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After the small cozy shops a large one:

Delirium Style

You will land on a platform in front of the store.
Inside sparingly decorated, the items dominate the picture.
Very spacious, almost only by flying to explore.
But very uniform and consistent in design.

Just opposite, you're flying. or who has the time just running through the remarkable garden, passing the club (Simcrossing) again an identical shop, almost the mirror image.

Offered are high-quality clothes and accessories for both women and finally, also for men.

Do not let the two delirium Shops miss :-)

Here the taxi:


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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

Men take note:


Today a shop for men only!
(Despite the fact that at the top floor - it's clear - even some female skins will be presented)

Naturally elegant ambiance, dark masculine, broad.
Large, decorative images of the items.
Sparingly decorated. Realistic skins and clothes are available.
For real men just want to be alone :-)

Who wants to take on a new skin, let's get out.

Here the taxi:


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Again one of the shops who know how with the most economical means to distribute flair.
Very clear and clean design.
Hair, jewelry, and poses will be offered.

But actually, the shop is only as an example to other shops on this beautifully crafted sim.
You can take advance a short climb up the ladder to the roof garden of Syd!, to gain a general overview.
Lots of greenery, beautiful gardens and attractive buildings invite you to stroll. Just follow the road to walk and pay attention to some hidden inputs. More put up nice stores will be explored.

I can say is it really worth to spend some time.

Therefore, your tour will start in SyDS!  :-)

Here the taxi:


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A trip to India. To the saris and elephants.
You will land in the middle of the two-part shops that offer in the Indian side folklore and the west side normal stuff. The elephant is on the Indian side :-)

Very nice design, nice decorated and presented. The whole building and the surrounding garden.

Have fun in India :-)

Here the taxi:


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Tokyo Girl

A relatively large long-range shop.
You will land in a court and it's now your choice to explore first the skins, shapes, and hair or browse across the street in the clothes.
Please visit in both shops the upper floor.

Very modern packaged, very professional. Perfectly decorated, the ambience is coherent.
The cloth shop even has a  "red light department" on the upper floor  :-)
All items offered are of excellent quality.

Who has time and inclination can still visit the rest, well made Sim.

Tokyo Girl is waiting for you.

Here the taxi:


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In between a very small shop, which nobody will find normally.
But lovely, the building, the garden, just the whole ambience.
Offered only a handful of items, hair and clothes.
Nothing for for hardcore shoppers :-)
Just walk around and enjoy the entire course with the beautiful house, roof garden, garden and animals.
Across the garden, there is still the Toxxic studio presence.

Not all at once or it will be overcrowded :-)

Here the taxi:


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A relatively small shop, cleaned, but not really outstanding.
Why do I present it?
It's simple: Here's cakes, chocolates, sweets are given. Guaranteed low in calories. Tons. And all super nice.

Simply delicious. :-)

Matching the right table decorations and tableware. Really expertly designed and detailed.

In addition, other accessories, shoes and clothes also offered.
On the first floor even hair and skins. Very unique style.

Who likes to nibble - let's get out.

Here the taxi:


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You will land in a secluded wild valley, use the subway entrance to the underworld.
At the bottom, it goes right through into the underground shop. The left is the underground station Soup.

The store is beautifully made, stylish decorative elements are used. The atmosphere of an underground station is perfectly captured. The first performances will be presented nicely.
fashion, accessories and a small second shop with hair.

Continuing along the corridor, past the stairs, you arrive in the daylight range of the shop.
And if you goes up the stairs you will land in the middle of a beautifully designed Sim
A short tour is recommended.

Who wants to shorten the waiting time on the subway with shopping is right here :-)

Here the taxi:


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Interior Architecture & Second Addiction

An entire landscape as a shop.
A perfect swamp with scattered buildings, beautifully created and detailed. The individual buildings are connected by an intricate system of wooden walkways. But you can also run through the water without fear or use the offered TP.

The style of the building is impressive, classic and modern wooden houses, the interior items are displayed and sold.
The installed vendors are very small, hard to see.
And to top it installed anywhere, even on the wooden bars.
Offered are plants, furniture, home accessories, etc.
So take time to walk around and enjoy the ambience while discovering many new things.

For builders and people who like to rest in a nice place :-)

Here the taxi:


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Again a very spacious shop, bright and cheerfully decorated.
The whole atmosphere is very professional and well staged.

Dessous and lingerie are offered.
Very high quality and really nice clothes.
Additional to that shoes and accessories.

On the first floor a large department with skins, in the open area the Insolence Meeting Center and across an interesting club.
Here you can relax after shopping on the terrace.

Underwear and lingerie - the choice is really tempting :-)

Here the taxi:


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Deviant Girl

Rarely seen so something independent - that's why I love SL :-)

Finally a very elaborate designs.
Perfectly done, set-designed and carefully staged.
A bizarre installation of prehistoric skeletons, lots of water and a very idiosyncratic individual buildings.
The clothes offered are very unusual.

Who has time can fly to the mountain to visit the chapel and then on to the second shop there: Chocolate Atelier.
Another great design and remarkable.

Colorful and bold, really a different way :-)

Here the taxi:


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Because hair and hair styles always come good:


At first glance, a strange design stage, to be allowed to work.
Large, round, striking.
A touch of 50s, but with a modern twist.

