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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHuGVkTwMb8&list=FLBIwq18tUFrujiPd3HLPaG about minute 2.
  2. My place is Teahupo'o http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Teahupo%27o/153/9/23 Share yours too ; )
  3. Does this means that the stargates all over the mainland will finally work? Anyway, Ive seen those scatered around since I came to SL but never knew what where they for. That teleport thingy seems perfect for them.
  4. Hello Oz. If you want the clothing samples to work with nothing better than ask for ones, nalates blog gives a name that sounds good to start, influential blogger in plurk ask her to send a message to other desingners. Im interested in the deformer, nothing special but i really think this is the project that if you guys get it right many things could change, in the other hand if you quit, well, we all know the story. have a nice day!
  5. Oz, keep trying, Im sure people are working on this. Maybe u should post this in plurk I heard everyone in the fashion industry has one.
  6. Thanks both! Downloaded the drives and problem solved! I think I have selected the right ones, Im pretty sure but now u made me doubt lol. SL runs good hope now I dont fin other issues! Proof : Thanks again!
  7. That might work! Thank you Sydren, now ill just have to figure out how to update the driver..
  8. Lets see, specs: CPU: Intel® Core i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67GHz (2660.18 MHz) Memory: 3947 MB OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit (Build 7600) Graphics Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc. Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 And what happens.. Before lights and shadows. After lights & shadows.. Sl still works, if I check off L&S all goes back to normal. Funny things appear if I cam around . Thats the linden tree outside my house? A spaceport? And my wool jacket's texture.. Can I file a jira about this? never done that, but Ive heard that you arent a true SL resident if you havent filed one. Its that true? Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks Peggy for the reply! All those features seemed to work fine in this same computer untill december or so. I will post my specs and also a screenshot of what happens to the viewer. ; )
  10. When I enable ambient occlusion, depth of the field or lights and shadows my viewer goes nuts, it doesnt crash but seems to decompose, I dont know how to explain what happens. My pc has an ATI card, can that be the problem? it went alright some months ago though.. Thanks in advance for any help given.
  11. If you want to bring life to that abbandoned patch of land you have, contact me, It will be a pleasure helping you out, I will do it for free and if needed bring or buy my own tools and materials. DONT HESITATE ; )
  12. There goes my Oscar's pics. With this women to men ratio its going to be an awsome party afterwards. Btw, love the sims name.
  13. I dont see places as bay city as proper cities, but they look good as towns, which is a start. Well, i too think a city is more viable and a qute atractive option (im sure there aremany people who think the opposite). Everything could be packed toghether and there could be rural sims outside the city, and private sims as always. Probably it should be another vw outside SL (neither a opensim based world) cause as its now its almost imposible to fit an average avatar in a room without the usual problems. BTW that Ciaran Laval article about convex hull is a great piece of info everyone should know, good on you for posting it on your blog and provide a link in your signature. Seriously Convex Hull!! It really brought fresh air to my 512m parcel.
  14. I indeed thought they were generic, thank you. The opening question was an easy way to get people to post here ; ) So, ''maybe'' would be your answer, great!
  15. Maybe i should have asked: Would you live in a virtual world that was basicly a city( not having it to be SL) keeping the private sims as they are now? Peggy: The base of my argument is that someone always wants LL to do something that they personally want LL to do.......regardless or whether or not it's feasible, doable, popular or profitable. Just do it for me and to hell with everyone else and to hell with your bottomline. Especially when what they are advocating can already be done to some extent by themselves.......they doint want that, they want done by someone else for them. Its seems u got some issues with this type of people, who wouldnt, I just think im not one of them. peace out!
  16. Thanks everyone for the replies. When i thought about this idea i never said it would be feasable, popular or any other adjective that could go with it. it was just an idea, a thought, something i thought i could post to make people think and post their thinking beyond what should i wear or what should i do if he f"·%ed me and then disappeared. Its neither something I particulary want or i want to impose to the rest, I know there are people who like to push things on others, so u might have been confused, but having those thoughts about me, asuming Im lazy (well, I am lazy, got that one right), intolerant, selfish, without knowing me its just laughable, and rather hostile. But you know, everyone has a way to express themselves. At the moment i like sl as it is, it could obiously improve, but im happy, im happy with my house in my 512, its on a lovely hill side, i was lucky with the spot i found, so this was nothing I was comanding LL to do, maybe i had to explain my self better. I had also good reasons esposed explaining why it couldnt be done technically with sl as is (my favourites) So, nothing I expect to become true in a near future, but could happend. Some people like the idea, some dont.
  17. What would happen if the mainland model had to be at some point discarted by LL? Could they change it into something like a big city? That would work for me at least. I would change my little 512 plot in the middle of nowhere for one near a big city (malls, clubs etc) or for even a for a flat in a tall building. Private sims just the same ,being what their owner wants.
  18. A bit late, this could have been my halloween costume.
  19. A bit late, this could have been my halloween costume.
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