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  1. Gemini Isle experiencing same as everyone else... serious rubberbanding and only about 25% objects rezzing.
  2. The simulator code maybe the same but the performance is not. Please remove Gemini Isle from this test channel. And please stop subjecting customers running businesses to your "trial and error" code testing. Your code testing is NEVER a good thing for in-world business. I suggest you employ some basic customer service principles and take the time to SEARCH and ASK for volunteers before randomly subjecting your paying customers to induced simulator instability..
  3. Or I could use mine! I use my mouse for Zoom Control so I replaced it with Draw Distance Control and removed the Headers (along with the other junk). Now if I could just get a Pie Menu.... LOL
  4. Modifying the Cam Control isn't too hard. I took out the stuff I don't use , resized the textures, and shrunk the box. Works and looks real nice.
  5. It would be nice if LL could figure a way to do all the number crunching and video processing in a cloud system (or even have the server for each region do it) and just stream us the video. I can't really think of how a mobile app would be much use in experiencing SL and /or benefit the economy of SL.
  6. My feelings are that this might have been something that was needing fixed for years (and I do mean years... since 2007 at least). The "broke" code just happened to work for me. I managed a workaround that "fixes" my existing products so I won't be filing a jira. :-)
  7. It was always a minus sign... LL changed something. I did manage a workaround that works for me. I don't think a third time will be a "Charm"... lol Thanx for your help :-)
  8. But why after all these years of working this all of a sudden dies?
  9. I've been using the equivalent of the following code for quite some time and it seems to have stopped working. I believe that whatever changes have occurred recently to the server code... 1. Placing a llSetTimerEvent() and/or llSleep() within a timer( ) in MONO breaks the timer. 2. Placing a llSetTimerEvent() within a timer() in LSL breaks the timer. Would anyone be so kind as to verify the above statements to be true or false? All help greatly appreciated. :-) float T1; float T2; integer Count; default { state_entry() { llSetMemoryLimit(10*1024); T1 = 0.0; T2 = 5.0; llSetTimerEvent(T1 + (llFrand(T2)-(T2/2))); } on_rez (integer start_param) { llResetScript(); } timer() { Count++; llOwnerSay((string)Count); llSetTimerEvent(T1 + (llFrand(T2)-(T2/2))); llSleep(T1 + (llFrand(T2)-(T2/2))); } }
  10. I've narrowed it down to... Placing a llSetTimerEvent() and/or llSleep() within a timer() in mono breaks the timer. Placing a llSetTimerEvent() within a timer() in LSL breaks the timer.
  11. All my Windchime products that use llTriggerSound() are broke. WTF???
  12. I have been using the "Leafy Ground Cover" found in the viewer Library for landscaping for years but since Oscar transferred my Homestead region the the RC Magnum the texture of the Leafy Ground Cover has been changing to that of the Small Grass. I've deleted and re-rezzed these objects (plants) twice now and my region is no longer on the RC Magnum but these things keep changing textues. I just re-rezzed them the other day and now they have changed again. I have about 40 to 50 of them rezzed and they seem to all change textures on sim resets. Anyone else notice anything similar to what I am seeing?
  13. I can not log on to the Market place either. I tried to do a search without being logged on and search failed miserably.
  14. Out of curiosity, I did some Internet Speed Tests to the diff places that LL has servers. San Fransisco, Dallas, and Virginia tests were well within what I would expect (30Mbps/5Mbps) but the test to Phoenix was about 1/3 of the others. As I reset my Homestead region I make note of the severs I end up at. There seems to be a numbered series... 7000, 8000, and 9000 for Homesteads. I do wonder if this is related to their location. I seem to get the best performance from the 8000 series servers but this is also were I'm experiencing poor asset server response. Are the 8000 series servers located in Phoenix? But even at 10Mbs/3Mbps I should be doing okay.
