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getting product in my store


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Sound clips in SL can only be 10 seconds long.  To create a "song", these short clips have to be put into an object, and played sequentially using a script.

Whether you're selling short audio clips, or objects capable of playing longer sounds, you can read here about how to sell your creations:


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4 minutes ago, bonehart said:

yeah i already made it into 10 second sound files

So, next you need to write a LSL script to allow the separate sound clips to play one after the other, seamlessly, so that they make a complete song.  Then you'll need to decide how to package your songs and then set the proper permissions on them.

Follow all instructions in the Knowledge Base article that Lindal recommended.  They will tell you how to create a store, prepare items for sale, upload them, and finally set them ready for sale.

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Did you read this part of the article?

Creating a new listing

Video Tutorial: Creating a New Listing

Follow these steps to create a listing for a new product on the Second Life Marketplace:

  1. Open the Marketplace Listings window in the Second Life Viewer by choosing Me > Marketplace listings from the top menu bar.
  2. Open your Inventory window by choosing Me > Inventory from the top menu bar.
  3. Drag your product from the Inventory window to the section of the Marketplace Listings window labeled Drop folders here to create new listings. It now appears under the Unassociated tab.
  4. Under the All or Unassociated tabs, right-click the listing folder containing your product and choose Create listing.  The folder is moved to the Unlisted tab and now displays a listing number.
  5. Under the All or Unlisted tabs, the single version folder Inv_VersionFolderClosed.png inside the listing folder is automatically made active.
  6. Right-click the listing folder or version folder and choose Edit listing to fill out the required listing fields on the Marketplace website.  If you try to list your product before filling out the required listing fields, you will receive an error message explaining which fields still require input.  Click the Update button to save your listing.
  7. On the All or Unlisted tab of the Marketplace Listings window, right-click the listing folder and choose List to list your product on the Second Life Marketplace.  You may list or unlist items from the Marketplace website as well.
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Hi Bonehart,

The very first item you list on the Marketplace has to be "drag and dropped" to the Marketplace Listings UI window. 

1. Open the Marketplace Listings UI Window (Me - Marketplace Listings)

2. Open your main SL Inventory window (Cntrl + I)

3. Locate the item you wish to send to/list on the Marketplace, click on it, and while holding down your mouse button, drag it to the Marketplace Listings window

Once you have done that with the first item, you can then right click on any other items in your inventory and the Send or Copy to Marketplace options will open up on the menu. 


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