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  • Opening boxes

    Jeremy Linden

    Did you buy something from the SL Marketplace or inworld and wonder why you received a box? As in, "I bought a necklace but all I got was a picture of a necklace on a box?"

    Don't worry!  Second Life items are sometimes sold in simple containers that require you to "open" them to get the contents. For example, if you purchase clothing that comes in a box, you must extract the clothing objects from the box container, then transfer them to your inventory so you can wear them. 

    Don't wear the box. Remember, you have to open the box and use its contents. If you accidentally wear the box and it's attached to your avatar, simply right-click the box and choose Detach

    Finding land on which to rez objects

    To open and unpack the box your purchase was delivered in, you need to be on land where you have permission to rez the box. If you're unsure if you have permission to do this where you are, just visit a sandbox where everyone has permission to rez objects.

    1. Click on a sandbox from this list, such as Sandbox Island.
    2. On the SLurl page that appears, click Teleport Now. A Place Information window appears in your Second Life Viewer.
    3. Click Teleport to travel to the sandbox you've chosen.

    Many stores also have a specially-sectioned "rez zone" inside, where autoreturn time is often set to a few minutes prevent litter from accumulating while giving you enough time to unpack.

    Find the box in your inventory

    Recently received items appear in the expandable Received items pane in the INVENTORY window.  To access them, open your inventory and click the Received items bar to expand the pane and view your recently received items.  You may click and drag these items into your main inventory or rez them by dragging them to the ground.

    Received Items.png

    Open and unpack the box

    Remember, you must be on land where you have permission to make your box appear by rezzing it.

    Once you have a place to rez your box, watch this video tutorial to see the steps below in motion:

    1. Drag the box from your inventory to the ground to rez it.
    2. Right-click the box and choose Open.
    3. A window opens. If the box has many contents, it can take a moment.
    4. Click Copy To Inventory to transfer the box's contents to your inventory. If the box contains an outfit you'd like to wear immediately, select Copy and Wear instead.
    5. Once the items are copied, they appear in your inventory as a folder with the box's name. If you don't see it, click the Recent tab.

    When you have finished unpacking your box, please remember to either Delete it or Take it back to your inventory to avoid cluttering up the area with boxes.

    Wear or rez your purchased items

    Your items are now in your inventory. Locate them and drag them inworld to rez them, or right-click and select Wear if they are clothing or other avatar attachments or components.

    Why does it tell me "Can't rez object..."?

    If you try to drag an object from your inventory to inworld and see this error:


    — it means building and dropping objects isn't allowed on the present parcel. How can you tell?

    1. Right-click the navigation bar and choose About Land.
    2. Hover over the cube with a universal "no" slashed circle to see "Building/dropping objects not allowed."


    1. Choose World menu > Place Profile > Place Profile.
    2. In the PLACES window, expand the Parcel section (if it isn't already open).

    This video shows the steps above:

    In some cases, if you're a member of the group that owns the land, activating your group title permits you to build despite the no-build icon which applies to the general public.

    Unpacking a box on your avatar

    Important: Only do this if you're comfortable dragging and dropping inventory items, or you may accidentally misplace important items.

    You can unpack a box if it's attached to your avatar. This may be useful if you're having a hard time getting to rezzable land, since you can always attach an object. However, this lacks the convenience of the Copy to Inventory and Copy and Wear buttons.

    1. In your inventory, right-click the box object and choose Attach To HUD or Attach To, then select an attachment point. Attach To HUD may be preferable because the box is attached to a point on your screen instead of your avatar and so is less likely to mess up your appearance. Alternatively, you can simply choose Wear, which attaches the box to its attachment point — if none has been specified by the creator, which is typically the case, it gets attached to your Right Hand.
    2. Right-click the attached box and choose Edit.
    3. In the build tools, click the Content tab.
    4. Drag each item from the object's contents to a folder in your inventory. You can also hold Shift  or Ctrl to select multiple items. This doesn't work with "no copy" items in contents.
    5. Close the build tools.

    Edited by Jeremy Linden
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    User Feedback

    In the Open and Unpack a Box section, I suggest adding a final step:  "6. When you have finished unpacking your box, please remember to either Delete it or Take it back to your inventory."  I think it's important for newcomers to learn to pick up after themselves.  Not all places have autoreturn.  Besides, littering is inconsiderate.

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    While many items from Marketplace do not come boxed, many still do and this article still uses the v2 UI and does not include information on using the received items folder. This article should be re-written using modern screenshots and should include detail on how to use the received items folder.

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