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Bellisseria Slenderman Sightings

Slenderman Bellisserian

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7 hours ago, SlashTE said:

That moment at your Rezday party when not only Bellisseria Slenderman shows up... but Bellisseria Slendergirl does too

Have a very NICE and very EVIL Rez day Honey!


Bellisseria Slenderman & Slendergirl @ Honey's Rezday_001.png

Oh oh, first comes love, then comes marriage then comes baby Slenders in a baby carriage.

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  • 3 weeks later...

This was the only photo of me I could see at the Belli Blue's Anniversary Party.  So I would love to say thank you.  I was hoping to get a photo of Slenderman and me somehow together.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Thank you. - Heather Starlight 

It was a lovely party though and I had a grand time dancing and listening to all the DJ's and Live Music they had at the Fairgrounds! ❤️

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