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After landing you will stand again in shallow water.Seems to be a new trend in SL, I think over to flood my shop too :-)

A very impressive atmosphere is offered, all slightly surreal.Made very loving, very detailed and very consistent.
Offered are completely independent and idiosyncratic creations, really worth seeing.Through semi-transparent curtains you get to the skins.The store has several floors.

The small superior Mall is worth a short visit.
Who wants to take a look at unusual, let's get down!

Here the taxi:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Outlaw%20Island/177/35/21


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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

Tree & Ocean

An adventurous construction in and around a tree. Very twisty.Made very creative. Beautifully decorated.
Offered are independent creations, clothing, jewelry, shoes and what else can use the avatar :-)

It takes some time to explore all and scour every corner.And there's really something to see in this witty design.

Let's start the week in Tree & Ocean!

Here the taxi:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Herman%20Melville/170/62/59


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A relatively small shop, made very atmospheric.Again, something for furniture builder or furniture buyer, garden designers.

In the flat building some beautiful furniture and prefabs are offered.Outdoor plants and a large Rezzarea.Quick as a flash the selected buildings appear and you can commit them.

Small but beautiful, this is post :-)

Here the taxi::http://slurl.com/secondlife/Orpheum/141/65/1203


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A large stylish wooden building.Interior very spacious, sparingly decorated but skillfully.
You will find here clothes, poses, shoes and hair.

fri.day is situated on a beautifully landscaped island, a beautiful house and another big shop there can be visited.

Everyday you can visit fri.day :-)

Here the taxi:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Friday/163/129/30


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Phoenix Rising

A great shop, all done in black and white.Quite nicely decorated and designed.

What you don't expect from a cheap merchant - because here all the items cost only 25 L $!And the offer is huge, the items are really good.

Finally a store which protects your wallet:-)

Discount today, let's go to Phoenix Rising.

Here the taxi:



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Love Soul

A relatively large shop, tasteful, modern, lots of wood ambience.Very sparingly decorated, but consistent.

Offered are really nice prim nails and some other items.
The remaining shops on the sim are definitely worth seeing.

Who needs finger nails again will find it at Love Soul :-)

Here the taxi:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Love%20Soul/216/73/26


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A really big mainstore. Modern design. Great ambience.
At first glance, somewhat confusing, very twisty and many rooms.
Also an upper floor is available.

Offered are very attractive and beautiful clothes, made really great.
The name Vogue bound up :-)

A visit can be dangerous - be careful with your credit card!

Here the taxi:


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The Abyss

The end time pure. Surrounded by a ruined field you land on a platform and now you have the choice to visit the north tower or the south tower.
One of the towers houses the shop, the other the archive.

The atmosphere is gloomy, the whole ambience absolutely full of atmosphere.

Skins are available and some complete avatars.

A look at the apocalypse, as it provides only SL :-)

Here the taxi:


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Today we visit an entire city, not a single shop.
Kwoloon, one of my favorite places, great design and really made perfect.

You land on a small platform in front of the big gate.
On the right you see just a small flea market with some nice freebies.
No idea how long it stands, maybe it's an event.

The large gate just click and it opens - Kowloon can be entered.

You are now in the main street, lots of neon, small shops and bars.
Kwoloon is very twisty, many passages, alleys, steps and always hidden small shops.
You really need some time to explore the whole city, because you can get lost very quickly.

Have fun in Kowloon :-)

Here the taxi:


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My Precious by Agnes Finney

You will land in front of the shop and have to go a little way to the entrance.
A large, bright and friendly shop awaits you.
Everything is well lit and decorated sparingly. Very spacious.
Also a first floor is available.

Offered are independent and high quality items for the SL-lady.
Unfortunately, nothing for bargain hunters.

A visit to Agnes Finney maybe makes you a bit poorer :-)

Here the taxi:


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A straightforward smaller building, the shop has only one floor and arranged on both sides showrooms.
Back in the hallway to the right and left a small room with Occasions.
On the left side of some very high-quality clothing and accessories can be found, right side skins.

Initial mesh clothes can be found here too :-)

The photos are really well done.
All very nicely designed and decorated.

Those who like to browse in boutiques have to visit Mons :-)

Here's the cab:


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Completely built and decorated in Japanese style.
Not very big, clear. Designed very consistent in shades of brown and decorated with really nice photos.

Be offered chic Prim nails, jewelry and some excellent accessories.

If you are looking for out of the ordinary you will will find decorative things here :-)

Here the taxi:


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A really good shop for furniture and complete sim-design.
The shop itself is not very large, economically and clearly established.

But in fact the whole Sim a huge shop.
There are sales signs everywhere and instructions.

Beautiful scenery and attractive parts of buildings and their furnishings.
Even a freebie hall is here.
There is for example a nice log cabin or as a complete kit for L $ 0.

It requires a bit of time to discovery the whole sim.

Who loves a nice sim design have to see :-)

Here the taxi:


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You will land in the famous Mont Saint Michel, in a small alley.
Just outside this little shop Edelweiss.
But inside is the TP which you use directly to the main shop, in a skybox.
A large, sparsely furnished concrete hall, quite contrary to the lovingly landscaped Sim Mont Saint Michel.
The escalators at the landing point of the hall leading to nowhere :-)

The shop is designed to be very clear, high quality items available for the SL-lady.

Mont Saint Michel and Edelweiss are worth a visit.

Here the taxi:


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Ragdoll's cut

A small beautifully-made building.
Perfectly decorated and arranged.
The shop is actually very small, only a few rooms and a loft.
Beautiful made too is the terrace overlooking the sea.

Offered are small, sweet creatures to carry around, some seating and skins.
All designet very nice.

Dare a peek at the doll's:-)

Here the taxi:


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Awesome Blossom

A lovingly crafted and highly detailed buildings in a beautiful parkland.
Inside it is also very nicely furnished and decorated, there are furniture, prefabs and some useful and fun avatar accessories.
And all this is spread over two floors. Up on the roof you have a good overview of the park

In the park there is a small flea market.

A nice shop in a beautiful landscape awaits visitors :-)

Here the taxi:


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LAQ - Body Shop

A huge shop where you can find everything you need - specially skins :-)
Monumental, brightly tasteful and very spacious.
It is often very crowded there.

Very nice skins are offered here, also shapes and make-ups.
Some other stuff can be found here.

Who again was purely looking for a new skin look here :-)

Here the taxi:


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