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Need housing advice, can't decide on my own

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Hey everyone,
I really need your help here. I've grown tired searching for homes in SL. I probably have a lot of homes in my inventory but not satisfy me to what I really need. Basically here is what I'm looking for.
Land 6144
Prims: 1406
Master Bedroom
Regular room
room big enough to hold photoLife studio
A big play room for my dj booth, pole dance and body shot bar
a nice size living room
big bathroom
swimming pool and Jacuzzi

This is what I"m looking for in a home preferably modern. Not into white picket fences. I've looked at inverse and they seem to have some nice homes but, low ceilings are not working for me nor do they work too great in SL unless you're in first person view all the time. If you guys can suggest a few homes I would really appreciate your help. I'm stumped at the moment. :(
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How about a street scene. Your land doesn't need to be taken up by a giant house and nothing else. With the street scene you could have a small club for your dj booth and dance pole. You could also have another building for your photo studio. Maybe a condo or apartment building for your actual living space with the pool and hot tub. You could make it look realy nice. Your imaginaiton set fee to create.

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I would put your photo studio in a skybox, it doesn't need to be at ground level and will be less laggy.

Similarly your club area, I would put in a skybox.... unless you are wanting to build it over the linden water.

As for "Inverse buildings having too low ceilings", that sounds like you have your camera angle set up badly. If you buy somewhere with really high ceilings it will look odd and out of proportion. Better to follow Pamela Galli's advice from here and fix the problem in your viewer:


Take a look at her houses too, also Creative Decay, Laq Decor, Dutchie, BBX - just to name a few off the top of my head.


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Inverse has some nice skyboxes and ground homes but why I put them on the no-buy list at this point is that their security/radio/relay system NEVER works despite being deeded to the group (and yes, in my 12th year of SL I do know how to deed to a group, guys) and they NEVER answer customer service requests.

I noticed DaD design has a very nice cottage at one of the events like Collabor88 or something and it has nearly 200 prims but it has colour change, a nice porch, multiple rooms etc. But I don't believe the windows tint closed.

My current favourite houses are from Doran. I love the textures, among the most skillful. They have colorable houses too.  I love the room layouts. The stairs are climable without too much camera confusing. Walking can be a little stilted and not as good as in others but still acceptable and everything else works for me. But they also fall down on the tinting window issue. I think people want to live in their houses, and close their windows if they wish for privacy. I wish house builders would accept this. I compensate by putting in shades. BTW I have had a really torturous hunt in the last year for really workable, good, low-prim shades and curtains and have arrived at my two favourites: by Kalopsia and another one I have to look up but they are HARD TO GET RIGHT.

Really, can't they just put in the old Ryan Linden "window opacity" and "window tint"? Is it really hard to do two extra swipes to a prim, guys? Answer: mesh may be what is stopping them from using this old solution, I dunno. I do find when I myself try to edit a house with window opacity, I risk messing up the texture for window bars or cross-hatches on some mesh. Annoying. 

I think a lot of the houses, especially the gatcha prize houses these days by some of the top designers like ionic, AF, etc. are really sculptures, not houses. They are intensely beautiful, I love them, but they don't rent and I myself couldn't live in them. Not only due to the windows issue, but the camera issues.

So I would say on balance having looked at and rented out (or not rented out) houses from hundreds of architects to thousands of people, that Barnesworth Anubis [ba] makes the best houses for these purposes -- large, porches, multiple spacious rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and closeable windows on many of them, as well as doors, run by a admin controller.

I don't always love the textures of his taste, I'd rather have Redgrave, Doran, some of the others, but you can't beat the liveability.

Nomad has some nice houses; so does Post, although he fails on door lock sometimes. But his cabins and homes rent the most, after I would say Barnesworth's and then some of the boutique ones like LC. 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 2877 days.

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