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Landing point is situated in a garden in the middle of the building.
Yo can see several entrances to the shop.

The shop is huge, very spacious, partially upper floors.
But everything is very neatly organized. The individual sections can be entered through transparent photos - simply go through.
Bright, friendly, modern the equipment.

Offered are a huge selection. Clothes, accessories, skins and even a men's department is there.

For lovers of great shops.

Here is taxi:


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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

Umi Usagi

You will land in the middle of a colorful sea of ​​flowers.

Directly in front of you is the actual main store, on the right a seperate shop specifically for kimonos.

Inside, everything is quite modern design in grey and black. Even the nice rabbit decoration.
The goods are presented clearly and attractively.

You will find clothes and accessories in a beautiful selection, as well as special offers for a "doll-like" appearance. In a separate shop, as already mentioned elaborate kimonos.

Something different from the offerings here, so watch is worth :-)

Here the taxi:


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We visit today a very modern shop, designed by the Japanese "SL-architect" Setsuna Infinity.
A large bright self-supporting hall, set in a modern and airy scene.

The avant-garde design continues inside, everything is harmonious and coherent.

The shop is divided into two parts, the right for women, men left.
Be offered clothes and accessories in an attractive quality.

Men and women are allowed to visit Gabriel :-)

Here the taxi:


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A very small but exclusive Mainstore.
Very modern, very cool, very elegant.
Everything is decorated in white, generous.
The shop is decorated sparingly, but catching product photos.

Offered are very few but carefully selected items.
It just has style. Even as Lady in SL.
And even some really attractive offers for men in between.

All who are looking for elegant and extraordinary items, are right here.

Here the taxi:


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You will land right in front of the big shop.
A modern, cubic building and inside throughout with hardwood floors in light gray.
Everything is clearly and cleanly designed.

Very sparingly decorated, very little furniture and plants, but even a car in the gallery.

The shop consists of three parts: In the middle we find skins, hair in the left building and in the right building clothes.

All offered items are very nicely done, definitely worth a look.

Here the taxi:


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You will land directly between a black elephant and a bird house on chicken legs.
Parts of the shop are housed inside - the elephant you have to enter through his backside :-)

The actual shop entrance is hidden between the rocks to reach via a spiral staircase - or alternatively by TP on the signs
The design is very original and skuril. Made really imaginative.

Exceptional items are also offered, clothes, hair, accessories and all sorts else. Women and men are served.

Who else wants to see something out of the ordinary has to go to Schadenfreude.

Here the taxi:


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2Lag Market

You will land on a narrow footbridge in bright red, around all is gray and you have to go through the single pitch-dark entrance.

Shortly thereafter, you will stay in probably the smallest shop in SL.
Very unpretentious, very minimal, and yet somehow classy.

Be offered a pair of shoes and some jewelry.
The range images change automatically, then stop a little and make the room appear to you.

Not to mention the sofa in the corner to recover from an exhausting shopping :-)

Men and women are allowed to visit this puristic shop.

Here the taxi:


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Sweet Hairs
Long Hair Styles

A large airy skybox, modern and well organized.
You walk through the wide range of very beautiful product photos.
Little decoration, store design adopts the principle of "The Product is the Hero."
And there it is consistently implemented - but not bad.

Offered are really beautiful long hairstyles that you can test not only on normal posestands, yout can even try out the  move of the hair on specially installed dancepads.

These hairs can be really dangerous for your money :-)

Lets go to Sweet Hairs.

Here is the cab:


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(red) Mint
and (red)Queen and ROOTS

You will land in the small courtyard garden, surounded by the shops. A careful look at the ceiling is another upside-down garden.

One half of the shop is jet black with red or green grass on the ceiling, the other half is bright white with pastel colors. Partly you are swarmed by free-flying butterflies.

Everything is very decorative, like all the offered items.

And it is really offered a lot: hairs, skins, makeup, clothes, accessories, shoes and more. Sometimes a quite large offer even for men.

Another temptation to squander Lindens :-)

Here the taxi:


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Landing point is in front of the shop entrance.
A big gray concrete building, made in industrial style.
Inside it's very bright, generous and expansive.
Beautifully decorated, but sparingly. Nice product photos.

Of course, clothes, what else.
Available here is mesh, mesh and mesh again.

Some of the mesh clothes are quite clearly presented on shop manneqiuns.
The offered mesh clothes are made not bad, beautiful textures and realistic folds.
As a result, this mesh clothes look nearly realistic, better than the usual "rubber hoses".

But it's not really cheap, so of course demos from all items are available.

All of you who are looking for a fairly wide range of mesh clothes can find here something.

Here the taxi:


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A small mainstore in a modern building.
Inside it is not very large, only a few rooms, but very tastefully and harmoniously furnished and decorated.

A variety of options waiting for you. First, of course, watches, as it was promised by the store name, along with some really nice mesh clothes and also a few furnitures are not missing.

Again a very versatile designer :-)

So if you need a clock and maybe to have the matching jacket - go ahead.

Here the taxi:


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And just again another small mainshop of an also very versatile designer.
Landing point is in front of the shop, through the large sliding door you have immediately a complete overview
The building is modern and streamlined, inside very nicely done and decorated.

Again, a small but miscellaneous offer of furniture, but also very attractive shoes, belts, accessories and more.

For all who likes to forage for something,  NC is the right adress.

