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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

Xanadu Fashion

At the landing point some American flavor: Red palm trees, snow and xmas- decoration - lol.
The building itself is very modern but pleasing.
Inside the store is decorated very beautifully. Economical, some exotic decoration.
The shop spreads over 2 floors.

Offered are very nice and high quality items.
Medium to high price - respect :-)

A stroll in Xanadu can not hurt.

Here the taxi:

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Heaven 4D

Extremely flashy, everywhere colorful, .
The entire scenario is absolutely skillfully staged.

In the main shop, there are many very high quality crafted items - in short, everything your heart desires to attract attention.
Absolutely unusual.

Heaven 4D is quite large, it takes time to explore everything, but it really pays off.
Be sure to use the TP station to come to the bizarre cloud, the beach and elsewhere.

This is necessary not only an exceptional shop but a complete installation.
Really eye candy :-)

Who is not afraid of colors, flashy and trashy love - let's get down.

Here the taxi:


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Hi Calo

A small hut, a colorful shop.
Very extremely nutritious seating here.
The whole place is very rich in calories, but really nicely done and detailed.
Very funny and witty, the parts are still really cheap, from 10 to about 50 L $.
And the best part is, you will not get fat there :-)

So before the burger sit in your stomach , sit better on him.

Here the taxi:


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Yome Shoujo

You will land in front of the shop, in the middle of a colorful surrealistic garden.
Fishes float through the air, made ​​very imaginative.
The shop interior is colorful and very playful.

On several floors funny outfits are offered.

Really something for your eyes :-)

Here the taxi:



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Crie Style

A modern building, entirely in black and white.
Interior very spacious, well arranged, clearly organized and clean.
Very economical decoration.

The product photos on the walls are worth seeing, really professional and lovingly made​​.

Offered are really chic glasses, even bizarre models.
Something hidden the clothes department with exceptional outfits.

Not only wearer of glasses should see that :-)

Here the taxi:


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Neurolab Inc.

A very large dark building, even to welcome a robot hovers around you.
Everything is designed to match the merchandise, there will be offered Cyber ​​Tec's products.
Currently you can only attend Level 0 and Level 1, Level 2 is "under construction".

I limit myself to level 0, facilities for women and men attend and of course the women's section :-)

In Level 1, there are vehicles and prefabs, you have to explore yourself.

The store is very sparingly decorated, but the flair matches to the items.
Very unusual footwear, clothes and other accessories.
Truly idiosyncratic style.

Who flirts with Robogirl just have to see :-)

Here the taxi:


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You will land at the bottom of a gigantic technical installation.
To enter the shop you have to use the teleport station.
How huge the design of this construction is made, can be seen only by camera shot from the outside.

The shop on level 2 is actually not very big, everything is futuristic / technically styled.
Offered are quite interresting pieces of jewelry.

A trip into the future?

Here the taxi:


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The landing point is in front of the small, intimate country house.
By the way, the only building on the island.

Inside a little nooks and crannies, all items are available.
Very nicely decorated and lovingly.

Offers almost everything: clothes, accessories, shoes and hair.
Overall, really nice quality and original design.

Miel is worth seeing :-)

Here the taxi:


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You will land on a catwalk, in front of old abandoned buildings.
The whole island is made ​​very nice.

Walk over the footbridge to the buildings and goes through the whimsical head directly into the interior.

Old, skuril, plush - so the decoration is here
Left, a shop with some items, 1st floor more offers and some nearly empty dark rooms.

We pass the reception and go to the mainshop.
Change of scenery at it's best.

A technical storage space, something futuristic, a little science fiction.
All offered items are made ​​for RP, quite interresting.

All in all, a surprising installation can be visited there.

Here the taxi:


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You will land in the middle of a colorful space ship or aircraft or whatever it is..
The shop is not huge, but highly imaginative designs.
In the "cockpit" at the front you can try a few buttons and shake yourself.
The fantastic little garden and the first Floor are worth seeing.

Offered are a lot of items: skins, nails, animation, futuristic garden design and much more. Not badly done.

Very colorful and very original, the whole installation.

Who wants to fly with a piece with Sindecade, let's go.

Here the taxi:


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A very spacious ground, a truly huge shop.
Very discreetly designs, all in harmony.
The colors are muted, subtle.

Offered is all you need to live in SL, furniture, home accessories, plants.

All items very high quality. It takes time to explore and try everything.

Who wants to pimp up his home was a strike here.

Here the taxi:


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You will land on a small terrace near the water in front of the shop.
The shop is part of a beautifully landscaped island, facing two clubs and still several buildings are installed.

