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Y & S
Your Skin - Your Shape

A tropical island, a white building where you will land.
Much birdsong :-)
Also inside very bright and friendly. A bar invites you to linger.

The shop is clean and decorated nicely.

Of course offerings are skins and also shoes, jewelry and accessories.

Perfect for a shopping spree.

Here the taxi:

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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

AD Creations Doll House

Who wants to experience the world even as Lilliputians must go there.
Everything is oversized, the furniture, the stair, the whole house.
You feel like a mouse.

The building has several rooms and the floors can be reached by giant steps.
The items are scattered everywhere. Upstairs you can try gimmicks, eg the washing machine or refrigerator. Made funny.
The whole building is decorated in style and nice.

Beware of the pitfalls on the ground floor.

Offered are almost everything, clothes, accessories, and much more. Gothic style, steampunk and very unusual things, even furniture.

Mouse feeling complacent? Then you have to go :-)

Here the taxi:

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A small but atmospheric mainshop.

Dark colors accentuate the elegant design.
Very economical but skillfully decorated, very nice product photos.

Offered are really elegant clothes, lovingly done.
You see, Cecilia Blachere makes a good job with her designs and things are not really expensive :-)

It is the perfect shop for the elegant SL Lady.

Here the taxi:


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Infinity Insanity Moments

Colorful, sharp, oblique.
You will land right on the rotating gramophone plate.
Orientation is futile, you have to get close to see all the parts of the store.
Pure chaos.
Everything around is unexpected. Even Elvis and Marilyn :-)
A remarkable performance, well worth seeing.

What exactly is offered you have to explore yourself, just courage.
Courage for chaos the shop designer proved.

Very very unusual, but really well done, so must-see.

Here the taxi:


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You will land in the open, but you will be yet in the shop.
A narrow strip of land surrounded by a high concrete wall, that's the shop.
Very minimalist. Not very large. But an unusual shop for hair.

Currently seems to be "in", at least it was packed when I was there.

Who needs a new hairstyle again can take a look here.

Here the taxi:


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You wil land directly behind the entrance inside the atmospheric shop.
It is a bit dark here, rather something hazy, almost eerie.
Very nice playing with the rays of light that brings real atmosphere.

The shop is not very big, and the offer is clear, but it is presented with beautiful product photos.

Be offered clothes and much ore stuff, well worth seeing.

You must have seen the darkness :-)

Here the taxi:

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Landing point is right in the shop behind the entrance.
Now you will need some time time, the beautiful chaos must act first.

Many things are in motion, some cute bunnies scamper around.
And at first glance lots of items.

A great Teleport Terminal for your orientation is placed near by..
Or whoever the shop may rapidly be explored by a rollercoaster.
Really funny, you should try. At the sign select just a cart and click start.

You will be followed by mechanical eyes  everywhere strange machines standing around.

A huge range, Steampunk and more, clothes and accessories, and, and, and...

Again a very watchable shop.

Here the taxi:

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Ezura Xue

You will land in a large square which is surrounded by neoclassical monumental buildings.
Very impressive.
Different inputs lead to different sections of the truly vast stores.
Also inside very generous but moody and skillfully designed.

The items are presented in very nice product photos.

Offered are really well-made clothes, Alternative, Steampunk, Gothic and Fantasy.
The designer Ezura Xue is really very versatile :-)
Some of the offered items are very bold, exclusive, imaginative, just super.

Who has the time to explore a big shop has to go here.

Here the taxi:


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You will land in front of the shop which is not to be overlooked.
Consistently designed in red tones.
Not badly done.
And very very large.

For that reason in the foyer some Segways are available which should improve the shopping.
I have left my Segway after three turns and proceeded on foot :-)

Very sexy here, in the truest sense of the word.

Not just because of the red color, all items here are really sexy.

And everything is just excellent designed.

For all who are looking for a really sexy outfit will find it here for sure.

Here the taxi:


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Landing point is almost in the void, in space.
We arrived at the Reek Galaxy.

If you rhen turn around you see the big green and funny asteroid with the entrance.
Best is to zoom out a bit so you can see everything.
Really original, really unusual.

Then you walk to the entrance, just courage, somehow it works though there is no ground under your feet.

Inside everything is brightly decorated and very economical, colourful lines rising to the first floor.

Offered is nearly all what you really don't need but wish to have.
There are in addition to normal some funny items, the range is very wide.

Oll, who are looking for nice and superflous things should fly here.

Here the taxi:


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Indyra Originals

You will land in the middle of a square which is surrounded with beautiful shops.
We now turn to the main entrance of Indyra Originals and enter the classic building.

The interior design is very elegant, refined and stylish. The shop is quite large, the items are presented with well-made product pictures.

Offered are well-designed clothes and more - be careful, it's not really cheap :-)

The other smaller shops are worth a look.

All who likes elegant shopping are right here.

