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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

Nylon Outfitters

A colorful shop, a touch of Mexican.
Nicely done, everything is harmonious.
Caution in the corner behind the curtain, it goes down - in the basement underwear is presented.
High you get back by a ladder.

There are some funny items offered, including the famous photo station :-)

The rest of the sim is worth seeing, all in the South American colorful design.

Ole '- let's go to Nylon Outfitters.

Here's the taxi:


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A clear building in Industry style.
Very nice decorated lobby with numerous animated seats.
Everything done very carefully.
Subsequently, clearly structured spaces with the various items.

Corins Fashion offers fetish clothes. Patent leather in all colors and shapes.
It is actually a very good value, not expected by the good quality of the items.

A shop worth seeing, not only for Fetish-shopper...

... and a little patent leather can be used in any inventory :-)

Here's the taxi:


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Design and Architecture
Shibari Bondage Art

Today 2 shops in one location - Jessi Silberstein is very versatile as designer.
Guhl Architecture Design, idiosyncratic prefabs, even hair and clothes.
Very nicely decorated, nice ambience. Even the small outdoor area.
The shop is a seamless transition to Silverline.
Here you will find Japanese Rope Bondage Art, very artfully and aesthetically.

Prefabs or Fetish - something for everyone :-)

Caution: Adult Sim!

Here's the taxi:


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Today it is much too hot for serious shopping, so we just do some light shopping.
Let's visit Depoz.
Here you find all about food, fresh vegetables and salads, refreshing drinks, full meals.
All very nicely decorated, stylish and loving.
Partially too much calories :-)

But as an avatar is not so dangerous, you can eat what you want :-)

Here the taxi:


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HF Design

Today, let's go to a zoo (or something similar).

A really well-laid out facility, horticulturally very successful.
Stylishly placed in between several buildings, all in country look
You have to run around a bit to get to know everything, but it's worth it.

Offered are anything which grows, so critters on every corner, in tons :-)
And of course the appropriate accessories.
A specialty store just for breedables!

Who does not have cat allergies or fear of horses is allowed to visit Hexi's shop  :-)

Here's the taxi:


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Not easy to describe the castle in the air of Renn Yifu.
Dark, outstanding, demonic, but with a touch of humor.
Very headstrong and independent Traum presents itself.
Renn is a 3D designer, the shop and item design is professional.

On different levels are offered numerous high-quality fantasy items.
Even a small outdoor area is available.
Very versatile and complex.

For all who likes fantasy may be in good hands here.

Traum makes (nightmare) dreams come true :-)

Here's the taxi:


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JPK Village

A really bizarre store, built around a twisty landscape.
Many leaders want to be climbed, many bars are boldly trod.
You can quickly lose track although the shop is not so great.
Very nicely done and decorated to a remarkable ensemble.

Offered are specially accessoires and some clothes.
Very loving and full of detail made, all absolutely high quality.

Who wants to shop and enjoy an exceptional place is right here.

So how about a trip to JPK Village :-)

Here's the cab:


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So Many Styles

A beautifully made little island with a light pine forest.
Very nicely sculpted. You will land in front of the main building with the forgotten classic car.
Within sight of three other buildings, you have to explore them too.
Tucked away in the pine forest is also a small tent.

The offered items are quite independent, there are clothes, accessories and more. Even furniture can be found in a building. In the main house don't forget the first floor.

Ready for the island? Go ahead :-)

Here's the taxi:


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Kumaki Glasses

A visit to the optician.
In two buildings in dark ambience glasses are offered. Tons.
And some other small items. The range is huge but absolutely high quality.
Even a small outdoor area is available with breedables.
In the first building try the door on the rear wall.
Several times in a row. You will be surprised :-)

Who needs new sunglasses or has bad eyes, come to Kumaki.

Here's the taxi:


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Fishy Strawberry

A medium-sized shop, modern design, clean and clear.
Very nicely decorated, even the locker rooms are great.
Even otherwise, there is plenty to see try out..

Be offered high-quality clothing and accessories, lingerie and even a few skins on the upper floor with hair.
Very wide range.

Who again will strain his credit card has to visit Fishy Strawberry :-)

Here's the taxi:


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Waka and Yuki

A classical building, monumental, very, very impressive.
Nicely done. The shop is spacious and clear.
Everything nicely arranged and decorated. Do not forget to visit the top floor.

