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Where did you get your username from?

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EternalSnow627 wrote:

full moon wo saga**bleep**e.

Do the lab really censor the romaji for 探して? 

探 Sagu

し shi


tries: sagu**bleep**e

Wow, how rude can the Lab be to censor soemthing harmless like that. May the gods help anyone wanting to the Romaji for 愛してる this comeing Vanentines day.

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When I first came to SL in 2006 I chose a name that was a random character in a book I was reading. Not sure why I did this because I had just read some thing that was a policy, or that I mistook for a policy - that said I would only get to have that one name, never be able to change it, and never be able to make another.

I didn't like it at all, and I joined during som 'great grey bug' where textures were not rendering, and I mistook this for my then 2003 iBook Mac laptop not being able to handle SL... so I left and didn't try again until 2009.

- That is relevant...

Because in 2009 I logged in, ended up in some freebie place, and wore the contents of a 'try this out' box of some that said it was a 'neko' kit, whatever the heck that was supposed to be... :P

- The moment I saw what it had turned me into, I recognized a cat-woman, with thoughts of egypt and batman flooding through my head, looking up 'neko' to find it was some Japanese term for this, and then wondering why all of this had some connection to Kurt Cobain in SL... (grunge)

- Well, I knew Neko was basically me. But that avatar had to go, and now it was a mission.

Along the way I found a shop called Hybrid and found out about a couple of other crossovers, like Usagi (bunny person) - and so my Bunny avatar is actually a few days older than this account...

But I took my time, when through the available last names and found all the ones with cat themes had the first names already taken by most cat-like combos...

Keep in mind that in 2009, Neko was as big in SL, as having a mesh body is now. If you weren't a Neko and you didn't have Nirvana music on endless replay-loop, you just were not acceptable...


Somehow several names were not yet taken on 'Catnap'... Kittylicious just didn't sound good after I thought about it for a day (though it might actually be taken by me, not sure)... Kitty was taken. Cat and Gato were too masculine. My first name minus 'cat' was too sexualized (the forum software won't let me post it). pussycat was actually the last of these to go through my mental list... as obvious of a choice as it sounds... It has just the right blend of possible meanings that I can tell a bit about people by how they choose to refer to me.

- And at the time, I thought my purpose in SL would be to explore my sexuality... something that I got past super quick (it isn't for me, this whole SL-sex thing). And the name's ability to take on multiple innuendos in way the tells more about others than about me, kept me from feeling I needed to toss it after I moved past that.

Still a Neko... was never into the whole grunge thing - in part because I come from a ghettoized experience and the grunge take looked 'fake' to me. Glamorized poverty. I do like "some" grunge music - about the only 'rock' music I can stand... (metal, rock and country don't do it for me. Country makes me feel physically uneasy.)

But I wasn't one of the "cool" nekos when neko was cool, and now that neko is almost unknown... people have started treating me like I'm a furry or wondering what the heck I am... or thinking I'm somebody's roleplay... or whatever...

But it is still me... It feels more me now that it's not a fad for other people - because I can own that space now in a way that was not as easy before.

So the name... fits.


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I tried to use my RL first name, but it kept getting rejected.  

Also knew that I wanted a last name that was space related.  

It took me forever to get a name that worked and I liked.  Had to tweak the spelling of  the first name, as someone had started an account before me that was exactly mine, but with the proper first name spelling. Over the years I've looked at that other account, and it appears the person was never active.  But, as LL doesn't recycle unused names that one is forever unavailable.  

After a while I liked the mispelling with double "ll' in my name.  Created alts with similar names. "Astrall Nightfire" is one.  

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1529 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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