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Acronyms Anonymous - forming a new chapter

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It's occurred to me that there has been an outbreak of Acronymia recently here in the forums and it's been spreading unchecked.  Every other post seems to introduce new and unnecessary acronyms to our world.  If this keeps up I doubt that anyone will understand what we are talking about anymore.  So I think it is time for an intervention.  For reasons that I am quite sure will not surprise you, I cannot force anyone to stop using acronyms.  It must be a voluntary admission on your part that you have a problem, otherwise your recovery chances are not so good.

Now, if you suspect that you might have contracted this terrible disease, there is a fairly simple test.  Try to post without using or referring to any acronyms.  If you can make 3 posts without using any acronyms, then you could possibly be a social user of acronyms. Congratulations dear poster, and keep on posting please, we need more like you. 

If on the other hand you fail my simple test, then do not despair.  There is still hope for you.  In fact, I believe a complete recovery can be made.  Once one admits they have a problem, they are actually on the way to recovery.  Remember, together we can accomplish many things which alone might baffle us.:smileyhappy:

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kattatonia Wickentower wrote:


Perrie Juran wrote:

what the duck


self censored post

I'm sorry Perrie, I don't understand your question.  But I applaud the lack of acronyms.:smileywink:



What the duck, let me try and compose a complete sentence:

For what it's worth, in my humble opinion this is a good thread.

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Rhonda Huntress wrote:

Some acronyms have become words.  Snafu, for example.  And then there are companies that go by their initials.  BBC, AT&T, and many more.  Are those acronyms?  Is saying Charlie Foxtrot alright or should I spell it out?


Only you can decide if you suffer from acronymia or not, Charlie Foxtrot may or may not know the answer.


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Keli Kyrie wrote:

Who is the CEO of this new chapter? OMG I can't stop pls Help! :smileysurprised:


Here is a list you can choose from.



Chief Executive Officer
Centre for Earth Observation
Crew Earth Observations
Comprehensive Electronic Office
Crew Earth Observation
Chief Education Officer
Complete Enterprise Option
Configuration Engineering Office
Consumer Education Office
Campaign to End Obesity
Career Education Opportunity
Carrier-Envelope Offset
catalized electrochemical oxidation
Catalyzed Electrochemical Oxidation
Catholic Education Office
Celestial Ephemeris Origin
cell-enclosed oocytes
Center for Earth Observation
Central Engine Overhaul
Change engineering order
chick embryo origin
Chief Elected Official
Chief Electoral Officer
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Equipment Officer
Chief Ergonomic Officer
Chief Ethics Officer
Chief Evangelistic Officer
Chief Executing Officer
Chief Executive Officer's
Chief Executive Offices
Chief Executive Official
chloroethylene oxide
Classroom Equipment Order
Cleaved-Edge Overgrowth  
Coasts, Estuaries and Oceans
Collateralized Equity Obligation
Commercial electronics operations
Committee on Employment Opportunities
Common Element Objective
Communications Electronic Officer
Communications/Electronics Officer
Component evaluation operation
Consolidated Executive Office
Consulting Engineers of Ontario
Convoy Escort Oiler
Corporate Ethics Officer
Corporate Executive Officer
Cumulus enclosed oocytes
cyanoethylene oxide
Chief Engineer's Office




Object Management Group
Object Management Group's
Oh My God
oh my gosh
Operational Maneuver Group
Oh My Goodness
Open Management Group
O My God
Object Management Groups
Ocean Mapping Group
ocular myasthenia gravis
Oesterreichische Mathematische Gesells…
Oesterreichische Mineralogische Gesell…
Office of Marine Geology
Oh My G-d
Old MaGazine
Old Magazine Grade
oligodendrocyte-myelin glycoprotein
OM Group, Inc.
Online Marketing Group
Operational Manoeuvre Group
Otologic Medical Group
Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
Outlaws Motorcycle Gang


Pls =


Palletized Load System
Palletized Loading System
Personnel Launch System
Primary Landing Site
Post Landing and Safing
Partial Least Squares
primary lateral sclerosis
Primary Link Station
Palomar-Leiden Survey
Personal Library Systems
Personnel Locator System
Physical Layer Signaling
Physical Layer Signalling
Preliminary Landing Site
Propellant Loading System
Partial Least Square
Personal Library Software
personal locator system
Physical Layer Service
PhysicaL Signaling
pillars of logistic support
Plasma Science
Plasma Subsystem
Portable Launching System
Postlanding and Safing
precision location system
Premises Lightwave System
Professional Land Surveyor
Programmable Logic Sequencer
Pure Live Seed
Pacific Laser Systems
Papillon Lefevre syndrome
Papillon-Lefevre syndrome
Parent Locator Service
Partial Lease Squares
Partial least square regression
partial least squares method
partial least squares regression
partial least-squares calibration
Participating Lenders
perfusion lung scan
perpendicular light scatter
Persian Lake States
Personalized Learning System
Personnel Locations System
phantom limb pain syndrome
Phased Logistic Support
Photo-electric Laser Stimulation
Physical Layer Specification
PhysicaL Signalling
Physics and Life Sciences
pigmented lens striae
Pilot Locations System


I do hope that this helps you.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3738 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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