Here the taxi:


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Aris Aris

You will land on the great square of the mall in front of the shop.
A large windowless building.

The interioris  nicely decorated, fine Art Nouveau lamps hanging around.
Something playful and rustic but very skillfully and harmoniously.

The shop has two floors and a fairly wide range.
Even a men's department is to find here.

Worth seeing :-)

Here the taxi:


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You will land in the middle between the various buildings of the mainstore.
All very spacious and modern.

Outdoor black and white, but mostly white inside.
Very bright and cheerful. It takes some time to check all the buildings.

All items are presented in very attractive product photos.
Varied and well worth seeing.

Incidentally, there is also a section for men.

Aoharu is waiting for you :-)

Here the taxi:


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Art Dummy

Landing point is in a beautifully landscaped garden plot in front of the house.
You necessarily have to try the high-seat, which is standing near by.

With great attention to detail here are furniture and accessories offered.
All designed very minimalist, but skillfully and completely furnished.

There are some rooms on the ground floor, one upstairs and one garden gazebo you have to visit.

Who looks for nice interior must stop by here.

Here the Taxi:


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This store I had once imagined, it was somewhere in the underground - I think.
But now they built a new mainstore.

I am always thrilled when I see what so many shop owners realized.
SL's creative bandwidth truly unbeatable.
And this is really worth seeing.

You will land just before the shop in a newspaper arrangement of buildings - yes, everything here is made out of newspaper :-)
Everything in style in black / white, only the shop entrances stand out in color.
Soup for each department has its own shop entrance.

Interior offered the original and autonomous items clearly.
With very beautiful product photos and very properly decorated.

The whole shop is just an original and bold presentation.

Completely outside of the mainstream, Soup has to be seen.

Here the taxi:

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L'Atelier Sad's Jewels

Landing point is on the edge of ready fora stage production.
You are standing on some logs in the middle of water.

About this boardwalk, which is illuminated by candles, you get to the actual store. Large curtains and ruins in the water can be seen.
But do not worry, you can wade through the water.
Very nice and detailed made.

Again a really unusual setup for a shop.

Offered are jewelery and some accessories - but be careful - a little expensive here.

Anyone who wants can use another boardwalk to visit the exhibition of beautiful photos.

Must-see, the stage-presence of Sad's Jewels.

Here the taxi:

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You will land in front of the decent sized shop.
Nice made ambience, some strange sculptures standing around.

Also very dark inside but made quite consistent.

Offered are all sorts of clothes and accessories.
Quite as sexy. And just a little dirty.

Dirtyland is waiting for you.

Here the taxi:

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Cynful Designs

Landing point is in an arbor that is covered with red wine.
And it rains.

rossing a square you can reach the different buildings where the items will be offered.

The complete small place is designed very loving and detailed.

Offered are furniture, food, small items of decoration and lots of other useful things.

Who likes to browse is right here.

Here the taxi:

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You will land in the middle of the huge building.
Very spacious and very spread out, in concrete gray and black.
Very distinguished the whole ambience.

Really nice clothes are offered, which are unfortunately very expensive.
The selection is huge and will be presented on two floors.

Who shuns no cost should visit here.

Here the taxi:

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Sixty Nine Outlet

You will land right in the shop.

Is completely made in white. Pure white, nothing else.
Very minimalist, very reduced.
But it did what.

The building is not very large.
The actual mainstore is apparently still under construction, maybe I tell you later.

Offered are haircuts and something more.

Pure white and hair inviting to look at.

Here the taxi:

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Landing point is in the middle of the transparent cubic buildings.
Very avant-garde, very modern.

There are sections for furniture, eyewear, footwear and men's store.
And much more, but you need to explore yourself.

The shoe department alone is worth seeing.
Unfortunately, it's not really cheap.

And if you look for fun you will find that at the duck race.
Must try :-)

Very modern, very daring, very entertaining - that is Gos.

Here the taxi:


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Twatty Cake

Landing point is in the shop, which also acts a little strange from the outside.
Everything slight angle here, but funny.
Very plush. But quite nicely done, the shop.

Offered are ..... you have to look yourself  :-)
Even DD-cup women get an inferiority complex.

Lovers of huge boob sizes are in good hands here.

Absolutely everyone in SL finds what he seeks.

Here the taxi:

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House of Beningborough

You will land in front of the monumental shop.
Art Nouveau is here the motto.

Also inside it is very huge and decorated with many Art nouveau elements.
Not really badly done.

Offered are quite exceptional clothes, but they are not really cheap.

By that reason nobody should be discouraged  to visit the House of Beningborough.

Here the taxi:


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Landing point is as so often in front of the shop.
A low-rise modern building, not very big.

Interior very spacious, but well decorated with great attention to detail.
Sparingly decorated.
There is a small basement for Limited Edition Products.

Be offered clothes and more.

A quick visit may be worth it :-)

Here the taxi:


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