Here the taxi:


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Landing point is on the doorstep of a very avant-garde building.
Very spacious interior, all in black/white with red accents.

Very decorative made​​, the half-open drawers and large photos.
There are 2 floors to be explored.

Be offered clothes, shoes and accessories.
All items are quite original, not cheap but not really expensive.

Azoury is well worth a visit.

Here the taxi:


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You will land in the open air in front of this truly exceptional shop.
Old concrete structures, with broken irregular bands of light  and covered with climbing plants.

This shop does not follow the mainstream.

Very original and really made ​​coherent.
And everything under the open sky.

Be offered clothes. Above all, dresses, dresses, dresses.
And all are made really nice and ​​attractive.
Designed with meticulous attention to detail.

 Unfortunately, it is not really cheap, but definitely worth the price.

Anyone looking for high quality can find something here.

Here the taxi:


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Petite Avatar Kingdom

You will land right in front of the entrance of the shop.
An installation made ​​for elves, who feel comfortable here :-)

Crumbling walls, no roof, lots of green.

Please carefully go through the grass, the small fellow you can overlook just very quickly, and sometimes it is full of them.

Really funny.

Offered are everything you will need to live as Petite

Who wants to mutate into a trendy Petite must necessarily visit Petite Avatar Kingdom.

Here the taxi:


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europa - trading post of dre

An absolute "must have seen".

A very strange shop, a real nightmare.
You feel like inside an alien skeleton and so it looks like.
Very imaginatively done, very consistent throughout the installation.

Sometimes difficult to recognize at the landing point some teleporters which you can use to get to other areas of the bizarre shops. I have no idea how I managed to get anywhere, just try around.

In one area you will find a clearly explanation how to construct such structures with Maya.
As we see here was a real 3D Professional at work.

Be offered all sorts of creatures, extraterrestrial and imaginative. Whether you can use something - no idea.

But you have to see this design absolutely :-)

Here the taxi:


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Spirit Store

Landing point is directly in front of a teleporter to the shops of the Spirit Group.
All are worth seeing, I will limit myself here to the mainstore Spirit Store, located directly opposite.

Inside it is designed like an old factory building, very nice atmosphere. And really spread out, there is still an upper floor.

Offerings are quite distinctive creations, including the mandatory mesh corner is not missing.

Who loves this atmosphere should look at that.

Here the taxi:


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You will land in a dense forest, green hell everywhere.

Two ways are possible: first, to the ruin, a dilapidated house in the middle of the very nice designed nature. A funny animated couch is hidden there. Or equal to the mainshop also tucked away.

A small modern cubic building which can be accessed via stepping stones laying in the water.
You also can still make a small break on the lawn chairs and watch all sorts of animated creatures.

The shop itself is quite small, even the offer. Belts and some accessories.
To my mind, these are the most expensive belts in SL :-)

Nature and shopping, a good mix.

Here the taxi:


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Dura Hair Shop

Not quite up to date is the landing point in a wintry place between the two parts of the store.

But done well atmospherically. For some of us winter just takes longer.

The two parts are made in modern shop design, almost all in black and dark wood.

Offered are of course hair, some hairstyles are really worth seeing and chic.
And above all, men are not too short, also a pretty nice offer.

Women and men, let's go to the Dura Hair Shop :-)

Here the taxi:


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Landing point is in front of the shop with the big awning.

The shop is really very beautiful crafted, even before you enter the shop you can make a little break on the arranged garden chairs.
Also inside it is very detailed designed, plenty of seats with nice animations invite you to stay.

Offered are quite independent clothes - from the corner of my eye I have even seen some for men.
And of course Meshes and they seem to be no templates.
A small department with nice hair styles is also available.

Who wants to see a beautiful shop must visit Amerie.

Here the taxi:


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You will land in the middle of a bizarre world of toys.
And you see much in motion, gears, animals and quite a few other objects.

The whole ambience continues inside.

There are offered on several levels all sorts of useful and useless, animals, plants, toys, furniture and very bizarre objects.
On the top floor, there's a library, an espresso bar with a view over the shop and a shopping gallery.
The whole system is beautifully designed and in tune, really funny.

D-Lab is right for the child in the avatar :-)

Here the taxi:


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Landing point is in front of the shop.
Bleak urban design, both inside and outside.
Something twisty and the shop goes over 2 floors.
Very nicely decorated.

Clothes and accessories are offered and of course, not missing the mesh corner.

Who wants to see again Urban Design, here is the right place.

Here the taxi:


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Landing point as so often in front of the shop.
A small, bright shop, made ​​funny and brave.
The shop owner apparently loves cats :-)

There are three small rooms on the ground floor and then the upper floor you have to inspect.
Clothes and accessories are offered in a very distinctive design.

Who loves small individual shops should look at Gato.

Here the taxi:


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Caverna Obscura

You will land directly in front of a huge hollow tree in which the shop is.
Also inside very playful, rustic and much fantasy.

Many plants have grown up through the store.
There are several floors, but some are empty. Nevertheless, by TP to the top floor, the "Roof Garden", which is fabulously beautiful and there's also freebies.

On the first floor are beautiful Minikins even as a freebie.

And of course, a meshcorner.

Offered is fantasy, elves and other Imaginative.
All items are beautifully done.
You can also climb up the tree on the outside, if that's too boring by TP.

A trip into the fantasy world complacent?

Here the taxi:


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