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  1. Sure, 60 is a lot if you're not a creator, aren't involved in things like dance troupes and model agencies and events and only have stores and clubs that you frequent. However, for those of us with businesses, we need groups for advertising, groups for our stores, groups for our other business contacts, and those 60 groups fill up fast. I'm constantly having to delete groups I PAID to join, because I need the space for another model agency, or I got my store in an event and I need their group in order to put my booth together. Sure, I could add another avatar solely for sending notices and switch my advertising groups over to that avatar, but wouldn't that be just as heavy on the SL backside as those 10 extra group slots, if not more so? I'm ok with the increased premium cost. I'm even ok with the increase in the other fees. What I'm not ok with is being forced to give up my rather spacious current Linden home for one of those new matchboxes. Not everyone in SL is the size of a matchstick, and some of us prefer open space to all those tiny rooms in those little houses. How about offering a three-story home with no interior walls at all, so we can customize it to suit our individual needs?
  2. Last time I worked for a dollar, it was a dollar an HOUR and I was babysitting in 1969.
  3. Yeah, I got in, but had a really hard time getting clothes on, and I have two huds (nails and skin) that refuse to detach no matter how many times I try. <sighs> At least I can see half my screen, anyway.
  4. "Unscheduled Maintenance" - n. - A fancy way of saying, "Hey, we messed something up, we don't know what, can't tell you when it'll be fixed, and who cares if you have time commitments in SL. It's SL." Been trying to get on since 9am. It's now 11:38am, have to be at my SL "job" at noon. Think I'll make it? I'm not holding my breath, but I AM annoyed.
  5. While I'm thrilled that I can now have the groups I need to have as a busy SL model, I'm not happy that I have to have the new viewer in order to do it. There are many things about Viewer 2, in all its versions, that I'm not happy with at all. I don't like the way the inventory works. The old version was much more compatible with the way I do things. I also can't stand the way the new version does chat. I like my little linked windows in the bottom left corner of my screen showing me everyone I'm talking to. And I like my tiny little inventory box on the lower right corner of my screen that doesn't take up a fourth of the screen like the new one does. While Viewer 2 has some nice features to it, I'm sorry, but the nice doesn't outweigh what is for me a major pain in the butt. Being able to put on makeup is a huge plus, for a model, but why did you have to go and mess with what was a perfectly good system for chat and inventory?
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