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  1. Pretty expensive full sim too almost $100 more than what you can get from LL these days at $333 a month vs $249 direct from LL
  2. Just got back on caused me to miss my friend
  3. Ah so its not just me wonder will the lidens notice this thread then
  4. Are second life logins currently not working as I cant log in?
  5. Hi Rio im interested too can you email me at amandaiskast@hmamail.com
  6. Is this sim still open? i went to one of the landmarks in your profile today and found i was in an empty plot
  7. I tried going to your adoption agency today but found it not accessable and the land seemed empty
  8. I just got in maybe it was a blip but it now seems working
  9. I too am having this issue maybe we need to log a ticket on this
  10. I dont know what Linden Labs are thinking but now on Marketplace there is Adverts at the top of the page and the side making it look like a cheap freebie site. Are Linden Labs that desperate for money that they have to do this? You dont see ebay or amazon do it. Come on LL get rid of them people actually spend money on marketplace.
  11. id like to trow my hat in the ring for this let me know id its still going
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