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Bellisseria Slenderman Sightings

Slenderman Bellisserian

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I would like to take a moment to "step out of character" for a moment which I so rarely ever do.

I have enjoyed being a part of Bellisseria and adding to the flavor of it a bit with the character of Bellisseria Slenderman.  I will enjoy continuing to do so.  We are in difficult times in the world.  Covid, in some places, political uncertainties, other people simply worry about keeping their jobs and providing for their families.

Second Life should be a place where we all can come together to escape this a bit.  I know I do!

I am asking that we keep this thread that is dedicated 100% to fun for the people of Bellisseria kind and friendly.... I love you all... and I love Bellisseria and all that it has become both our successes and at times our failures too.

Thankyou to everyone in Bellisseria.

Kindness matters!



Bellisseria Slenderman 


Bellisseria Slenderman is for Everyone_001.png

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On 11/15/2020 at 12:01 PM, SlashTE said:

High Noon...

Bellisseria Slenderman vs Evil Cat

Slenderman chooses weapon of choice... Extremely Long Boring Silence


Bellisseria Slenderman High Noon_001.png

Adorable photo! It makes me want to give both hugs because of the apparent fierces they are both attempting to convey! I wonder who had the biggest fierce. So cute! I mean...so frightening!  🤗

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