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  1. I somehow managed after one region crossings to ride a boat up the side of one persons banline and it bounced across the top. The boat poofed from under me as I was bouncing across the top leaving me trampolining. Despite many attempts, I have not been able to replicate that since.
  2. When considering land with protected water access around the volcano regions and the Linden Village, which is prone to occasional and in some cases long term blockages along the protected waterways I would say those parcels with obstructive security settings I can count on one hand. Infact only two examples I can think of. One parcel 4m wide extending maybe 28m into the terraformed waterway creating a wall across half the route between Mare Secondus and the Sea of Fables, that has been there a long time and can't be excused as any legitimate protection of anything of value. It is purely there to grief traffic fortunately marked for as long as I have known it by a crashed vehicle stuck in to it. I am sure the owners must get a lot of pleasure from all the complaints they receive from passing travellers ensnared in their banline. The other is in a wider river running along between the Brenner dinosaur and Mare Secondus. A parcel in the middle of the waterway against a region crossing with security settings that break and eject travellers trying to use the waterway. It is passable using tools available, but only for the prepared traveller that knows it is there and going no faster than rowboat speed. The waterway is effectively off limits for travellers and the forty or so other landowners along the same route, all because of one land owner. The vast majority of landowners along protected routes are considerate to the needs of travellers, that is why they paid a premium for their land in the first place. But, it only takes one person along a river system to be an ass to cause an obstruction that strips the land you have paid for of its value. In the first case, the parcel only needs to be adfarm sized to do that. It doesn't seem like the Lindens need new rules to improve things and bring back confidence for landowners to buy along such routes, they just need to enforce their policies like they did in the past, selectively for parcels along protected routes to increase engagement, the attraction and value of alot of mainland where the value is dependent on the goodwill of others along that route. If they were to do this, the pressure on land around Nautilus waterways might be relieved somewhat with more interest and investment in land adjacent to protected routes spreading around the other continents.
  3. To avoid falling through on region crossings I have found extending prims by a third across the boundary on each side and overlapping generally prevents falling through. Worth a bit of testing and trial and error it is a bit of an art getting the amount to extend over correct, I recall it being a third but 25% might work, something like that anyway. *Qie says by a few metres, I haven't found that sufficient but then I am normally working with 60m sized road pieces when I have had to solve the problem.
  4. okay... the lighthouse you can see in those pictures.... well here is another angle taken from my boat as I return from an excursion in the Gulf of Lauren
  5. I am not sure if they learnt that lesson as such... but the last full continent they made before Bellisseria is going back in time to Gaeta V which does have protected waterway all around it. Gaeta I is incomplete along with the other Gaetas that were part of same planning process never got past the drawing board but from what we know I think they were planned to be circumnavigated. The other continents have protected waterways around only parts of their edges but none create a complete circuit.
  6. I think Nova is adding in an exchange rate or tax calculation to come up with the cost to them. Nova is also lucky enough to be on a private region with a community type agreement with respect to building and parcel boundaries. It is a great situation and one reason I maintain land at the same place. It is not however typical of my experience at other private regions, admittedly dated but most, at least work with defined parcel boundaries and often with large claustrophobic barriers between them. Fine I guess for privacy and living in skyboxes or on sky platforms, but for me unless you find a good estate that looks to try to provide a community space along with the rentals then to me mainland along with all its flaws what I look for.
  7. No they have always been separate from mainland, so far as i know. The North Sea that Eden and Fruit Islanders talk about is the open sea area between the two areas.
  8. Also see the maps on the Wiki for the road maps: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Department_of_Public_Works_Roads
  9. This map is 7 years old now. but might be useful for Nautilus:
  10. Look for Community Land Partnership Program on the SL wiki for details. I have never worked out how to do links on Android.
  11. If your boat is mod then even whilst sat on it you can edit it, edit linked parts, select the mast and sails and in the features tab set the physics type to none.... That way boats that would otherwise snag on the low bridges can pass through them. It works on mod boats, like the Sjogin and bandit boats.
  12. Full tutorial here: http://realrestraint.blogspot.com/2009/08/rr-tutorial-realkey.html?zx=b64b81d86d84a55b Note at the end it says: PS : Several people see the RealKey plugin as an easy way to get loose should things go wrong. This is not what it is meant to be at all. Please remember that at worst you can always hard reset your restraints ! This is why the RealKey gives all the power to its owner, and none to the captive. If the top starts acting crazy, log on with the SL viewer (if you were on the RLV) and hard reset your stuff. Then change the password of your RealKey plugins, just in case. The last thing a RealKey holder wants is to have her captive get away by handing a RealKey to a friend of hers behind her back. It would break their trust into the restraints if they didn't have means to completely affirm their control over how the keys are managed.
  13. Flatten and Smooth are tools to use to unmess things. Just use raise and lower to get a section of land to the height you want and then use flatten to spread that area of height around where you want it to go. Use smooth to smooth out transitions between levels. It really shouldn't take that long to work it out. I only watched a few minutes of the video from about 5 mins in to 9 mins in and it looks like it should cover all that is needed to know and more in a very understandable way.
  14. I think it might have been built at a time when there were giants in SL. In the same park there is a public telescope, but to see through it you need to bring your own boxes....
  15. I just stumbled of this mole made park, that looks very pretty at night.... Do you know where it is?
  16. Fascinating and more detailed read than I have seen documented anywhere else. It would be nice if stuff like that was archived on the wikia or the wiki.
  17. Since the Outlands wall ran North to South through the middle of Clyde... that terraforming is perhaps a relic of the wall? South of the hill you highlight are some rocks similar to those pictured above. The creation date on them is 7 April 2003, the ones on Clyde by the sign are from 17-26 April 2003. Which is curious as the Wikia says the outlands in Clyde was made residential on 18 April 2003. https://secondlife.fandom.com/wiki/Outlands I am not 100% convinced the creation dates Secondlife viewer reports are always accurate, but if they are then the Clyde Outlands relics date back to just before and just after it was made residential. Where as the Jessie wall is 2002. I am maybe off on a wild tangent to what you were looking for, but well interesting to me anyway
  18. Incidentally I didn't know there was a relic of the outlands on Clyde as well with this sign and Eric Linden structure, on the other side of those parcels for sale. At 20L$ a prim I think they might need some more signs to sell that land
  19. Well you are in Clyde, but I am stumped with the significance of that hill. I can't see anything about it on the Wikia. On this old map I was thinking it could be the last remnants of "lonely Island", but now I look again I see the pin for that text is in Welsh. I am curious to know more
  20. This is a relic from the long and distant past, do you know where this is? While taking the photo I spotted this platform with someone's collection of Linden Bears
  21. You are round about here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Georgean/64/184/41 The Georgean Test Track, part of the Regions I know as the vehicle sandboxes.
  22. I hope they do better than the Horizons homes... I do like the idea but the implementation resulted in buildings with mostly useless internal spaces. They work fine for a little reception area I guess, maybe a place for portals to elsewhere on your parcel but aside from that just too small and awkward. That is why you never or rarely see people actually using them. If they return to a sci-fi theme they really need to consider how the space the buildings provide can be used.
  23. Debauchery is worth a look for group entertaining.
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