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I dragged my friend to SL8B!

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Cio, my Mainland neighbour, had probably just woken up when I IM'd him to bring his sexy behind down to SL8B. He TP'd in with his biker's outfit - torn jeans and all. He must have been racing down the mainland road last night (again!) scaring those ghosted eye Amaratti horses and leaving behind a trail of meeroos roadkills!


Cio was complaining of having a little pain on the lower back after he skidded trying to avoid AnnMarie's School Bus. We saw this beautiful oriental porch with a sleeping Buddha statue across and a yoga mat. Luckily for Cio, in my previous life (the one before I was reincarnated as a cockroach), I was a bikkhunis and yoga was my forte. I could hear the vertebrae between C5 to L4 cracking and stretching away. I think I did well, Cio never walked the same again after that.


We then sat quietly in solitude, meditating and reflecting on the meaning of our SL existence and breedable horses. Suddenly, it occurred to Cio that it might be a great idea if he is to start a business in SL selling breedable Marijuana at the back of his house. I offered to be his partner in crime, I mean, Business and will try to persuade Randall to join us since he knows scripting. 


We continued out sightseeing when I came across these tire swings and quickly jumped on it. The house on the background reminds me some of the places I've visited in Indonesia way back when I was a teenager. I could recall lying at the veranda (just like that) with just a pillow and mat in a lazy afternoon while cool gentle breeze blowing softly lullaby-ing me to sleep.


There were plenty of other parcels we went to but my cache space was running out and I felt an impending crash. We parted with a little Muay Thai session before the day ended. Cio won... (I let him!).


So that was my story told using the latest features in V2. Happy Birthday Second Life!

What's yours?

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What a post Willow!

You have really well summarized our morning, lol!

It was a good thing that you took me to SL8B, in fact it has been the first SL birthday that I have assited or known about really..

Anyway, I recomend everyone to go there whenever they get in world, more, I would ask LL to keep the instalation during all year long!

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Inspired by Willow's thread Sylvia and I teleport into SL8B... first stop... the really very cool Imperium Katana exhibit...



The stone alter required nothing less that a full ritual sacrifice... step up Sylvia....

SL8B 2011-06-26 (12).jpg


Next stop (once Sylvia recovered from her impaling).... the frickin' clown's freekin' me out..... don't stand too close...

SL8B 2011-06-26 (16).jpg


then.... a very cool black & white art thing...... Tem Haalan looks thoughtfully at the art



with some help from my lovely assistant............ now thats magic!



and then I wait patiently to see if the next exhibit is going to put on a show of some sort.........



after no one shows I slip behind the bar to fix Sylvia a drink.....



Yay! Giant Mechanical Robots!!!! Sylvia doesn't seem that impressed for some reason.....



So much more to see.... I'll be back!

Nice thread Willow.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4111 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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