The shop is simply perfect, everything is full of atmosphere, beautifully decorated.
The ambience is awesome.
Be sure to watch the lift in the middle of the shop, try to get it into the basement, under the water and up to the roof garden. Here you have a complete overview of the beautiful island or can fly a round with the hangglider, which is waiting there for brave peoples.
A similar lift is compared to find in the club buildings as well. Of course all applies here, all very atmospheric and expertly designed.

In the shop you will find motorbikes, bicycles and scooters. For example, the bicycle you can try immediately. In addition, some hairstyles are still available and a interresting freebie corner with technical toys.

Kurenai is absolutely worth seeing, a perfect example of beautifully designed corners in SL :-)

Here the taxi:


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A futuristic and daring installation.

The whole building is in brilliant white, very spacious inside.
There are four wings in which the items are sorted by topic and a small timber cultivation reached on a wobbly bridge - as a contrast.

If you swing the camera you can see the entire building.
Idea and execution are really not bad.

Decorated very nice but sparingly, offered are all kinds of animations

A unique design, you should look at :-)

Here the taxi:


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Crush, Skankaholic

You will land on a dark plaza, dragons stare at you.
There are two shops, on the one hand, Crush, on the other Skankaholic.
Crush is very striking designed, all in white and pink.
Even with bright white interior Skankaholic surprised that you would not expect after landing on the dark square.

Both Shpos are quite spacious and generously designed, nicely decorated but sparingly.
Be offered clothes, accessories and much more.

Who loves contrasts should see this :-)crush-1.jpg

Here the taxi:

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Fallen Gods

You will land on the beach of a beautiful tropical island just in front of an overgrown temple complex.
After a short walk through the sand you are inside.
The entire store is very antique trimmed, columns, marble, dark colors.
Quite generous, the whole system - with free roaming peacock :-)

Offered are skins, tattoos, clothes and much more.
Everything in very mystical look, just fantasy.

Just the thing for elves and Co.

Here the taxi:


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Hybrid Productions

Again a futuristic design, the overall view can only be obtained by panning from the outside.

At the landing point you will be irradiated by a floating robot (or scanned).
Inside technological / futuristic design. The shop is divided into individual sections.
Be careful when entering the shop parts - here you can crash and lands on the ground, where you can return by TP.

There are futuristic fashion, accessories, tattoos and, of course, prefabs.

A trip into the future complacent?

Here the taxi:

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Landing point, as so often, in front of the shop.
The store is completely decorated in dark wood and dark marble, very elegant.
Refreshingly funny, the frugal decoration with balloons.

The shop is divided into two parts, a section for women and a section for men.
Very nice presentation, well made great photos.

Be offered clothes, shoes and skins.
I have presented only the women's department, for men the offer is accordingly.

Anyone looking for a elegant shop, let's visit Aleida :-)

Here the taxi:


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The shop is situated on an island with palm trees and beautifully designed buildings. Anyone who wants to explore everything can do that now.

Toxic is a blend of modernity and "bulky".
By that I mean the scattered seatings :-)

Everything here is nicely decorated, great product photos show the offers, all of them are quite colorful.
Just a happy shop.

Offered are really nice clothes and much more.

Toxic is waiting for you.

Here the taxi:


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A bright modern building set around a small courtyard, you will land right in front of the entrance. Also inside very bright and light, light gray wood, white walls. Nice decorated, large, spacious and very economical.

And at least a very nice and clear product presentation.
Really offered all sorts: clothes, accessories, shoes, skins, AOs, and more. There's even a small men's department there.

All offered items are made carefully and lovingly.

And the best part: Most items cost as little as 10 L $!!
I hope not I was wrong, but I've clicked on the most :-)

A tour that saves your purse - try it.

Here the taxi:


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Finally, once again a shop that falls out of line.
A bizarre colorful installation.

You will land right in front of the store on a dart target and the whole installation can act to you.

The ground floor of the shop you can enter on the left and right. On the left side there is still in a free photo studio with selected background scenes. Not done badly.
Even the staircase to the upper floor can be found on the left.
Inside, too, everything is colorful, flashy design, but very nicely designed and skillfully.

Be offered clothes, accessories and much more. All items are truly independent, and extraordinarily, well-done right here.
It is also relatively inexpensive there :-)

You must have seen 187!

Here the taxi:


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Ink Addict

You will land in a hat? No idea, but it looks funny.

Directly in front of the entire shop, located mostly in the open air.
Made funy and colorful - but all with a touch scary.

Outdoors tattoos are offered, very many for men and women.
Made very complex, mostly full-body tattoos. At the edges are buildings with clothes, eyes, skins and accessories, in part on two floors.

And a nice little garden with swings and trampoline's can also be visited.

Tatoo complacent? Ink Addict is waiting for you.

Here the taxi:


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