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LeTigre or Magnum or?

Nix Manx

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Just out of curiosity I was wondering if we could get abit of info on which Server Release Candidate would be getting meshes first and if we are still on schedule for a partial rollout before the end of this month?

I know Nyx said they hadnt changed thier plans and according to the wiki LeTigre has has 2 mesh updates thus far:


While Magnum has had 1 update:



The reason I ask is because I am currently renting some land on Magnum but was intending to let it go until meshes had been released (seems a waste to rent it when i spend all of my SL time on the beta grid).

I know its probably a long shot due to the 'unknowns' but it would be nice if a Linden could give us a clue to the rollout plans.

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Some time ago I had asked Oskar this question. He said that mesh would come to the grid all at the same time.

Gradual roll out could mean several things and it is a little fuzzy. Magnum and LeTigre have been getting mesh prep rollouts, and maybe that is what is meant by gradual roll out.

I have decided to wait, unless the Lindens give us a different answer to your question. If there are some sims that will get it first, i would definitely like one of my sims to be on that list so I can get all my mesh uploaded.

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Hum wierd, from the blog it said there would be some regions enabled at the end of this month with a full roll out completed by the end of august

In July, we will enable a limited set of regions to use Mesh and will roll it out, in a phased approach, throughout August. By the end of August, everyone in Second Life will be able to import Mesh objects. Of course, if we run into unforeseen issues or bugs, then this time line will need to shift. 


From what I understand they roll out RC builds on wednesdays, which means we have 2 left this month (tomorrow and 27th) I guess we will have to wait and see but I expect it will probably be the 27th

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Strange objects apart, I had no problems with a moderately old non-mesh viewer on the experimental mesh server. I crashed on the older DRTSIM server, but that doesn't really matter. Maybe as many of us as possible who have different viewers should try them on the experimental server to find any potential problems as soon as possible. That should help to avoid problems with the roll-out.

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I decided to come in and have a look with Phoenix Viewer 1.5.2 (1102) May 14 2011 18:19:22 (Phoenix Viewer Release).

Here is me wearing my rigged mesh dress and shoes. I had to be careful of angles, because the alpha layer did not show on this viewer and I wanted to keep things PG.

Mesh Dress.jpg

Mesh Shoes.jpg

Here are pictures I took of my cooking hearth and table.

Mesh Cooking Hearth.jpg

Mesh Table and Rigged Dress.jpg

These last two items are not mine, but I thought they would be good because you know what they should look like. The first are Daniel's palm trees, and the second is an ice freezer.

Mesh Palm Trees.jpg

Ice Machine.jpg

I think it is nice of the Lindens to try to make something better than triangles appear to those using non-mesh compatible viewers. I think trying to make them look like anything is probably a pretty tough job, and this might be the closest they can come.

In my own opinion, I would not recommend they try too hard at this. People will move to mesh capable viewers if they don't want to miss out or if they want to see the world fully. If they choose not to, well, it is their choice. It is a valiant effort to support the Luddites, but do not waste too much time on it.

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You are seeing the test roll out of the server code that supports mesh in the Release Channels, the Mesh Prep roll outs.

The idea that all regions will get the roll out at the same is correct, or so we have been told. But, we have also been told that mesh is enabled in a region by a switch/setting in each region's setup. So, mesh can be enabled region by region. While mesh server and viewer code will roll out to the entire main grid, mesh will not be enabled on the entire grid.

You may have noticed the roll out and back dance that Mesh Prep is doing. I suspect the Lindens are finding new problems with each roll out. These are problems that probably did not show up in testing in ADITI. I suspect there are legacy issues, prim encroachment issues, and other matters only common on the main grid and release channels that are being dealt with. So, just as the Mono2 Homestead problem did not show up until it rolled to the main grid, there are likely going to be some surprises when Mesh Prep rolls to the entire main grid.

Until any of those newly found problems are resolved, I doubt we will see Mesh enabled in main grid regions.

We have been asked to test the Mesh Project and Beta viewers in the main grid and particularly in the Release Channels to help flush out problems with viewer and server.

You question of which areas first has been asked often. I think the Lindens have not decided. We have been told a new annoucement is coming soon on how and when mesh will roll out.

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From the last meeting and some subtle comments in this forum today i get the impression they have a working first build ready for the grid, Nyx said they hadnt changed thier roll out plans in the meeting a week last monday and those RC updates were way before that meeting.

But unless a Linden gives us some info I guess we will have to wait and see :)

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There is a thread on SLU "Mesh microrelease imminent."

Quote: "Mesh microrelease on a very small number of regions in "days rather than weeks" according to Oz Linden at Snowstorm daily meeting"

Later on in the thread we are told, "LL is asking for volunteer private full regions to run the first Agni mesh stuff, there are lots of warnings that go with it, and a very specific filing process. Fill in the ticket wrong and you can't participate. It is probably good that the signup process is weird, because the testing is not risk free. The prim equivalency formula is still open to change during this test."

The link to the wiki page telling you how to submit a support ticket to set your region up for volunteer testing is: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/LiveVolunteers

It looks real to me, and I have submitted a ticket for my two regions.

If you do not own private island estate regions, you are not left out. There are instructions on the wiki.


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Thanks for the info Vivienne, I think i under-estimated just how ready mesh is, for the purposes of what I want to use mesh for (selling) taking part in this would be out of the question, I think ill wait until its fully rolled out or at least guarenteed to be relatively free from angry customers hehe.

It seems they are going into a full voluntary testing mode with this rather than an actual working roll out which is understandable, its a big update and needs to be working properly before merchants start selling.


One thing is for certain, we all have alot of work to do, things are happening fast! :matte-motes-smitten:

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Thanks for that link Vivienne! 

I'm glad to see mesh is moving forward. But, I'm also happy to see they are moving cautiously with the deployment. There will be enough issues trying to explain how this new mesh asset works to clients/customers. We don't need huge bugs making the situation worse.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Just noticed on the Magnum and LeTigre RC updates page that today both of them will be mesh enabled.

  • This is the "Mesh" project. scheduled 2011-08-04
    • Mesh objects can be uploaded
    • Child prims can be set to have no collision shape (do not contribute to collision of object)
    • Objects that use the features above (mesh shapes or non-colliding parts) will have prim cost calculated based on actual impact to the parcel/region rather than simple count.
    • Max prim scale has been raised to 64m on a side
    • New physics engine
      • Overhaul how collision shapes are constructed and stored in memory.
      • 10 cm gap between colliding objects has been removed for most objects:
        • For convex prims (dynamic and static)
        • Concave prims (static only)
        • For small prims ( <~0.2m on a side ) it can't be completely removed so those objects may still exhibit a gap, but it will typically be smaller than it was before the change.
    • Parcel-full return sort order has changed: most recently "changed" get returned first, but still grouped by OTHER, GROUP, and OWNER in that order.

Edit: Both these RC servers are now mesh enabled \o/

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