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  1. Hmm sounds like something I could help with fell free to pm me
  2. Im happy to see LL stands firmly against discriminatiom of any kind. Some may consider it as unnecessary political statement while I say its about keeping human during these times of political discord that is currently going on. My thoughts and prayers goes toward the second lifers who or their relatives happen to be affected by this situation.
  3. I gotta agree that putting basically empty places at the "Whats Hot" tab is quite...questionable, mildly put.
  4. Mine is basically my fursona name, aka Dark Raven ^^ blending in and mysterious like a raven
  5. In an honest and truthful relationship it is already a bad sign if your partner has jealousy outbursts. This isnt healthy OR normal and you shouldnt keep up with such attitude. The way I see it is if my partner cannot trust me or the opposite then its usually time for both person to go their own ways. TL;DR a relationship shouldnt feel like a prison and you may wanna ask yourself if you want a loving mate or a "dictator" at your side who has no respect for your privacy.
  6. personally Im just here to meet new people and do some casual flirting/RP, but thats about it Not saying there cannot be meaningful relationships from SL but you gotta keep in mind that this is still the Internet: many ppl just want to get a quick ride any aka being opportunistic TL;DR if you are explicitly looking for dating, you better off on OKCupid and other explicitly dating services.
  7. what kind of owner you are looking for, handsome? Im a dominant bisex wolf fur myself, I usually check in almost everyday in the afternoon/evening, especially if theres anything going on. feel free to add me on SL
  8. cant say I could help ya with that, seeing how I have a few guys at the horizon RL but I wouldnt mind chatting with you
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