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  1. I was hung about 5 minutes ago trying to login so I quit. Tried again just now and was able to log in.
  2. A TOS can't dictate how I view a website, that's absurd. It can dictate how I use that sight that directly impacts it's main purpose....so, for the marketplace it's main purpose is to provide a place to buy & sell virtual goods. Blocking 3rd party ads does not interfere with that. The site can also take measures to prevent me from viewing the site if I don't meet certain requirements but this is a site that generates revenue for LL, I highly doubt they want to limit it's visitors. I have no issue with actual merchant ads, I actually want to see those. 3rd party ads on a site suck, I think we get bombarded with enough marketing in our daily lives. In any event, after a quick skim through the MP TOS there's no mention of "you have to disable ad blockers". Again, that would be pretty silly.
  3. Same story here. All my new releases over the past 2 mths used Direct Delivery from date of release. The emails came in instantly, similar to the magic box. So, I'm hoping this is just a hiccup while they, I assume, prepare for the end of magic boxes for unlimited items.
  4. Same issue here, and even my Orders report on the MP is delayed. If it wasn't for ANS since I migrated all my items to direct delivery, I'd have no idea what I just sold. Direct Delivery leaves A LOT to be desired. I want my magic box back.
  5. I have this same exact issue through the latest version of Firestorm. I pretty much send some folders, relog, send the rest. Even then I have to click "Send to Marketplace" a few (hundred) times before it moves. I'm on Windows 7 btw. So I don't think that's O/S related, not even sure if that's viewer related. But it is annoying! Talk about a time waster.
  6. Strange, so far for me the item hasn't changed its position in my store.
  7. So far after being charged it's still in the same spot. how soon did yours drop down after you listed it?
  8. hmm thats odd and..backwards I'm gonna try that now with one of my listings and let you know if the same happens.
  9. Oy, well I did have an actual full listing vanish now. Not even under unassociated items anymore lol ahhh, good times, good times indeedy.
  10. I also left a comment, that crap irks me. Thankfully most my customers contact me in world before leaving asinine reviews.
  11. Looks like mine are slowly starting to become available again... 3 cheers...Hip Hip Hooooray x 3 \o/
  12. Still unavailable items here. Hopefully this is being resolved for everyone soon.
  13. This is rediculous, ALL my magic box listings have also vanished. I read the warning, I was migrating everything over thinking we had until April 2nd. Now POOF no freaking warning just ALL GONE. Gimmie a break LL, this is absolutely irresponsbile and careless.
  14. Thanks a ton for that advice, that did the trick for me
  15. I tried the reboot, unplug, wait 2mins etc but I don't have the option to try what you did since my router/modem is a shared device. I just waited it out and today im fine again. Also, just a note that LL support contacted me early this morning as well. Fortunately the issue was resolved by then
  16. Tried that, no go. It's been 12 hours now and still can't login.
  17. That's precisely the same error msg I get as well. I also just submitted a ticket. Would be nice if more users who are having the same issue posted here so LL can "hopefully" catch wind of this.
  18. I have the same issue nikita. I've been trying to login now for 3 hours. It just hangs like yours does. I hope LL is aware of this.
  19. Just a note that I just successfully logged in.
  20. Ya I know, I was just bein' sarcastic. I can access my store page as well, but it's pointless since we still can't login. I really wish LL would either fix it (YAY!) or at least release a statement acknowledging they're aware of and fixing the issue.
  21. " Please refrain from making inworld L$ purchases, rezzing no-copy objects, and save all builds. We will update this blog when the rolling restarts complete." They're stating inworld purchases, not online. I'm still waiting for some word on the marketplace fiasco.
  22. Lol, oddly when I click your sig. image, it takes me to your store. This is promising! :matte-motes-smitten:
  23. I was thinking the same thing. No wonder sales are down, no one can log in to purchase anything. I hope this gets resolved sooner than later.
  24. Ok this has to be a serious site issue. I can't even search for items, it just keeps popping up the same results that are completely unrelated to the search term(s). SpOoKy stuff!
  25. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I can log in to secondlife.com without issue, but everytime I enter my credentials and click Login at the Marketplace it just sends me to the home page without being logged in. I've tried logging in as well with an alt, same issue. Not sure what else to do here :matte-motes-confused: Any help would be appreciated :)
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