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  1. One big question, which Ill try to get Simon to answer is ... what is the relative impact of the new code for each case of a border crossing Old > New New > Old New > New Right now Id say its all looking pretty good so maybe the better question is when will this to to Main Channel. Also, is there any expected benefit to agent detaching and other sorts of collateral damage? (ie Im not sure if thats just a possible comsquence of a slow crossing or if it can occur for other reasons.
  2. Im confused. ("What else is new, I hear you ask). I think my first question should be, as Ive been a bit out of touch, is - how can I tell if a region is RC or Main channel. I dont see it on the window nav bar and The server_channel argument to llGetEnv seems to return "Second Life Sever" everywhere. Alternatively is ther ea list of which sims are in each channel? As I understand it - RC channel should have 556847 and main channel should have 556255, The reason Im looking into it is that I had thought that 556847 was only on beta grid and it had some sim crossing improvement code. But Im actually seeing 556847 on a lot of main grid sims ( Blake Sea etc ). Yesterday I observed dramatically improved sim crossings compared to the previous few weeks. Looks like the improvements made it to RC channel.
  3. As of last night Blake Sea was looking good. Will be sailing some more there in a little while. Will keep an eye out. Thanks for the feed back, its appreciated.
  4. Cattewater, Kendra still blocked (from the S) at 12:05 SLT
  5. We have filed tickets, with this response "We have escalated the regions with the trouble you have noticed and hope they will resolve the issue soon. Is there anything else that Support could help with today, as we are not able to alter anything in development?" i wasnt aware that the updates to the main grid are "in development" LOL my basic question is - how is this update going? does not seem like "This update has a couple of cloud configuration changes; these may improve some of the performance metrics, but otherwise should not be anything user visible"
  6. Has the maintenance ended? Quite a few sims in Blake arte not opertaional (Jones Locker, Beaufort to name but two ) you can TP in but not sail in. Also, any issues elsewhere?
  7. Does this mean that the beta grid will be more stable than the production grid? Im thinking from the perspective of yacht racing that requires large regions (like Blake Sea) of contiguous sims online for an hour or so without interruption.
  8. This forum has , I think, maybe Im wrong, had a confirmation of no deploy for either of the channels.
  9. No deploy plans posted. Also nothing on grid status page. (Its Terrible Tuesday!)
  10. And we seem to have restarfts going on in Blake again today. Does anybody know what is going on?
  11. The 10 day thing is normally Tuesday I believe. I am still not clear what maintenance was scheduled for today. I do have an explanation for what was happening in Blake this afternoon (EDT) ... we had requested that a couple of down sims in Blake be restarted (at about 11:30 SLT or thereabouts. I gather that the CSR noticed a number of sims had not been restarted for 10 days and decided to do unscheduled restarts on all of them two, thus causing us to abandon our racing. However this has nothing to do with whatever was started at 9 am SLT.
  12. Colour me confuse https://gyazo.com/2c45b8df42c4a11b5dde560a841c90c8 Which is it? And sims are restarting all over the place
  13. Nice to see (1) "it didnt hurt al all" and (2) it completed on time. Last several weeks its often been quite late which has impacted our races. I have this funny feeling LL is gradually getting its act together, no idea why LOL.
  14. Is the SLS release happening today? Nothing on the grid status page.
  15. The improved performance seems to be persisting. I'm measuring the "freeze time" at the border (as opposed to the agent detach / attach time), and that is regularly under 0.4 seconds now, usually under 0.2, versus 4 - 7 seconds before (on a Trudeau 12m yacht - 92 LI, 992KB script memory plus 400KB for HUDS). The other thing that seems to have changed is that when the agent fails to re-attach, I'm finding that I can TP back on to the boat with about 90% success rate (cam is a little messed up and you're stuck in mouselook mode, but the boat is responsive to gestures etc) - previously the success rate of getting back on was < 20% for me. The bottom line is that we now have a very much higher % of boats finishing a race, and many more without falling off.
  16. Umm wasnt 2020-07-31T15:02:15.545966 released Aug 4?
  17. Not sure if this is the place but .... Since last Tuesday / Wednesday there has been a dramatic improvement* in region border crossing performance in Agni (yes Agni, not Aditi). Im not aware of any server code upgrade this week, just the "backend maintenance". So what's changed? And why have I not seen other comments on this? * The frozen time at the border is now almost zero in my Trudeau 12m yacht (not the lightest boat) whereas it 5 - 7 seconds before. A quick test over a dozen sims with a time says its under 0.2 seconds; extensive racing over the last few days my subjective (i wouldn't race with a fine grained timer running) observation is almost all crossings are now sub second.
  18. So here's an odd thing. While this "yay cloud go cloud" euphoria is building here, back in boring old Agni, Blake Sea has been performing since Tuesday afternoon ... wait for it ... amazingly well. Yes, that's right - AMAZINGLY WELL. Subjective observations of region border crossing freeze times in a Trudeau 12m yacht (NOT the slickest border crosser by a mile) are about a second (versus 5 - 7 seconds previously). Chance of completing a race has gone way up to around 90%. I havent fallen off in the last six races (3 on Shields, always reliable, and 3 on 12m). Im not at all sure what's changed - supposedly Tuesday there was no server update, just "backend maintenance" (whatever that is; and which by the way caused total chaos during Tuesday morning, the asset server seemed to be running on molasses, very long times to logout and even longer to log back). Can someone clarify what code versions are running on Aditi vs Agni?
  19. It was under past incidents. I don't normally look there for info about whats going on currently. I think that was technically the correct place, as they had posted that the maintenance was "finished". The "" are due to the fact that Blake Sea was a mess yesterday; we had to abandon racing as I said. My guess is that it was asset server not simulator issues. Anyway ... Maybe they need 'recently completed and not yet fully checked out' section or something nearer the top. More realistically, I guess I know I have to look there as well as the in progress maintenance.
  20. Blake Sea (Agni) is a mess. And I think other sims too. It looks to me like no server updates today. The usual Main Channel restarts for 'stale' sims. There was a hidden reference to "backend maintenance" this morning that supposedly ended at 10:30 SLT. There appear to be restarts going on now - very late - AGAIN!!! SL is the only major online system I know of that basically is scheduled to be fully operational for only 5 / 7 days (Tuesdays and Wednesdays are shot), minus any unscheduled down time. It really is pretty pathetic. We had to abandon racing. It looks to me like maybe asset server issues. Objects super ultra slow to rezz (and then a bunch all rezz together in a hurry), when on board the boat scripts etc respond quickly, also comms between objects in the sim all operating well. Problems at sim borders, crossing, or TP into sim. Another symptom is if you logout, it takes a long time for the logout to complete, and then after that a significant delay before you can log back in. Maybe someone can interpret all this?
  21. Speaking of 'telemetry' ... Ive always wondered how much resource goes into making those huge log files. ... Seems to me the priority right now is identifying actual bugs, and lets leave the performance evaluation until this goes to production. (Unless they want to create a non-cloud Aditi ...)
  22. Good work, and interesting. Is there a hypothesis as to the reason? Has this been repeated yet, or is it just a one off?
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