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wanted land for amusement park


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  hi  i am an amusement park designer
  and i would just like to say that when i first came to sl my dream was to have an amusement park that i could shier with everyone here in sl.
 and i went a long time before i had that dream come true.
 but eventually it happened...
   in fact the first ride i ever got was a dark ride called The Spookhouse by Atom Burma  and  that was at a bar that was known asTHE GLASS DANCE HOUSE i was djing at. no park with it,
but that is where it really all started. and then  later on down the line as i got more rides.  eventually as i said the dream became to be a virtual reality.
  like i always wanted.
  i could'nt  then and still Cannot aford to buy or rent land to this day
  for a park
  so over the Years i would meet up with people that wanted a park on there land to attract people to their club or store or what ever,
 but it always would eventually fall through.
  i would get the park built on their land and the longest it would last is about a week.

 then the land would get sold without anyone telling me or like the one time a whole group i was apart of got land and said i could put a park there.
 then all of the sudden after about a week or so.
  i was building a new ride one day next thing i know i am out of a park.
cause the people that were paying stopped without letting me know.
over the years i have had about maybe 5 parks all fell through like that.
and dynasty's kingdom is the first park that has ever lasted.
 it went  on for about 13 ,14 years some where in there .
 it started  june 12 ,2014. and the land held 182331 prims
 and  land size was 53104 m2

and i just lost it this year 2020 about  this passed february.

and how dynasty's kingdom got started is i put an ad in sl saying
 i don't have money to get land to start another park .
but i would like to build a park on someones land that needs one.
well this real estate owner contacted me saying she wanted me to build my park on her land.
and all i would have to do is advertises  for her real estate company..
at the park on a billboard or something
 i agreed
 and that was the deal.
and that is how dynasty's kingdom happened.
and it was great.
and i told her my stories of trying to get a park going but it always falling thru eventually.

and she said that she had been in sl with that land since 2005 and she said that she was not going anywhere.
well i beloved that.
And for many years she did not go anywhere.
and my park never fall on bad times until this year...
i thought the park was in trouble awhile back.
 it turned out i was not going to lose it cause the guy i was talking to
 was talking about getting the land next door that my land lord lea had.
 and he had seen her store there and thought it was mine and said it had to go.
well i misread thought he was talking about the park.
  but we talked and i found that that was not the case.
   then everything was fine. until last the one day in february of this year.  
   all of the sudden i logged in and i get this message that kept popping up
    such and such an object will not rezz cause owner will not allow it
 and i thought ok i guess i must not have the group to the land activated.
so i check and it showed that the group to the land i had it activated had the tag on.  
but i could not rezz anything and i could not fly.
here they were turned off i thought that was strange cause for me they were not supposed to be.
tried to contact my landlord by message  and note twice
still never heard from her.
 tried to contact her partner about it heard nothing
  tried everyone in her group hoping someone maybe could help me or at least contact her.

i only heard from one person from her group and they said that they did not know her.
then  i checked the land to see if she still had it.
well her name was not on the land anymore
 her group that i was in  was still around .
 but it was not on the land anymore.
 and in owner of land it says guy linden instead of Leia Lulu
  now here is the thing about Guy Linden
   here is what the profile said...

(Hello!  I work primarily with the Linden Mainland, abandoned land and auctions.  If you have an issue with land, please detail the concern specifically in a support case.) and that is what it said
 just to give you all an idea where he is coming from.
 now this guy as you see deals in abandoned land and he is a linden.
which means the land that my park sat on at the time was abandoned.
and the only way that could be is if lea up and left it without telling me. witch means the lindens are gonna want to take the land back

He or should i say THEY  were the same ones i talked to earlier on like i mentioned. anyway it meant that my park was doomed..
 but the weird thing is even though i could not fly or build. all the rides and everything i put there at dynasty's kingdom was still here at the time.
Cause no one returned anything to me.
which i was glad  at the time.
But i find it strange.
 i didn't know what was going on..
  i  was scared for the park. but i thought that it was just a matter of time before things start getting returned.
and that did of course eventually happen.
At the time  i did not know when it would happen..
but i thought  it would at some point happen.
 i put a lot of time and effort into that park.
 and i even in more recent years started bringing rides from rl that were gone.. back to life there at that park
 like some of the bill Tracy rides like the wacky shack.
 and the journey to the center of the earth and
 the coal mine /gold mine that was at dorney park in rl.
 and i had plans for more of those,
  i put a lot of time and effort into this park.
  At the time i  could not do anything  except invite you all to the park and watch over it and that is pretty much it.
cant do much when you cannot rezz things or fly.
 if a ride malfunctioned i could not fix it.
That park  brought more traffic to her land witch means it  drove the value of her property up.
and it could do the same for you too.
if you are interested in taking my park in.
i had someone interested in doing this. after i lost the land.
but then for some reason they changed their mind. they owned a resort.

anyway thank you for your time in reading this.
  and  so if you or someone you know or if you could help me let me know
   I'd appreciate it
   . if you can find someone who wants a park on their land to draw a crowd to their place for whatever reason i can advertise for you what ever agreement you want to make,
 someone out there let me
  know what you can do please
  i hve links to videos down below so you can see what it looked like.
  if you find the prim allowance is more then you can give lets talk about it we can work something out.
i am will to work with anyone on this matter.
it is negotiable..
you can message me here

  this is links to video's of what Dynasty's Kingdom looked like when it was in world.










