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  1. When I broke my arm in 2007 you gave me a new thrill to pass the time until I was well. Addicted me and found my self up late every night meeting friends from every part of the world at Bad Girls historic SL club of the past. When I got board you show me how to create, that kept a roof over my head and food in the fridge for the year I lost my RL job with out unemployment benefits and after I was working but at a lower pay large part of my income that made ends meet came from the grid. You inspired me to learn fast and be bold and take risk .That year I put 1000s of dollars in a IRA account which has grown into a very nice nest egg I now grow bigger with e-trade investments .The rewards of risk investment via high priced adds and costly web servers to preform the task to support 1000s of users on a daily base gave me the nerve to prepare for my future with out fear of failing. When times where good and my paypal was not a way to pay my bills I was able to support my local boys and girls club with cash donations to pay for community events that put smiles on little cute faces. When I got back on my feet in RL with a career my lessons of branding, self marketing and risk taking I learned in SL allowed me to lock in security at my current position and a income I could only dream in the past . I came here a noob that had to google how to open a image in MSpaint and left mastering PS,blender,animation software ,script design . ln the end I can say I leave here knowing more then I ever could image. But there is always a end and mine is here. Good bye SL, wrable
  2. It is associated with those search key words. Search systems take more in then just what you tell it to. The also search words that are searched by the same users,example if 90% of the users search for "cat "and later search the word " lola's " the system will also throw in those key words as they could be associated with the search words. There is no way to stop that, it's not a error but how the system works.
  3. Get a paypal card if you can , or you have to wait 3 more days to get to your debit card.I have a paypal card and it makes that 3 day wait go away! I been doing this sense 2007, every Friday I cash out and it's in my paypal by the next Friday .(I miss the old instant slx way) I have not missed a Friday in 7 years and can tell you they make sure your money goes threw, I have only had 2 issues and it was solved with a ticket (took about 13 days to correct and resend) For a little bit we could go threw 3rd parties and get it almost instant but that was not long lasting and over all I have always just pre planned my SL business model to pay out weekly profit no matter what the amount is keeping my paypal card with some kind of balance (ok I spend my SL moneys on all my bad habits....I make sure I can get my hands on me SL gold fast!!!)
  4. Use tp be a button in "world" that was "My LAnd" and had a list of your land when open that you could tp from in world. duno if its there still as i use a custom viewer I ghetto up from some open source ones.
  5. Some Web Pages are set to make adds on a browsers history, if you visit SL a lot you will find your google adds are going to be SL adds for the most part. Every add no matter where I go is SL, my bank, all my bills I pay online via a website . You can set your site and adds to do this , it helps get people (so they think) to be more attracted to clicking the add as it has to do with your browsing history. I have noticed 99% of the site I go to are setting their adds to this, I have a add sense account and many sites I use for add money. I never set my pages this way as i know in their it sounds good but as a user it not fooling me. I set mine to the content the page is about and find very good luck with it unless it is SL related ten I set it to pull from the uers history.
  6. I seen that happen at times over the years, nothing new. It will correct it self at some point, tps fail, sends fail, group invites fail, group chats fail all this stuff happens and has been happening off and on for years. Either something will reset it self and fix it or techs could have it disable while working on other things It never last a extreme amount of time.
  7. in preference menu, graphics tab , check "Show Particle Count" there is a slider control. Make sure it is turned up and not off or set to a low count or even 0.
  8. I use avastar, it rocks and the videos help a ton. They update it and make sure it is bug free, make youTubes for help , have a rocking huge helpful group, the cost is low and worth every cent. If you are new at mesh it would be your best option as you could ask this question in the group and have the answer already!
  9. Here is where your actions can effect every one. Not all resize scripts run the same , some carry memory and use child scripts a few do not. It is hard to tell which is which (the good and bad) All are unneeded, you can preform this task by hand and should. I would hope in 2013 most designers have moved to sculpted and mesh when it comes to objects users wear and have become clever in ways to make things less links and easy for size adjustment with out a script. Making sure you use the delete function is very important, only buying object containing those scripts in a perms setting of copy is the key . That way you can keep a copy in the inventory with the script for future use and have one do use on the AV with out the script. Be a selective shopper and keep in mind we all use the grid and your actions can effect others enjoyment of SL. Tell vendors you see with those scripts and no copy you did not buy it because of that fact.
  10. I feel that the way LL set that whole program up there should be a dance you must do and record/send in a easy to email format for the fact they will need to send it to friends and family for a good laugh . I went threw this process years ago and I be honest, at the rate of time in replies and time to contact the person in violation with their warning it did little good. All they did is take down the objects, make some warnings.No one even got banned . The person simply made a alt, transfer over and picked up where they left off a month later. Even if you do go the whole trip and get their information you have to find a lawyer willing to go pro bono and hope they live in the same country. The cost is more then the lost value in my opinion.
  11. why wait until now to change over? Personaly I think fair warning was given about magic boxes,you should have empty the box way befor now.
  12. I am here to have fun, I only buy non reseller toys that are made from people with a creative side I can relate to. If you make something really fun and cool people will come in world to get it,and if not their lost.
  13. Are you good at sales? Great with talking to people? Set your own pay on this Clinic job! pay is based on sales,products are well known and price to sell. Easy work that you can work when ver you wish,NO SET TIMES !! Come and go as you like at this sales clinic job! How To aply ,Send a detailed note card to Alishen Resident aka DR Alishen . Please add your full real sl name,not the 2nd one. Hope to see you there!! (also a non sales based jobs but must be bilingual)
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