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Secondlife performance at all time two year low , Sailors leaving Secondlife,,,,,

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Not sure who you were aiming at. I'll respond regardless.

My experience of region crossings lately is that they have improved. That is only *my* experience - one out of many - of it and does not mean I believe don, Wildcat, you, or others who does not have the same experience are wrong about what you say. Clearly, for you guys, sim crossings have not improved. I'm not implying in any way that the difference between your and my experience has anything to do with there being something wrong with your computers, connection to the net or whatever; I don't know what the cause is. If don had written his post two months ago, I assure you, my response would have completely different to what I've said above. 

Boats, cars, trains, horses, bicycles and driving/racing/riding these are a big part of SL, and smooth region crossings are huge for the enjoyment of these activities. I have no idea why crossings work for some but not for others. I do, however, look at this from a positive standpoint and chose to respond with that in mind. I have seen what I believe are improvements, not just in the area in question, but also in others, that make me feel positive about SL in the time ahead. Whether this is right or wrong remains to be seen.

If this makes me an apologist, so be it. In my opinion, SL is not quite what it could be, but is on its way.

- Luc -

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VS:  I understand your philosophy: dont just rant but diagnose.   However its hard to do that there are so many variables.  To be clear, it is happening far too often these days that a race has to be abandoned because over half the boats crash.   Im pretty sure that involves several differnt hardware and software configurations.   Part of the problem though is that we lack data - perhpas LL has it when they get crash logs?

My subjective impression for sailing is that 90% of sim corssings are good, porbably smootehre than they used to be - rubber banding is happening less; but still some submariing etc.

The problem is the 10% ... to complete a race successfully requrie zero crashes - bottom line is that the chances of successfully completing a 45 minute race seem to be a lot less than they were last year.

Yesterday I was running races in Blake.  1st Lap:  0 / 7 boats survived (a 35 miinute course approx).  2 boats rerezzed and completed.   2nd Lap:  4 / 4 boats survived but quite a few rough crossings in my case at least.

I really have to question if the "policy" of perpetual roll-outs and continual bug fixes is wise.   Two obvious concerns spring to mind:

- a HUGE burden on testing, the amount of resource required to thoroughly test each release every week, repeating the same old test proceduires week after week

- havng a chequerboard grid of different sim versions cant help.   seems these days those annoying orange "diffeent sim version" pop ups are popping up all the time

SURELY and ares like Blake, or Big Sea, or significant prtions of private estates shold be on the same server version?



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I normally do not log in at this time i have, but i thought i would comment..

I do not have any land or build in SL at the present, maybe mesh might change that as you can use blender,

Yes, even I have seen a lot of people in RL scale back a lot of their investment in SL, maybe due to to finances in the the real world, maybe they are unhappy about something in SL..I hardly see any moving avatars in SL anymore if i log in..(moving avatars meaning walking around, not just posing or dancing) and yes there are very few new one name avatars around really, i just think they are existing customers trying out the new one name avies..

Grid performance, well, tricky area for me as i do not know much about it...but what i have seen .

I use the currrent SL viewer on a pentium D, thats a little like riding a dinosaur.. but mostly, lag is minimal, in fact its mostly client side (me), and i had a sim crossing the other day and i didnt really notice it, as much as i used to anyway..

But i have to say that actual customer participation in the enjoyment of the grid itself seem to be heading downwards, in my opinion, which is a complaint of the thread maker here, but that could be just a case of "im over it", or RL is taking a lot of my time".. I could not guage a response to that..

I will not say anything about mesh till i try it out. i havent yet..


Edit.. I fixed a typo.


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Void Singer wrote:

@Thread: woo hoo, I'm and apologist AND a shill today, because I'm not having the same (vague) probelms as the OP.... woo hoo.... never mind my track record of calling foul when LL blows it, or pointing out their past mistakes... ::rolls eyes::


think for just a second... if one person is having problems and another isn't, where is the problem? a little application of scientific method, some critical thinking skills, or even good old fashioned common sense should give you the answer....

there's something different between the two users.... could be their tools (everything from hardware to the vehicles they're testing against), could be their environment (everything from region server and load to net connection). I'm not telling anyone I have no problems with it to brag or pat the lindens on the back, I'm stating it because it's different. differnt is good because it helps narrow the field to find what the source of the other persons problem is.... maybe it's a specific product, maybe it's overloaded avatar or region, maybe it's two different server versions that aren't playing nice. dunno... probably shouldn't care, since it doesn't affect me... but I try anyway, so do a great many others here.

figuring out the difference, isolating and correcting the problem is what it's about, so that the person having trouble, doesn't; and we all get to be happy and enjoy things.

being nasty and trying to lowball people for saying thing that you don't want to hear but is nevertheless true, is just going to get you written off as another whiny person with a victim complex... you might feel better about try to take out your frustration on others, but I guarantee you that you'll get much better
by being polite and thorough.

this is not official LL support, no one here is paid to put up with BS, and if you misdirect your anger at them, you'll quickly find less and less people willing to listen.

I'm so glad you said that, because the number of times I've got attacked for trying to help by saying 'I don't have that problem and my setup is xyz' is getting tedious! It almost makes me want to stop trying to help and I'm certain it has already stopped others.

If someone says they don't have the same problem that is being reported, everyone who does have the problem would do well to try and examine why they don't have the problem. As you say - if one person has a problem and another doesn't, there clearly has to be a reason and that reason has to be some difference between the two users. Identify that differnce and (hopefully!) problem solved.

That's what these forums should be about. Helping one another to identify solutions by collaboration, not bitching and moaning at one another simply becuase we don't like the others opinion!

(With apologies for bitching and moaning slightly! As you were! :smileytongue:)

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My thoughts are the same for any sporting event. Teams or players should be matched by their pc's system specifications. A few Residents have posted snapshots of readings from their Inworld Statics Bar. I would post mine but doing so would only create envy. :smileyvery-happy:

Graphic settings, boating close to shore, nearby Residents, nosey Residents clicking on your craft, a zillion and one underwater plants are primary reasons for poor performance.

Linden Memorial Park has event space but I cannot think of any Event there. I understand one could just tell Residents to meet there but if the Party hosting the event needs access to basic land abilities there aren't any options.

The same problem would make hosting a boating event unmanageable.

SL has the resources, creating a permission to sell passes to a group only or other land reservations for use of Linden Owned land with auto-reset is technical roadbump. If it were up to me I would give the Residents a 9 region Events boat course and create a reservation process permitting temporary exclusive use.

The folks at the Lab need to watch the commercial which starts by showing two men playing tennis and then several other players start playing on the same court and then hundreds of players all try to play on the same court. They should also watch Field of Dreams.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3831 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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