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  2. Yes - I love Maddy, I really do. She complained at first also LOL But fair is fair: I see a post with a bunch of words and no clear intent then they are all fair game. To expect us to play detective through previous posts is unrealistic and rude. It's like creators who create crap and demand you turn up your LOD so it isn't crap (lipstick on a pig).
  3. I do the date roleplay too and have lots of fun with it.
  4. Well, different dialects in Chinese have different pronunciation, in Taiwan is "Fen", in Modern Chinese it's "Fyen" Who is Phillis Diller, anyway? ~duckduckgo's the name...~ Ohhhh. And I though I was getting old. 😕
  5. Would take a lot of de-rendering you have trees, docks and then you have no idea what people are going to place when they get there, the way they have the houses setup some are low to the ground, some are on hills, the houses are turned different directions they are blocked by not only the houseboats but trees. I like to not start de-rendering the lovely landscapes if I can avoid it and if it is not causing lag I rather see everything. And so in conclusion they are probably not for me the perfect house. I flew around and stopped and looked from all angles even went to the home that is at the end of the island just where not working for me near the ocean side, the houses that where more inland and near the canal I liked much better which is funny for me.
  6. Just spotted a house boat, so might have been yours @xMatcha.
  7. Deal with it. Just like we do with Maddy’s songs.
  8. Been busy changing the garden at my alt's place today. I swapped the existing pond for this one from TLC and added a pergola from Simply Shelby.
  9. I finally got a houseboat! ... Buuut it's not in an ideal location 😢 so I will be releasing it within the next few minutes or so. For those of you who want a houseboat but do not care about the location (it's surrounded by a bunch of houseboats at the sides and in front), get your mouse ready. Here's some pics of it (sorry for the quality lol)
  10. But if it's the perfect house apart from that, wouldn't derender solve the problem?
  11. Thank you so much for the link.
  12. I hope one day, the practitioners of Feng Shui will perfect their craft, so that they can perform it instead of merely practicing it! Fun fact: Phyllis Diller always referred to her husband as Feng (Fang).
  13. thank you all for your answers. But you misunderstand me. I wasn't talking about the profile picture, I was talking about the web section of the profile. I have a large size photo there. The system does not change their resolution, remains as is.
  14. Dunno, not a friend of wishlists for myself. For two reasons - First, I do not enjoy getting gifts or someone paying for my stuff - neither in SL nor RL. However, that's mainly due to my upbringing where gifts would always come with expectations and strings attached. So I dread getting gifts - but I absolutely enjoy giving gifts, either buying people something or craft something myself - my highest gifts are paintings, because they're using up the most time and energy, heh. The second is - I don't ask for things, again, neither in SL nor RL. Mainly because it'd make me feel like I'm begging. But that's another can of worms I should not open, actually. Instead, I'd like to add that while I may feel about that in regards to myself, it does not apply to other people. I do not think they are begging by having a wishlist. How others utilize their wishlist is up to them entirely. I don't really mind, and I understand that (thankfully! )not everyone has as skewed perceptions as I do in that regard. But I do find it offputting if the very first thing I see on a profile is their wishlist, or if it's too boldly advertised. But even then - to each their own. I'd still talk to them like I'd do normaly.
  15. How does one question become sarcasm? <- is this sarcasm, too?
  16. K-Pop girls are too Kawaii and practice Feng Shui, [see what I did there?] so wouldn't be compatible I presume.
  17. From http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits : Profile > Picture - native aspect ratio; thumbnail cropped to 72×72 pixels; zoomed uncropped up to 300×300 pixels
  18. You also see that with female clothing designers as well. Some had Freya, now they dropped it for Legacy.
  19. It will be resized to 800x800 after uploading it. And resized to 512x512 in-world. As for the image file itself, I think the maximum resolution is 1024 (longest side) - could be 20348, but not sure, file size at 1MB. Though it WILL be resized down to 800x800. So if you are playing with it in Affinity Photo or GIMP or something, you may want to resize it down manually. If you usually export files as PNG - it will be better to save as JPEG at 70% quality for profile images.
  20. What I understand: You have to report ALL your earnings but PayPal only has to report above $20k OR 200 transactions. We don’t get a 20,000 exemption for our earnings. Would be nice.
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