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Landing point is just outside the entrance.
Clearly developed a modern building in a plain gray.

Also inside very spacious and clean designed, decorated very sparingly.
Clear typography.
In several areas, the items are offered clearly, also there is an outlet.

Offered are clothings, some shoes and accessories.

If you like clean and clearly articulated shops you have to look here.

Here the taxi:


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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o


The entire sim is a single shop.
A very beautiful and detailed environments was realized here to present all the items realistic.

There is everything that belongs to the beautiful living in SL.

And it takes some time to explore the offer.

A nice shop for beautiful things :-)

Here the taxi:


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About Time

Landing point is in front of a small log cabin in a beautiful setting.
The shop inside is very small but right beautifully done.

The offer is clear and original.

It is interesting that you can visit at the teleport station further 6 stores, which are all worth seeing - even as small as About Time.

Shopping and travel starts at About Time.

Here the taxi:


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(red) Mint

You land on an empty space in the middle between the buildings of the really large mainstore.
Everything is completely decorated in white with bright red accents.
Very modern, the whole ambience.

In the vast area  hair, skins and much more presented in a very unusual way.

Skillfully made (red) Mint has to be seen.

Here the taxi:


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Holli Pocket

You will land in the store, everything is designed very bright, lots of pink.
A touch of the 50's mixed with a bit Barbie.
At the outer ends of the shops water spills on the floor and you can even enjoy the beach atmosphere indoors.
Very nicely and detailed decorated.

Offered are original clothes and accessories.

Holli Pocket is worth a look.

Here the taxi:


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In the New Year let's start with a small shop.

You will land in a very tiny space of the small skybox.
Really nice and beautiful, all decorated very colorful.

Now you can walk to the main room or going up the stairs.
Everywhere you find the funny made items.

Tattoos are available that are very original and some accessories.

Ready for a trip to the Flaunt skybox?

Here the taxi:


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Ugly Duck

You will land in a very small skybox, but it is designed very generous.
Bright, friendly and very economical decorated.
In a few areas, the really high-quality items are presented.

There are skins, beautifully made, individually designed and executed very appealing.
Just handmade.

In addition, there's a few more accessories.

Who is looking for a new skin "not off the shelf", may find something here.

Here the taxi:


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KS Industries

You will land on a catwalk in front of a hungry crocodile.

A gloomy atmosphere, bars and piles sticking up out of the swamp.
Let's go quickly ustairs towards shop.

The shop itself is in an elevated wooden hut and has 2 floors.
Different kinds of items are offered here, even avatars: American opossum.

Probably something for specialists, but they will find something here.

Here the taxi:


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Distorted Dreams

Landing point is on a bridge right in front of the huge dark building, where the shop is.
A giant hand holding a beating heart crowns the entrance.

Also very dark inside, but really big. You can get lost easily.
Very lush decorated and designed to be very abundant.
Sometimes really bizarre.

An old run-down theater is modeled there.

The items are to be found everywhere, even behind the stage.
And also on the theater upstair seatings.
Really lovely and made detailed, very imaginative.

Need theater?

Here the taxi:


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You will land in front of the shop, which is designed very distinguished, elegant and exclusive.
On several levels here especially jewelry is presented.
Made really nice.
The parts look very precious and are in fact not quite cheap.

A section for men is also available.
There are too some other items, even a few skins.

New "brillis" needed?

Here the taxi:


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And again, a shop in a skybox. A relatively large, bright building in modern design.
Inside you have to explore 2 floors, all decorated pretty nice.

And here we can find hair, super avant-garde styled hairstyles and absolutely wearable hairstyles.
Made very carefully and skillfully.

Upstairs is an outlet and a few clothes.

Hairstyles you can never have enough :-)

Here the taxi:


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The Warehouse

You will land right in the middle -  in the midst of boxes, racks, shelves.
The Warehouse is perfectly designed as a cash & carry market.
Many rooms, some still divided by curtains.
You can quickly lose your bearings.
Everywhere boxes, stands and racks. Well done.
According to their own advertising it is Second Life's largest shop with over 5000 articles.
And all for only 100 L $.

You can find here really everything, from makeup, skins to clothes and shoes.

And with a bit of search you are guaranteed to find something.

Caution, apparently, it is sometimes very crowded.

Here the taxi:


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Lost Angel Industries

Landing point is a small room.
Here you can try a dancebox, very colorful and flashy.
We continue through a narrow corridor.
In the next room either use the TP station or simply follow the arrow on the floor through the wall.

The rooms are decorated very sparingly, partly modern and partly in themed ambience.
Very extensive and very confusing, you can quickly get lost.
You often have to just go through the walls.

What you find here? Super made poses for all sorts of occasions.

Who needs movement must stop by here.

Here the taxi:


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Cat's Dirt Project

Landing point is in a small anteroom.
Very stuffed, many freebies are seen.

Well designed and detailed.
Also, the following main room is full of items.

We go on upstairs.
Here, first a single parent lobby with a fun photo booth then into the main room.

A rundown authentic style boxing school with all the trimmings.
Boxing ring, pool table, stage for musicians, vending machines and more.
Even a back room.

Beautifully designed.
Prefabs are offered and all sorts of odds and ends and of course the boxing ring.

Anyone who is looking for something special ist right here.

Here the taxi:


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Dead Dollz

You will land right before a small dark church.
Here the shop is located.

The shop is still very small, manageable range.
But there are a few really attractive mesh offers.
And you can test your skilfullness on a sewing machine.
Really nice design.

Who is not affected by the short shopping trip at full capacity, can test his artistry in the within sight standing circus tent or his skill at the shooting range.

Here the taxi:


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Dirty Garage & Harmony Mainstore

Today we visit a car and motorcycle shop.
You will land in front of it.
A concrete structure like a bunker.

Inside are presented very clearly the vehicles.
You can choose between detailed motorcycles or automobiles.
And even here there is an original Zeppelin available.

Some clothes for men are available.

For the fans of hot tires just right.

Here the taxi:


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Digital Eyes

You will land right in the shop, surrounded by gray concrete walls.
Sparingly decorated, very minimalist.
You immediately have the entire shop in sight, I mean, it's not really big.

The range is small, but the store is actually quite appealing.

Another short trip complacent?

Here the taxi:


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DD's elegant

Directly in front of the shop is the landing point.
A modern low rise building.
Inside are only 2 rooms but they are really beautiful and lovingly decorated.

This shop seems to be specialized in Heelboots, overknee and others in all colors.

Not very big but well worth seeing.

Here the taxi:


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Landing point is in front of the relatively large shop.

Interior very nicely done, all in bright pastel colors.
Several fairly spacious rooms..
And sparingly decorated.

Offered are well-crafted poses for singles and for couples.
And special poses that are quite funny.
You absolutely must try.
Btw: Some unusuall freebies can be found there.

Who wants new poses must go there.

Here the taxi:


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