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  1. EternalSnow627 wrote: full moon wo saga**bleep**e. Do the lab really censor the romaji for 探して? 探 Sagu し shi てte tries: sagu**bleep**e Wow, how rude can the Lab be to censor soemthing harmless like that. May the gods help anyone wanting to the Romaji for 愛してる this comeing Vanentines day.
  2. Freya Mokusei wrote: I'd recommend keeping your snapshots somewhere else if you want a way to show them off forever. That is incredibly valid. Deffo don't see anything on their feed
  3. When I look at https://my.secondlife.com/LadyEllenT I see nothing. So you have even less than 2 weeks now. O_O
  4. entity0x wrote: I just think it very strange that someone would want to go to great lengths to change, hobble or rebuild a product they purchased because thats why they got it in the first place. It all depends on the goal of the creator I guess, and what the buyer feels entitled to. I am a programmer by trade, it's how I have made a living for decades, I release my personal code under GPLV3 so that people can take it and change it to better suit them. When I buy mesh I like to improve, combine it, and make it better suit me. As one example Spijkers and Wingtips have a free FULLY
  5. You can RP anything you want as long as it's allowed in the TOS and CS. I have a few friends who RP as Native North Americans, a few who RP as Africans, a few who RP as Buddhist, a few who RP as animals, a few who RP as space entities, a few who RP as.. well, you get the picture. If you want to learn to be a Jewish girl - go for it. There is nothing stopping you except yourself. Edit: One fly in the ointment I just considered will be how devout you are as a Catholic in Real Life, will pretending to be another religion in a computer game be seen as a sin by your confessional priest? Activ
  6. No, "copybots" are not illegal in SL. It is perfectly fine to own and operate them under the TOS. What is not fine is using them to copy other people's IP. Owning/Using copybots for valid purposes: ok Stealing other people's IP: reportable
  7. Aethelwine wrote: 124 votes on this Jira from disgruntled sailors, pilots and USS sim owners about how the situation has deteriorated recently. It's very bad. Coming up the East side of Nautilus and then sailing up to the lighthouse has become unbearable. But so many sim crossings are now like hitting brick walls. Aethelwine wrote: Something very bad is going on. Maybe it is the stopping of weekly sim restarts, or maybe it is something else. It started happening when they pushed mainland sims up to 22K prims.
  8. pandorabellatrix wrote: Hi guys! I'm about to purchase this graphic card in order to play sl: msi geforce 730 4gb ddr3 128bit Why would you buy something so obsolete when the current model is so cheap? https://www.amazon.com/EVGA-GeForce-GAMING-Support-02G-P4-6152-KR/dp/B01M64G435/ref=sr_1_3?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1479201924&sr=1-3&keywords=gtx+1050 You can get them down to $90 if you shop around.
  9. Perrie Juran wrote: make a child ava, find a child sim, etc, etc, I have a very hard time grasping some 8 year old child getting into SL and doing what you are suggesting. Almost without exception the kids who are bored enough to try SL turn into those huge 9' musclebound people with the tiny heads -- or the huge chested ladies with duckfaces and bad makeup. I mean Sheesh. It's almost like these women forget what it's like to be a real child when they go on their anti-pedo forum rampages. Face it, if you are a real kid the last thing you want to do is be a pixel child in a video game.
  10. chaosninja7 wrote: ...or you are a **bleep** boi look someplace else. Looks at requirement. Looks at name. Looks at requirement. Looks at name. Hmm, Does that rule me out? Darn, she sounded to desirable too.
  11. One of my brothers has been married since October 2006. Congratulations on staying together with your partner. It can be tough for many people in SL to do that for more than a few weeks.
  12. Prokofy Neva wrote: float age = 4; // Specifies the lifetime of each particle emitted, in seconds. float rate = .01; // Specifies the time interval, in seconds, between "bursts" of particles being emitted. integer count = 50; // Specifies the number of particles emitted in each "burst". The script isn't laggy really. Particles though yeah, that's pretty bad if you uncomment them. Should you do that then reduce the 50 to 5 or even 2. Also increase the 0.01 to hmm 0.1 You dont need 100 bursts a second, 10 bursts a second of 2 particles should be more than
  13. Reikro wrote: But for me it was even more strange because it moved me to where I made him and insisted on is practically glued to me. Sounds like a follow/grab hud like https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SmexyL-Follow-Grab-Hug-HUD-2/4599320 All you can do is TP out. They won't be able to follow you after you leave the sim.
  14. Alwin Alcott wrote: The one who told you is breaking the rules by being in sl again, a ban is not for the avatar only but for the holder. A ban can be as small as 3 days on one single avatar, or go up to a full account ban. Depends on number of things.
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