be why you say things are blocking your view. If you're on a fixed-path poseball like that there's no way to control where you're going or get out of anyone's way.
  18. Welcome to the forums, tsewang. You can play SL with one account as many computers as you wish -- or even iPads and iPhones etc -- all you'll need to do is download an SL viewer or client and log in with the same username and password that you originally signed up with. The account isn't in any way attached to a single computer.
  19. GailBlakeley wrote: Ok, so. Being inactive on the forum means that I have *too many gorgeous pictures* to catch up with. I am amazed. Here's a bit of winter fun at Area 51 with some of the spoils from the Arcade Gacha Event last weekend. (@Ko - thanks baby for introducing me to it ) omg you look ADORABLE!!!!! Can I keep you? :heart: :heart: And to think that when we met you were all serious black leather and rawr. I feel like I'm cute-ifying you. The photo itself is really well done too though; were you in Exodus for this?
  20. NealCrz wrote: This one less scary? Japan Project II. Go script nude or close to it It auto returns you but a beautiful sim. LOL, kawaii! Arigato gozaimasu, Neal kun. I still think your mesh Santa avi is the best though-- you must have loads of people request photos with you?
  21. That's the cutest sled-photo, Val. I think it's... a little less effort if you're on a hill though? :heart: I'm fairly sure some people would consider boots in bed a fetish; however, I'm going to just cough a bit and and say instead that stomping snow inside makes me understand why you do so much laundry.
  22. You forget that Val is French, Neal. Everything is raunchier over there.
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