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  1. I'll say upfront that I wish the gacha machines had never come to SL. I would surely prefer for merchants just to release products like normal then I could buy the one I want without the randomness. Since I'm not interested in spending my time feeding a machine, I never play one unless I like everything in the gacha. Even then, I usually don't bother with the machines in SL. That said, I'm grateful for the gacha resellers because I can just do a search on the MP for the gacha that I want. Then, I can decide if I will or will not pay the price they are offering for that rare item. And really, it isn't a complex process. Most of them do use the same image. The smart ones will circle the specific gacha item being offered. The really smart ones will crop the picture in on the offered item. However, the vast majority place the name of the gacha item along with color and fit in the title and description. Over 50% of what I buy are gacha items on MP, and I've only found a couple of resellers that made it unclear what they were selling. But most importantly, I've always gotten the advertised product.
  2. Adeon Writer wrote: I found it very odd that there seems to be nothing stopping you from creating bone-translating animations for the new face bones in Project Bento, regardless of what is stated on the wiki. So either LL changed their minds some time between the writing of the wiki and the initial release of the Project Bento Beta, or they have not yet implimented the uplaod blocking. ... Could a Linden please comment on this? Is the documentation incorrect about restricting bone translation animation or has the restriction just not been coded yet?
  3. Kitsune Shan wrote: ... Right now, joints offset overlaps one to each other at time of wearing meshes with them. Since SL only allows using one, it would mean that wearing this head would shrink your back to the default bone position on the whole body, not just the head, making it impossible to wear a mesh head with joints offset. I have yet to test how well positioned those bones are in relation with the head at time to make human heads in non custom avatars but I think we could really end all this debate and future problems if you guys simply implement bone translation animations within the common BVH files. ... It was ok before, but once collision bones were introduced, we have to deal with areas that goes up to 6 bones. Now include to that the possibility of adding the new bones. I cant really imagine how to animate facial expressions with only 4 bones per vertex having a total of 30 bones there. This would make the skinning process and the animation one really hard and ugly. The animation would be quite sketchy and weird. Couldnt we really get that limit increased to 8 like most actual game engines? ... QFT I totally agree with both these points. I really hope that LL reconsiders the bone translation issue and increases the bones per vertex limit.
  4. Is there a reason that bone translation is not supported? It really is essential for making proper facial expressions in some cases.
  5. I can't wait to try this out once the skeleton is posted! This is one of the features I've been waiting for the longest.
  6. Will Project Sansar have instancing for terrain and inworld mesh objects? Will Project Sansar have an advanced material system (e.g. support for normal maps, ambient occlusion maps, specular maps, etc.)?
  7. Marx Alvord wrote: Yet again.. 1.In Internet Slang, a troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chatroom, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. I know it hurts that you weren't able to get everyone to pat you on the back and say poor you because you want to keep selling a symbol of hate. Out here in the real world, everyone doesn't agree with you It will be ok. I wish you much success with your new product line.
  8. Marx Alvord wrote: Ash, Go troll somewhere else. Unless your the one handling my ticket. Its your opnion that this is racist. Not mine. And you have no idea of whats really going on. So stop pretending your an authority with the final say. Yet again. This is a public forum, and you chose to rant on it. It's more than my opinion that it's racist. You might want to pick up a paper and read about it. Until then, I will comment as I see fit in this open forum. Welcome to the internet where everyone doesn't agree with your opinions. (P.S. This isn't a ticket.)
  9. Marx Alvord wrote: BTw.. Ash stop putting words into my mouth. Like I said.Go back and read. And stop trolling. You're funny. I don't troll. Don't use forums if you can't handle someone disagreeing with you.
  10. Marx Alvord wrote: I mean, your the one whos made this post into race. Not I. Go back and read my original post Ash. Read real carefully. I didn't make it about race. Thank the confederate flag for that. I simply stated that your item was pulled because of a TOS/community guideline violation. and rightfully so. The bondage items that you hold up as examples aren't against the TOS. So, of course, they can't be pulled. If you want to change the TOS/community guidelines, then you'll have to convince LL those need to be considered violations too.
