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Part Three of Gishammie at Hammifari

Gishammie's see's the kitty and wants to pet it. The kitty doesn't seem very pleased, and would instead like to make Gishammie a snack. Gishammie however, is a fearless warrior and will conquer this kitty!!


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After a hard day of doing nuffin', a hammie has to sleep! Varihammy is taking a nap, and Miss Hammie is looking non too pleased about it!

Admiring the view, so nubbeh like that... 

Bela feels like Varihammy needs a new home. Anyone up for taking him in? Payment to be made to Miss Hammie in carrots only!

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Part Nine of Gishammie at Hammifari

Finally, a little rest and relaxation for Gishammie's tiny feet. A fresh donut and a days adventure behind her. Hope you enjoyed it as much as she did!


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Oh mah gah!! I almost died of cuteness here!! Its an amazing collection you did Gis!!

Here my contribution.... lol The first time VareHammie felt asleep on ma roof! I think was the lil kitten's fault... too cozy! So I let him a blanket and a pillow cause we don want him to get a cold, right?! (and Miss Hammie has a lil knife so we should treat him right! *runs)




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