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Curio Obscura

Landing point is in front of the bizarre building.
"For the Strange and Wonderful" it's sayed and that's true.

Directly behind the entrance follow the course through the rotating gears and up the stairs into the shop.
Inside, a successful Steampunk design, all mechanical parts in motion.

Made very imaginative.

The shop goes through multiple floors, the offered items will be scattered.
And also nice gimmicks are installed, e.g. when you consider the Ghost Avatar, suddenly you float above the ground.

All there is really worth seeing, it takes some time.

Everything is available, much too much to enumerate here, but all items are made ​​with great care and value for money.

Who wants to see something really extraordinary must go there!!!

Here the taxi:


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Lilith's Den A slightly mystical place, you will land close to the water but just outside the entrance. A dome-like structure, partially in the ground. The above ground part can be reached via the o

Wildchild and Muse

You will land in the middle of the lavishly decorated shop.
Very elegant, very dignified.

And in this relatively large store on two floors, there are fashion and art, as well as odds and ends.
Everything is decorated to the smallest corner without seeming cluttered.

Anyone who is interested not only in fashion but also in art should see this.

Here the taxi:


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The Golden Oriole

A trip to the nostalgia: you will land in the middle of the antique shop.
An authentic old building.

On two floors here all sorts of antiques and oddities will be offered.
From small to big everything is in place.
Very nicely done and originally.

By TP you can enter a rezz area, where you can test larger objects such as the attractive old buildings .

Btw: The whole sim is worth a peek

.For those who love nostalgic things even in SL.

Here the taxi:


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Just visited Adam & Eve / Tokyo Bliss to purchase some women's clothes. I was amazed at the beautiful selection they have. Prices are very reasonable and they have many bundle packs with 3 or 4 variations for 200L or less. Awesome store.

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109 Prims Circus

From the landing point, a narrow ridge leading to the central dome.
A very unusual and imaginative design.

You can even ride the glass horses in the carousel.
By TP you can go to the bottom to the big puzzle pieces or on the roof.

Different paths lead to other platforms.
And you can buy something here. Offered almost all parts issued and a lot more, even clothes.

Btw. There I had a conversation with a real Linden :-)

Who wants to stimulate his imagination and perhaps looking for something really unusual, is right here.

Here the taxi:

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A attractively designed building, very bright and friendly.

In the large first room you will find all kinds of clothes, nicely decorated.
Also, an upper floor is available.

And now a quote for those of you who want to become entrepreneurs in SL:

In the second room at the right side, templates are available, a gold mine for all who wants to sell skins.
The fullperm offers including PSD files have a very high quality and could well established skin manufacturers make life difficult. You can offer the skins as they are or edit the PSD files individually.

And here there is no risk of being involved in a copyright process :-)
If that's not enough, of course, some fullperm mesh offers.

Here the taxi:


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A glass cube in the middle of the wilderness.
Originally and absolutely coherent made.

The shop is fairly small and manageable, sparingly but very skillfully decorated.

Offered are unusual hairstyles, just "Electric Style".

For all who are looking for something crazy for her head it can be the right place.

Here the taxi:


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You will land right in front of modern building.
A courageous, skillful architecture. Very lively and airy.
The line is also performed inside consistently.
Everything is decorated in shades of gray.

Offered exclusively mesh clothes.

Who wants to see a modern shop is absolutely right here.

Here the taxi:


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You will land right in front of the store on a wharf, a sitting area invite you to stay.
We enter the beautiful and imposing building over a staircase.
All is designed very detailed.

Inside it is spacious and very tasteful furnished.

Offerings are pretty cute hairstyles even  for men.
Also a nice extensive freebie offer, such as hairstyles with a hat or knit cap - and even 2 freebies for men - you will find here.

New hairstyle complacent? Maybe you'll find in Exile :-)

Here the taxi:


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Today we visit the headquarters of Fabfree, it's not really a shop as we know.
This is absolutely worth seeing on the Sim The Wash - everything is laid out in retro style.
And also the Fabfree headquarters, a building in the style of the 50s.

Even the decor inside is adjusted and you'll find lots of freebies or LM's.

You should spend some time to explore fully The Wash, numerous charming shops are located here.

Fabfree and The Wash you should have seen once as a SL resident  :-)

Here the taxi:


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BC322 Skull & Bones

You end up in a dark scene in urban style in front of the shop, which you can enter through a broken front door.

Also inside stylishly designed and decorated. A skillful mess.

Be offered clothes, accessories, shoes and even an original hair department is there to find.

Those who love urban style and punk style can find here something.

Here the taxi:


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A very straight and bright modern building.
Also inside very modern, bright and spacious design - actually not really bad.

