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Deploys for the Week of 2011-04-11

Oskar Linden

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Another week is upon us and a new set of bits to be shared with the entire grid. We are promoting the "maint-server" branch to prime time this week.


Second Life Server (main channel)
The "maint-server" branch moving in here this week has been on LeTigre for a few weeks now. It contains a few minor fixes and some security patches. Included is a fix for objects whose creation date was 1970. Epoch fail.
2011-04-12, 5:00am: Rolling Restart - Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_Server/11
Second Life RC BlueSteel
This is again the "Inventory Capabilities" project which adds new capabilites to the agent ds hosts to support "Accept-Encoding: gzip". This will allow faster inventory responses when viewers support it. 
2011-04-13, 8:00am: Rolling Restart - Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_BlueSteel/11
Second Life RC LeTigre
This will keep the existing "maint-server" and be unchanged. We do not have a project ready for this slot.
2011-04-13, 9:00am: Rolling Restart - Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_LeTigre/11
Second Life RC Magnum
Monty's "Fast Assets" project. The goal of this project is to increase the speed of asset retrieval by the simulator. Long simulator asset queue lengths result in huge delays in asset loads for users. By allowing simultaneous asset downloads we can increase the quality of the experience.
2011-04-13, 10:00am: Rolling Restart - Release Notes: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Release_Notes/Second_Life_RC_Magnum/11
We will be monitoring this thread during the next week so please feel free to post issues that you feel have been introduced by the new code. Please file a JIRA for issues you find and post the JIRA link into this thread. It really helps us out. When determining if issues are relevant or not research is key. Tracking down exactly the right situation where an issue is occurring greatly speeds up the development process to get fixes in place.
I appreciate your help. Have a good week!
p.s. If you are interested in helping test SecondLife in beta please join the group "Second Life Beta" in-world. We also have an email list where we communicate upcoming projects and how you can help. ( https://lists.secondlife.com/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/server-beta ) Once a week we meet on ADITI to discuss new features, new bugs, new fixes, and other fun stuff. You are more than welcome. Information is here: https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Server_Beta_User_Group


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Here is an update of what I have experienced with the recent changes.

March 27–April 2 Big improvement in load times, stability and unexplained Frame Rate increases (which are awesome btw).

April 10–April 9 Less stability then the week before. Many crashes when there was none the week before.

This week is still young so we will wait and see what happens.

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  • Lindens

Hi Zena, are you seeing the "UThread Injection" error when saving any scripts (even a default 'Hello Avatar' script), or are you only seeing it with certain scripts?  If the problem only applies to certain scripts, could you send me a copy of an affected script?  Otherwise, if all scripts are failing to compile, which region(s) are you seeing the error in?

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I'm not sure just when this started, or which server versions might be involved, but something seems to have changed.

There's a water channel along the boundary between the Hikuelo and Umber regions. There is a strip of Linden Protected Land running along the boundary line, with a quite reasonable total width, and with the right wind it's an easy sail.


It's now become difficult. As nearly as I can tell, having part of the boat-object overlapping the region boundary seems to lock the boat in place.


There is an alternative route, passing to the east of the large island which includes Hikuelo, so it isn't so important in itself. But something seems to have h


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3886 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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