The items are clearly laid out, the shop has several levels.

Offered are absolutely high-quality hair - you really can get weak.
In addition, a small supply of nails.

Whom Truth has not yet passed, Lala Moon outshines it now :-)

Here the taxi:


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Motor Loon Custom Cycles

A huge shop, a spacious hall, all bikes will be presented effectively.
Right in the shop a Dekoarrangement with hot rods, which are offered in a branch.

You can test drive the bikes in the hall.

A nicely designed retail area, some of the bikes are even available as a model.
And then there's the really huge workshop, designed in great detail.

Clean designed by my namesake Loon  :-)

Bike lovers are here in good hands.

Here the taxi:


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Surf Shop 6

Here blows the spirit of the Beach Boys - California Dreaming, Surfing USA.
Very stylish made surf shop. A perfectly arranged hodgepodge of decorative elements.
Even a jeep and a Coast Guard aircraft were integrated.
You feels out of place right in front if you is not wearing a bikini (or shorts).
And naturally tanned skin :-)

A wide range of surfboards and accessories.

The entire island is beautifully done, stalls, beach, places to chill and even real surf waves

Let's go to the surfer paradise.

Here the taxi:


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Discord Designs

You will land in the middle of an ensemble of low-rise buildings can select one of the four inputs. But it doesen't matter, a walk around inside will lead to all items.
Clear, clean design, decorated sparingly.

Offered are hair for him and her, some eyes, and above all beards, beards, beards :-)

Anyone who is interested can explore the rest of the island, a beautiful wild garden is waiting.

Here the taxi:


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Neko Factory

Truly a crazy installation.
The different levels of the shop are each housed in a kind of halved egg.
Very bizarre, very brave and headstrong.
The function of some installations reveals itself not immediately to me.

Also the TP system is a bit strange, but you will need it to access the various levels.

Offered are quite a few items, Neko, weapons, accessories, eyes and whatever it shall be.

In Hocico shopping is truly an adventure :-)

Here the taxi:


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German Gestures

What ever are German gestures, I have no idea, but the shop is nicely done.
Not very large, relatively clear.
In typical urban design, some beasts at the entrance.

The decorated chairs are encouraged and invited to test.
You just sit German - whether other nationalities sit differently? :-)

An interesting installation presents dances, a wide range of animated attachments is also available. On the first floor there are some clothes, skins, and shapes.

Worth seeing, not only the German gestures :-)

Here the taxi:


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JD Mechanical Toy Factory

An idiosyncratic shop, really skuril.
In one building is the main shop, in the second building more decorations.
In between, a sort of open terrain. Be careful not to jump over the railing, you can not fly here!

A mixture of nostalgia and Steampunk, Jules Verne had his fun with the equipment :-)

Very nicely done, interresting and clean.

There are all kinds of vehicles, machinery, toys, avatar accessories, buildings, etc.
Very versatile. Very high quality.
There is a special vehicle shop in Forgotten City, the LM you will get in the main shop.

A visit to the Mechanical Toy Factory is announced.

Here the taxi:


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Again, a truly huge main shop.
Cool, modern concrete architecture. Some parts are very dark, some very bright.
Perfectly done, inside and out. Very skillfully and sparingly decorated, the goods are presented generous.
The buildings are arranged around a courtyard.
It takes some time to explore everything.

There are clothes, accessories, shoes, hair and skins. Skins even for men.
Everything makes a very classy look.

Strain on your wallet and visit LeLutka :-)

Here the taxi:


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A very opinionated and independent shop.
A bold design. Everything is light, outshone, only when you enter the building, the effect is gone and it looks normal.
Futuristic fantasy is realized.
With catwalks you can reach the various stations.

Offered are only a few items, skins, lingerie, clothes.

Who has no worried about his eyes - Annerose is worth a look :-)

Here the taxi:


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Little Heaven

You will land on a street, everything is dark, simply urban style.
A box of freebies and a device for camping are hiding here.

On one side a building with the Little Heaven bar, with games, well designed and above all, everywhere nice animations. It's really funny to try all.

On the other hand, an inconspicuous entrance to the Little Heaven Shop. You immediately have to open a door, then you come to a signpost.
There are sections of hair and clothes and skins on the first floor. Everywhere must be passed through doors, sometimes winding staircases. At first floor even a chapel is hidden.
Everywhere in the shop nice animations are built in, just try :-)

The whole shop is designed and decorated very consistent.
The items offered are quite high.

Little Heaven is really worth seeing :-)

Here the taxi:


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Small, stylish, idiosyncratic - that is Go.
Oversized books are part of the institution, serve as a stairway.
Many angles and corners, the books are simply a beautiful decoration.

Upstairs everything for the baby.

Offered are very high quality clothes and some other stuff.
Unique here: You can buy the complete outfit or just parts of it.

Go to Go.

Here the taxi:


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Build your own Paradise - a suitable motto.

Here is everything you need for a tasteful design inworld:
Furniture, lamps, accessories, complete wellness oases, animals, fish, landscapes and prefabs.

Very nicely done are the replicas of classic modern furniture.

Everything is presented very stylish and it is fun to browse here.
You may need some time - and bathing suits to try out the various pools :-)

Also impressive is the animated presentation of beach and waves in small display cabinets.

Dare a peek at 2extreme.

Here's the cab:


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