  15. The modem and router reset (I even updated the firmware on the router) didn't change anything... I'm still experiencing poor response times from the asset servers along with another problem. For the last 2 server updates I have had to reset my region due to Magic Box communications being not only knocked out but also locked out. Incoprorating the new LSL script functions, updating notecards and vendors, and trying to get new iterations to the Marketplace has become a real challenge.
  16. Thanks for the tip. I haven't reset my router since I reformatted my hdd last month. I just reset the cable modem and the router so we'll see how somethings go but I've always had good connectivity. With my HOLO vendors having rez/derez probs the same time I'm having probs I'm more inclined to believe the asset servers to be acting below par.
  17. I've been on every day (for many hours at a time) since the April 22nd server updates doing my own updates with the new LSL functions and megaprims. About once an hour the asset servers would get sluggish no matter what time of day it was. Since last Saturday the asset servers have been real sluggish all the time with no change with today's server updates. There's way too much delay with rezzing objects out of inventory, editing/saving notecards, and editing/saving scripts if the server actually decide to accomplish these tasks. And it takes forever for rezzed objects to delete from in-world. Even with a healthy scripted delay, my HOLO vendors get stacked up with demos because the servers won't delete objects.
  18. Seems that my Homestead region failed to load properly after the server update. This is the second week in a row that I've had to reset the region after the weekly server update.
  19. After todays server update, the script editors in both Snowglobe and V3 viewers deny me permission to edit my own scripts. I receive this message at the bottom of the editor... "nice:/opt/Linden/indira/web/asset-upload/plugins/lsl_compiler/lslc: Permission Denied" Any clues to what might be going on? :-)
  20. Yep, things did change. LL is now forcing llSetPayPrice() server side... https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-7170 Which does mean that if a child prim contains a money() function, llSetPayPrice() has to be set for that prim. It is a persistent setting so you can set it once with a separate script and then delete the script or (as in my case) call llSetPayPrice() in the money() script any time a price change is made.
  21. I have been using my own scripted vendors in-world for the last 4 years. Up until today I only had to set llSetPayPrice() in the root prim for each vendor even though the money() functions ("Buy" - purchase as copy and "Gift" - purchase as transfer) are set in child prims. I now have to call a llSetPayPrice() in each child prim that there is a money() function. Did something change on the Main Channel in the last server updates? The wiki still states that llSetPayPrice() needs to be set in the root.
  22. The last couple of days would have been most opportune to move Gemini Isle back to the Main Grid. What is the hold up? 
  23. Innula Zenovka wrote: Do you say I'll be able to adjust a mesh shape as I adjust my shape at the moment with all the sliders and have the adjustments stick when I wear it? Not at all. An avatar mesh can be adjusted in size (like a sculptie/prim) but what you mentioned, in slider adjustments, is not possible. There are limits and caveats to everything in SL. Meshes are no diff but I feel that the benefits of having detailed/sculpted avatars of such that cannot be realised with the current SL Avatar will outweigh any minor changes that people will have to adapt to. People will whine and then they will get over it... lol :-)
  24. Personally I don't buy shapes. Meshes are as editable as sculpties and prims are editable in-world. It depends on how the creator sets the permissions. There are caveats in the creation and upload of meshes for sure but what can be attached to an avatar is no diff than attaching anything else. Actually with a mesh avatar you can have a lot more control over variations of skin, makeup, fingrtnails, etc.. because it is an attachment and can be scripted for near instantaneous changes. Depends again on the creator and what they want to include. I've seen people pay thousands of dollars for a single skin. I feel the market will seen avatar meshes with a lot more to offer for a lot less. If people want to stay with the flailing TPVs and miss out on a great addition (to the grid and to the economy) offered by meshes, that's their business. I won't make fun of them... much. :-)
  25. I will buy Mesh Clothes when and if i find something that i like Wheter or not somebody with a different viewer is able to see , makes no difference to me Same here. I've seen some wonderful mesh clothing creations and I'm looking forward wearing them. Combine new mesh clothing with a new mesh avatar and everyone else will look like a noob from 2007. Prices will be comparible and competitive! :-)
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