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34 minutes ago, DYNASTY Clip said:

  hi  i am an amusement park designer

and i just lost it this year 2020 about  this passed february.

you seem not to get land of bigger sizes are expensive, and you always want it for free ... adding just a load of landimpact, and however it looks nice in the eyes of older players, younger people would expect the show to be more up to date, it's now more of a time machine back to 2006 ....

we get this exact same story past yearS.. ..just some examples below



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Lillith looks like we have an amusement park hater in the room.

Lillith it belongs in sl not prim heaven did you even see those video's of what it looked like? i don't think she did otherwise she would not of said that. besides i had some one interested in it last time  just in the end with her taking care of her grandmother and all the work she dose at the resort she felt she did not have time for it. they were going to buy another sim for it the resort owners that wanted to do this with me. but then they could not afford it. that was the only reason they initially were interested. pulse as you read someone did once have my park on their land. that was lea and they had it there for several years so don't tell me to give it up i am not giving up anything i will keep on keeping on weather you or anyone else like it or not. i don't care if you hate amusement parks. ok . that is your problem not mine. unlike you there are people that want a park on their land. and let me tell you alwin they are getting something too they are getting a park on their land that they are co owner of and any profits i make from it i will shier with them. so no one is getting anything for free in this deal not even me. so get you facts straight why is it that these people like these 2 always think that just cause they don't like parks or cause they are not interested at all that then they think the rest of the world thinks like them and you do. if you 2 are not interested in it then no one else will be. well sorry to burst your little bubbles but that is not how it is you 2.so take your criticism some were else.  and let some people that are actually interested worry about it. i had to re post  cause 1. the park has no home right now. and i did not have enough details in the other post. so my advice to you is if you cannot say anything nice then do not say nothing at all.



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and by the way also if it is like the case with lea i advertised for her. and that was for her benefit not mine so i was giving her pay in away by doing that. she had a store next door to the park customers were coming and shopping at her stores cause my park drew them there. so everyone gets paid. everyone gets something so yea its a fair deal pluse co owner of the park and sheared profits  if i make any and that would be l's so no it aint totally free

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Format your stuff properly or I'm not reading it.

a) Nobody cares for your former partner, never has nor never will.

b) For a business, you appear way too emotional attached to your stuff, hence why you don't get that your stuff doesn't get the same ... obsession.. that you feel for it. 

"Hater"... 😆. Yeah, whatever. There is so much pretty and lovlely stuff inworld, I don't want to waste my time with hideous, flat, eyeblinding blingtard stuff as shown in those old videos.

The Whack Shack does look somewhat better, though. Still not good enough to justify that anyone should grant you almost a sim full of prims for free.

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well good then you don't have to ride the dark ride at this years slb just cause you can't create a cool park dose not mean have to be jealous . i am sure you eventually will find something in sl that you good at so don't worry you don't have to get all jealous at others just cause they can do something you can't. lilith thinks she know whats best for everyone in sl. her type is always like this then when they don't get there way the cry sour grapes. and that is what this is lillith and these people always seem to think they know what everyone in the world is thinking and feeling. and every time they say no one cares they get proven wrong every time 1  if that was so then i never would of ever had a park in sl in the first place cause no one would care so no one would be interested and there for i would of not had the parks in the past that i did. but 2. if no one cared then my wacky shack would not of been at the slb last year, with people riding it. 4 if no one cared i would not of had a park on lea's land running for about 7 years. and if no one cared i would not even have people inquiring about it. like the resort owners. so oh yea your right again lillith no one cares lmao are you related to Donald trump at all lillith cause you are about as intelligent as he is. lol.

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3 minutes ago, DYNASTY Clip said:

i figured you would say something like that someone with your type of intelligence would.

Lillith also known as Mr. archie buncker . she is also The meat head dead from the neck up. lol


Archie Bunker (played by Carroll O'Connor) and his son-in-law referred to as "meat head" (played by Rob Reiner) were two completely different characters in the Norman Lear classic sitcom. So....I am very confused by your post.

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by the way meat head i thought you were not gonna read my posts anymore cause i did not format it properly  we got mrs. prim and proper here. lmao?  your so predictable but then people like you always are.don't mind lillith love she is just jealous of intelligent people cause she wishes she was intelligent. keep wishing you were intelligent lillith may one day it will happen. but i doubt it. see lillith kind is so dumb that they can't learn she never will. lol


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8 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

Archie Bunker (played by Carroll O'Connor) and his son-in-law referred to as "meat head" (played by Rob Reiner) were two completely different characters in the Norman Lear classic sitcom. So....I am very confused by your post.

that is right love  lillith is so dumb that she is both archie and the meat head. but in reality the character  Michael stivic was not really a meat head. but lillith is a real meat head the true meat head. and her intelligence or lack there of.   lol


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7 hours ago, DYNASTY Clip said:

i had  a wacky shack at the second life birthday bash last year  last year there is the picture and when i am at the SLB 17 this year come on by my exhibit don't want to give too much away but it is an even bigger and better dark then last year.


I love dark rides! Do you create them yourself?

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