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image size of profile picture


best pixel size for profile picture

[ sorry, sure this is out there - just couldn't find it]

Ty Rolig. Looks like 300 x 300 is what I need to make my image.

(Other than that, amazing page you linked to ...)

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See http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Limits

  • Search > Classifieds thumbnail - ~3:2 (101×69 pixels)
  • Search > Classifieds expanded - ~4:3 (159×120 pixels)
  • Search > Classifieds expanded > More Info - native aspect ratio
  • Search > Destination Guide thumbnail - ~3:2 (101×69 pixels)
  • Search > Destination Guide expanded - ~4:3 (159×120 pixels)
  • Search > People - 1:1 (100×100 pixels)
  • Search > Places expanded ~4:3 (159×120 pixels)
  • Place Profile - ~3:2 (290×197 pixels)
  • About Land > Options tab - ~4:3 (195×150 pixels)
  • Profile > Picture - native aspect ratio; thumbnail cropped to 72×72 pixels; zoomed uncropped up to 300×300 pixels
  • Profile > Real world picture - native aspect ratio; thumbnail cropped to 45×45 pixels; zoomed uncropped up to 300×300 pixels
  • Profile > Picks thumbnail - 4:3 (60×45 pixels)
  • Profile > Pick expanded - 4:3 (320×240 pixels)
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Hello Rolig! :)

What does "native aspect ratio" mean? 

I'm in the habit of making my profile pictures with aspect ratio 4:3, and and as large as I can within those constraints (1024x768).  Apparently this is not correct?

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It's a bit obscure (but probably not to people who live in graphics world).  The limits page that I referenced above says

Aspect ratios of profile, place, etc. pictures — all of these were measured at UI size (Edit menu > Preferences > General tab > UI Size) = 1.000:

which implies to me that the "native" aspect ratio is the ratio that customarily appears on your own monitor and it also what your viewer presents as long as you haven't messed with UI size.  In other words, the "native" aspect ratio is the aspect ratio that anyone ought to see on their own monitor unless they have monkeyed with it by stretching the image.

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@sandi Mexicola,

This can get really confusing.

The sizes that Rolig quotes from the Limits section of the Wiki apply to the profile as shown in the standard SL viewer.  That looks like this:


Notice that both the thumbnail picture and the expanded picture have a square (1:1) aspect ratio.

On the other hand, in the Firestorm viewer, we see the old-style profile:


This image uses the standard 35mm snapshot aspect ratio of 4:3.

Fortunately, as you can see, you can use different images for your profile in the different viewers.

Now, let's discuss how to get a GOOD image.

Second Life always likes images that have dimensions that are powers of 2.  Therefore, textures that you upload should have heights and widths that are 64, 128, 256, 512, or 1024 pixels.  Other dimensions can be used, but SL interpolates them (poorly) and they can wind up looking blurred.

So, when creating images, I would use an aspect ratio of 4:3, but leave enough room on the sides that if cropped to 1:1 you won't lose anything important.

FOR FIRESTORM:  After you have done all the other editing you want to your image, RESIZE it to 512x512.  This will make it look squished in the horizontal direction, but that is OK, it will be corrected later.

Upload the image, cursing at the $L10 upload fee.

Now, in Firestorm, drag and drop the image into your profile.  It will automatically be stretched back to a 4:3 aspect ratio and will look correct.

FOR THE STANDARD VIEWER:  Open a new image file, sized at 512x512 pixels.  Copy your edited image and paste it into the new canvas.  Use Edit/Transform/Scale to fit the image into the canvas as desired.  Save as a PNG file.

Upload the image, cursing even louder.

Open your profile, click the Gear icon, choose Profile picture, then choose the image you uploaded.


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