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  1. Thanks for the response! That's what I thought. I can't imagine people will want to wear very old system clothes anyway, although some might want to wear some of their favourite old skins, if their mesh body permits.
  2. I just want to clarify to make sure I understand this correctly. Please correct me if I am wrong. As I understand it, a mesh body maker must squeeze his mesh UVs to fit the layout of the classic system avatar if you want that mesh body to be able to wear old system clothing. Am I right or wrong?
  3. Hello all. I am over 60, happily married for 37 years, and NOT seeking a SL boyfriend. I am seeking friends to chat with, play games with, and hang out with. I don't care if you are male, female, in between, gay or straight. I like a good sense of humour and a kind heart. I have joined the Forum Cartel group mentioned in this thread, and look forward to meeting people through that group. I am a SL creator. I make mesh and script, and you can check out the kinds of things I make on my blog, http://myblackrose.net if you are interested. I am always interested in meeting other creators. I a
  4. There was a time a few years back when things like this happened frequently. Now it is a rare event, and it was a short lived one. Kudos to Linden Lab for progress made. This event just reminded us of how things once were, and the success of Linden Lab in dealing with technical issues to create a very stable grid.
  5. As a content creator in Second Life since 2004 who uses Blender and Zbrush to make mesh, and is a scriptor who has taken a course to learn C#, I am eager to get into Sansar as an alpha and/or beta tester. Is there anything I can do to put my name forward to be considered when the time comes, and can you estimate when that time might be? I can also make textures and sound files, and make animations.
  6. I would like to offer my sim, which is rated as moderate, for the next meetup. It is not in the Destination guide. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Roxeter/90/147/23 It is a sim dedicated to a community that supports arts, live music, and culture in Second Life. It is a non-profit sim. The website link below has pictures of the sim and more information about the sim. http://www.roxeter.com/
  7. Thanks for that, helper from the future! :catwink:
  8. I have been learning C# too. Having seen LSL, the structure was not too hard to pick up. C# is more complex, but it did not seem completely foreign. One friend said that he did not understand why or how they could permit full use of C#, because it would be possible to do too much with it, things that would affect the viewer interface and perhaps even do things to the user's computer. I am no expert, but I suspect they will likely limit the use to specific libraries. They may even provide a library of methods that we can use. (Methods would be equivalent to functions in LSL.) The first lin
  9. Roxeter.com needs bloggers for their website promoting arts and culture in Second Life. Bloggers will seek out Second Life talent, established or up and coming. They will interview musicians, writers, artists, actors, dancers, content creators, builders, and other creative people and write interesting articles about them for the blog. For more information: http://www.roxeter.com/blogger/ If you are interested, please contact Vivienne Daguerre. Visit Roxeter in Second Life at: Town Square: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Roxeter/90/147/23
  10. Well said Medhue. After reading your post, I must agree with you on all points.
  11. I agree that the default avatar will be important, if there is one, and I am not sure there will be. High Fidelity is open alpha now, so we can talk about it a little. I don't think they intend to have a default avatar. You will upload something you made, made by someone else, or buy an avatar that you like in world from someone else. You will then have to buy clothing made for that specific avatar from the maker of it, or designers working with it. Favourites will rise to the top, and there will be great variety. I suspect that there will be custom avatars, like the mesh avatars available i
  12. I would like to steer the discussion away from political science and "Linden Lab is malicious and evil," back to a discussion of the next generation platform discussed by Ebbe. I am very excited by it and cannot wait to try it out! He did mention that there would be some form of in world build tool. "Support for voxels is under consideration with the next generation platform, to present an in-world option for content creation, terrain modification, etc." "Like I said, over time, we’re obviously going to make it easier to do layout without within the world, but we’re also exploring technologi
  13. Full private island, 15000 prims. 16000L per week. For more information, contact Vivienne Daguerre.
  14. That is a lot of vertices. I recommend reducing the number of vertices.
  15. The price is outrageous and unacceptable.
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