Offered are a wide selection of hairstyles, some hats and a few hairstyles for men.
Hair you can never have enough :-)

Who again could be looking for a new hairstyle will find it here.

Here's the taxi:


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Malizz Yiyuan Creation

The German garden gnome is greeting. Colorful, flashy, oblique.
The store has several floors, all floors are an "eye candy"
That is only possible in SL :-)

And the offered items are also colorful, flashy, oblique.
Simply everything you do not need but makes your SL-life funny :-)

Accessories, clothes, skins, hair, gadgets.
You really need some time to sift through the entire range and there is certainly something that you absolutely wanted to have.

All items are of very good quality, not cheap junk.

If you are looking for something unique go to  Malizz.

Here's the taxi:


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Home of: [Plastik]: And: EllaBel

We start the week in a tree house. Bizarre the whole installation, various rooms are housed in the tree.
You will land in the main building, the other rooms can be reached only by Teleport.
The white creature marks the teleport station :-)

Be offered clothes, accessories and much more. Many items for elves and their relatives. At first glance a bit confusing, but with time it clears up.

Enjoy the Home of Plastik :-)

Here the taxi:

home of plastik-1.jpg

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Silvery K. ..

A relatively small shop, with a varied offer.
Like all Japanese shops beautifully designed and decorated.

Right outside the entrance on the left an old bully with sweets, a small shack on the right with flowers. Inside it's very closely, you can pretty quickly inspect all offered items. Jewelry, belts, primnails with rings, clothes, socks, hair and much more. Also for men is provided. All items are made very carefully and in detailed.
Very nice freebies near the entrance.

If that's not enough, opposite is a beautiful handbag shop. Of these, you can never have enough in RL. Rare in SL, sigh:-(

Silvery K... is waiting :-)

Here the taxi:


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Dark, black ambience, bright neon glows.
A large shop that wants to be explored.
Do not forget the acherontic basement and the worth seeing gallery just outside.

Offered is leather, latex, metal, so everything for fetish - good quality - for men and women.

All who are looking for sexy leather will find it here :-)

Here the taxi:


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Rotten Deviance

You will land in a dark cemetery and around is billowing fog.
Directly in front of you the mainshop, sombre atmosphere, skulls lying around.
The dark design continues inside, skulls and ravens are used for decoration.

Offered are independent clothes for men on the left side, right side  for women.
Also upstairs some more offers.

Who is not afraid in the dark may visit Rotten Deviance :-)

Here the taxi:


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Triad Town

A skybox: A Place, a street, three stores - the Triad's Town.
Very clear and economical design, simply made fine.
There is a shop with 2 floors for clothes and accessories,
compared a small furniture store and a very beautiful hair shop.
All very well done.

The items are of high quality and distinctive. You can already find some :-)

A flight to Triad Town?

Here the taxi:


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A relatively small shop in a skybox.
Very modern, straight lines and reduced. Only very little decoration.

Offered are really beautiful Skins & Shapes, all well done.
Some skins for men too.
Eyes and some jewelry are also available.

Who wants to slip into a new skin should visit Sakurako.

Here the taxi:


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Luxury Wedding Fashion

A large shop, tasteful furnishings, typical American tastes.
Just a bit overloaded :-)
It takes some time to explore the shop.
Some adjoining rooms are available.

Offered is everything you need for a stylish SL-wedding.
Super quality - but also to a great price.
Really cheap items are not found here.
But a wedding can cost a bit, too :-)

All the marriageable girls hurry up to Son!a.
Credit Card never forget!

Here the taxi:


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It happened that this hair shop till today was unknown to me. Though I stay over 4 years in SL :-( He is obviously one of the greats.

A really crazy store, just black and white, very bold and futuristic design. Absolutely unique and extraordinary, that you simply must see himself.And the shop is well organized, despite its huge size.

Hairs are offered in abundance.In first-class quality!Classic hairstyles and of course many striking creations.Very creative, the hairdresser :-)Rarely seen something like that, I must say.

New unusual hairstyles are waiting for you :-)

Here's the cab:http://slurl.com/secondlife/Tukinowaguma/145/128/2


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Virtual / Insanity

A relatively dark wooden building with various rooms and floors.Very beautiful and atmospheric, with nice lighting effects.
Jewelry is available in numerous designs.

The first floor has a sofa to relax, nothing else, on the roof are special offers.Even in the upstream small mall are some lovely shops.

You can decorate yourself with jewelry in Virtual / Insanity :-)

Here the taxi:



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