  11. Marx Alvord wrote: And they just skip on by the concerns we should adress...... rofl.. Love it!! Not you Cathiee, your okay!! So, you are so concerned with bondage items? Were you concerned before your items were pulled? Here's the thing. The TOS/community guidelines already addresses racist items. So, you are already in violation. If you want LL to ban bondage items, I suppose you'll have to campaign for that to be added to the rules.
  12. Cathiee McMillan wrote: Oh Ashasekayi I see you go to the SLU and say I am crying. Actually I am not crying about it. But you all seem to be unable to stop talking about me when ever you can. Get a life. My only issue i have sold Flag Kinis' for many years. And Not an issue for years. And now it is. I actually forget what I have on the marketplace. So what ever. LOL Watching a thread at a site you're banned from? That's cute. And yes, I'm laughing at you whining because your racist bikinis were pulled. If you are so concerned about nazi items, I would suggest that you use the report button. That's what it is there for.
  13. Marx Alvord wrote: Its okay though. Im perfectly okay and not offended with selling tons of US Flags all over my stuff. I hope you dont find that racist as well lol. Awesome. Since the US Flag wasn't created by seditionists for the purpose of upholding and expanding slavery, I wish you all the luck in the world selling them.
  14. Innula Zenovka wrote: To my mind, the question shouldn't be, "Why are they taking down Confederate battle flag when they leave up Nazi insignia?" but "Why aren't they taking down Nazi insignia as well as Confederate battle flags?" The only valid argument I can see for selling either is that, as in RL, they provide useful indicators of people to avoid. QFT
  15. They take down items with Nazi symbols on them too if they are reported. As always, LL doesn't scan the MP for items that break TOS. They must be reported first.
  16. So, basically, this thread is about LL removing items with a racist symbol on it? It's about time that they did that since the TOS already forbade racist symbols. Good for you, LL.
  17. entity0x wrote: ....... I know for myself that I dont do that, maybe I should. I see 1-star,I go to the next one with a better rating and may not even look. If I see something that I like that has a low rating, the first thing I do is read the comments. If they are silly complaints about issues totally out of the creators control (like bugs on the marketplace or the person's lack of understanding of how content works), I ignore the rating and buy it anyway. So far, I've never regretted it. Most power shoppers that I know put more weight on valid comments than ratings.
  18. For anyone wondering if Contours and Polystrips are worth the money, I'd say they both are if you do a great deal of retopology. (If you bought Contours when it first came out, CGCookie gives you Polystrips for free btw.) It isn't automated like Zremesher in Zbrush; however, you still need to do some clean up on Zremeshed files if you want perfect topology and a precise polycount. So, manual tweaking is a reality no matter what software you use. I actually use both Zbrush and Blender in my retopology workflow.
  19. Actually, Lindens do skim the forums. Lindens have admitted that during inworld meetings that I have attended before. I would agree that JIRAs are more effective though. These sorts of posts are background noise to the Lab at this point. They have their set plans already and that's what they concentrate on. As has already been stated, there have been useful MP improvement suggestions that practically every merchant has wanted listed on the JIRA for ages. The Lab hasn't worked on them for whatever reason.
  20. Hi there Zoe Sorry for the late reply. I don't watch these forums too often these days. I really don't have the RL time to post any new tutorials right now. I'm sad to say. 25,386 verts is a huge amount for a pair of feet. I could take a look at the .blend file and give you some advice on reduction and probably let you know why it won't upload. -- Asha
  21. Thanks for the updated file and exporter, Gaia and team. ^^
  22. Arton pretty much said it all. It's always worth your time to make efficient assets, especially in a game environment. For example, some people bring in high poly, inefficient clothing models from Marvelous Designer without any retopology at all. Besides all the wasted polygons, the items have rendering artifacts caused by the delaunay triangle surface. They also don't animate as smoothly as a properly retopologized version would. People really do underestimate the performance hit caused by models that are too high poly in SL. As arton pointed out, even if you decide not to use normal maps (which aren't useless by the way), you can still pull off a great amount of detail with a properly made diffuse and specular map.
  23. Thanks for posting this! I thought cycles baking would never be implemented. I hope it makes it to a release candidate some time this year. Otherwise, I may have to bite the bullet and compile from source myself.
  24. Thanks for this post! I loved the first issue of this ezine.
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