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Missing inventory (repetitively) in latest Firestorm

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This has happened now three times since I installed the latest FS I have never experienced this before. To fix it I have to delete my inventory cache and relog. If it was just once I wouldn't bother saying anything, but it's now the third time in a week. I have had successful logins between those three failures.

At login, I get a pop-up error message "Could not put on outfit. The outfit folder contains no clothing, body parts, or attachments." and my avatar stays as an orange cloud.

My inventory is not empty but is missing a lot (down from 70,000 ish to 37,000 ish - same number each time it happened (at least I recall the 37,xxx), and the same inventory seem missing in the same places every time this has happened.

All Outfits folders are empty, even though the clothing items themselves are where they should be and in bold as if I'm wearing them. If I look in the Worn tab in the Inventory window, everything I should be wearing is listed there.

All Objects content is missing, although subfolders (now empty) are still shown. Likewise the Favourites, Scripts, Settings and Sounds folders. Others are partially empty, for instance in Animations all the items in the 'root' Animations folder are there, but all subfolders (lots) are empty.

Thoughts, anyone?

(Edit: please forgive poor spelling; there's no spellchecker on this and I have dyspraxia (my brain can spell, my fingers are jokers).

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What you describe sounds like inventory loss due to the local inventory gz file being corrupted but repeated issues might indicate an issue with your PC.  A scan might show issues.

I have experienced a similar issue, but only once.  The "worn" outfit was empty, I got that "this outfit contains no items" when I looked at it.

The items WERE worn if I looked in the "worn" tab of my inventory and I was rezzed to myself.  The viewer then locked up and I could not close it.

I then realised that my entire PC was locking up and the main drive light was flickering brightly as if the processor was fully occupied.

I could not shut it down via the windows menu so I did a "hard stop".

It restarted normally and after a scan (which showed no issues) I launched Firestom and all seemed normal and the previous empty outfit folder was populated as it should have been.

I ran for several sessions without any further issues and later I cleared the viewer cache after a couple of incidents were my house simply didn't rez (it looked weird with all the furniture and stuff floating in mid-air!).

So far the lock up has not repeated and I have successfully created several new outfits.

Whether all this was a viewer bug or just a PC glitch I don't know, but it sounds similar.

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This is still happening; maybe 12 times now. It's just happened again. It also happens on other alts logged in on this PC.

I've moved my cache to a different SSD, so it's not that failing. Memtest86 didn't find any memory faults.

The cache file [avatar key].inv.llsd.gz is clearly truncated going off the file size. I've just logged in with LL viewer and copied the file over from that, although I doubt that is going to fix the issue since even completely wiping my cache folder hasn't helped. It's as if FS is truncating the cache file when it saves it at log off.

Something is going wrong here, and it seems restricted to just the inventory cache.

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