But Sking is a very special shop :-)

Here the bodybuilder will find all what he needs -  no matter whether male or female.
Offered are muscle-bound shapes and skins and a lot of matching completing items.
From just a few muscles to the extreme, here is everything possible.
And all without a gym :-)

If you are looking for some muscles or need some - Sking has it all.

Here the taxi:


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A very large and spacing building. Modern, bright and cheerfully decorated.
After passing the somewhat cluttered entrance, you can visit three sections and an additional floor.
Everywhere are placed very beautiful product photos. Very elegantly done.

Offered are properly chic clothes and much more.
Just right for the elegant SL- lady.

Here the taxi:


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You will land in the middle of a beautiful marsh in front of the large modern building.
Now you wade through the shallow water to the interior, here's all flooded.

Different rooms to be visited, all very tastefully decorated.
At least the upper floor is dry.

Offered are clothes, accessories, shoes, hair and some furniture.
All items in a fairly unique design.

Those who want to combine a trip to a beautiful sim with shopping are right here.

Here the taxi:


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Landing point, as always in front of the shop.
A very large bright and modern building.
Also very bright and friendly interior.

Entering the store through a foyer, it goes right into the emerging shoe department, left to get to the hairstyles.
And hairstyles is the main offering here.

Very nice product photos and really loving detailed presentation of the variations.

Who again is looking for a new hairstyle can stop by here.

Here the taxi:


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Saikin & Boon

You will land in the middle of a big dark hall between the two shops.
On one side the bright light-filled shop, on the other the more dignified.
Both stores are beautifully designed and coherent.

Boon offers hair, portable hairstyles can be found here also really crazy.
In Saikin you will find nice made clothes.
Who freezes quickly here in SL can buy a well-made mesh jacket :-)

Btw., both women and men can find something here.

Here the taxi:


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Careless Gestures

You will land in front of the old factory building.
Also inside the industrial architecture continues.
Very large, very spacious.

Be offered gesturen of all directions, the focus seems to be on the film industry.

Sound, chat and animationt, everything is possible.

For all who are looking for something expressive movement will find it here.

Here the taxi:


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L'aize Dayz

Landing point is in front of the lovely country house.
The small country house is inside very nice, detailed and lovingly decorated.
All furniture has offered numerous animations to choose from.

Upstairs is also a little "Half Price Sales Room"

Otherwise complete, the beautifully designed sim is themed furnishings.

Who wants to try out furniture can do a peek here :-)

Here the taxi:


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Landing point is a yard ahead of the big shop, behind a beautiful landscape.
Inside the shop is quite large, several rooms to be visited.
Sparingly decorated and very nice product photos. The ambience is right.

Skins are offered, clothing, animations and accessories - all in really appealing quality.
Funny are the various animations of the decorated seating.
Upstairs is the discount department among others.

Who wants to shop in an attractive store and then would walk through a beautiful garden here must go there.

Here the taxi:

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A dark old Victorian building, very atmospheric designed.
Inside several rooms in which the items are presented. Sparingly decorated but the ambience is right.

Skins are available, including children avatars and upstairs elves, fantasy, and more. By TP you go to a discount department.

Worth seeing for those seeking a new skin :-)

Here the taxi:

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DragansVarg!!! Furniture

You will land in the middle of a rural idyll, designed very detailed and lovingly, birds chirping and flying around.

In this small space, usually outdoors, rustic furniture and other items are offered. It is more like a flea market than at a store. All items are made in very high quality.

You really have to go everywhere and explore every corner. The seats have some funny animations.
And not just the seating :-)
Also, right-clicking on the buy options brings some surprises.

You see, our dear Thorsten is also a gifted carpenter :-)

Those who want to furnish his country house or his farm should, items, visit here.

Here the taxi:

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Course GP

Today we visit a dealership.
And it is right next to a public race track operated by PREFABRICA.

You can choose between many, very realistically designed models. I think it is a heaven for motor freaks. From everyday use to fledgling racer's all there and of course accessories.

On the track, you can rez demos and heat around the curves.

Of course, everything is designed in the usual excellent PREFABRICA quality .

A good place for speed junkies.

Here the taxi:


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Solidea Folies

Landing point is a platform at the foot of a rock that lies behind, where a beautiful mountain village is located.

Before us the extraordinary shop, we enter via a ramp. The lobby is designed very imaginative, through transitions leads us to various sections or via a spiral staircase up to a kind of showroom.

Offered really is everything, clothes, cosmetic, hair, furniture and much more.
But all items are really very imaginatively done, just nothing special.

Another beautifully designed shop that is looking for other ways.
Well worth seeing.
And if that's too avant-garde, the conservative can visit the mountain village :-)

Here the taxi:


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